ГДЗ по английскому: Английский язык для 10-11 классов Кузовлев В.П. и др.

Unit 1. Как разнообразен мир!
Россия — огромная страна, занимающая территорию в 17 миллионов квадратных километров
Что особого в географическом положении России? Заполни пробелы географическими названиями из рамки. Добавь, где необходимо артикли. Прослушай и проверь.
Russia is washed in the north by the Arctic Ocean and its seas: the Barents, Chuckchee, East Siberian, Kara, Laptev and White seas, in the south by the Black, Azov and Caspian Seas; in the east by the Bering Sea, the Sea of Japan, and Okhotsk Sea, in the west by the Baltic Sea. The size of Russia is hard to imagine. A flight from Moscow to Magadan takes eight hours. Russia is a land of long rivers and large lakes. Among the world’s longest rivers rank the North Dvina, the three mighty Siberian rivers: the Ob, Lena and the Yenisei, and the Amur. The largest of all Russia’s rivers is the Volga. The three largest lakes in Russia are the Baikal in South-Eastern Siberia and the Ladoga and the Onega in Northern Russia. The relief of Russia is mostly flat. It’s located on two plains: the Great Russian Plain and the Western Siberian Plain. There are three main mountain ranges in Russia. The Caucasus stretches from the Black Sea to the Caspian Sea. The highest mountain is Mount Elbrus. The Urals extend from the Arctic Ocean to the steppes. They divide the European and Asian parts of Russia.
Как география России влияет на жизнь людей?
1) Объедини предложения, используя because (потому что), thanks to (the fact that) (благодаря тому, что), due to (the fact that) (согласно тому, что), so (таким образом), that’s why (поэтому).
A) Russia is a varied land of forests, mountains, high flat lands and fertile plains, so almost every kind of climate may be found in Russia. (True)

B) Russia is situated in the north and far from the warming effect of the oceans, that’s why Russia has long and cold winters. (True)
C) Millions of tourists visit the South every summer, because in Southern Russia there are the seas, beaches and the mountains. (True)
D) Most of Russia has more or less four-season climate, so the rhythms of everyday life tend to follow the seasons. (True)
E) Central Russia has a mild climate and rich soil, that’s why the re
gion has some very rich agricultural land. (True)
F) Russia is rich in forests and mineral resources, so they help Russia
to be a world leader in manufacturing. (False)
G) Such items as tomatoes, cucumbers, apples and various berries are
not imported thanks to the fact that there are many fruit and vegetable
growing regions in Russia. (False)
H) Airplane is the major factor in mass transportation due to the fact that Russia covers an area of 17 million square kilometres. (False)
6. В телеигре каждый вопрос принадлежит к определенной категории и имеет определенную стоимость. Какие вопросы ты бы написал к каждой категории?
10 $ Where are the Great Lakes situated?
20 $ Which is the biggest state in the USA?
30 $ Where is the first National Park situated?
40 $ Where is Disney World?
50 $ Do you know which state is the highest mountain in?
10 $ Do you know why people in Britain are so fond of gardening?
20 $ Where do the British usually spend their holidays?
30 $ Is the life in Australia easy?
40 $Why are Americans so hospitable?
50 $ Do you know why there are so excellent roads in Britain?
9. Вот так турист заполнил таможенную декларацию. Какие вопролсы он задаст сопровождающему в полете?
Could you tell me what does «given name’ and ‘middle name» mean, please?
I wonder if you could tell me how is the address written? I should be interested to know if I need to declare these goods
Чем США, Соединенное Королевство, Австралия и Россия похожи и чем отличаются? Заполни таблицу, используя факты из Unit 1.

Geographical position People and their lifestyles.
The USA . ? of the territory of the USA is washed by the ocean, almost every type of landscape is pre-sented,southern parts have warm temperatures year round and northern have very cold winters (? территории США омывается океаном, присутствуют почти все типы ландшафта, в южных частях теплая температура держится круглый год, а в северных очень холодные зимы) Millions of Americans participate in water sports, such as swimming, surfing, fishing, sailing and water skiing because ? of the country are washed by the ocean Americans are hospitable. They are always on the move. Americans are willing to experiment and invent new things. (Миллионы американцев занимаются водным спортом: плаванием, серфингом, рыболовством и водными лыжами. Американцы гостеприимны. Они постоянно переезжают. Они любят экспериментировать и изобретать новое.)
The UK washed by the ocean. The climate is mild and there is a steady rainfall throughout most of the year, consists for the most part of plains and hills; in the north and west mountainous areas are found (Омывается океаном, климат мягкий, состоит по большей части из равнин и холмов. На севере и западе — горная местность) Love gardening, go to the seaside for holidays, love compromise (Любят садоводство, ездят на побережье на выходные, любят компромисс)
Australia washed by the ocean Much of the land is a desert, it’s sunny most of the year. Severe draughts happen (Омывается океаном, большую часть страны занимает пустыня, большую часть года там солнечно, случаются суровые засухи)
Russia Russia is washed by the ocean. People live within four time zones. It’s a land of physical contrasts. Practically every climate in the world is represented. The southern parts of the country have warm temperatures year round, but the northern parts of the country have very cold winters. Russians are impressed with size and numbers because Russia is a vast country.
Russians think and act big because Russia is a vast country. Russians think of themselves as members of the community rather than as individuals. This lies in the vastness of the Great Plain.

Geographical position People and their lifestyles.
The land varies from heavy forests to high mountains It has most of what every country would like to have — a variety of natural resources, all sorts of products and industries of every kind. Russians are often inactive for long periods of time and then show bursts of energy due to the cold winters.
Russians have the ability to overcome hardships thanks to the harsh climate.
Russians are patient and cautious due to climate.
Russians value stability, security, social order and predictability because of the cruel climate, harsh history
Russians avoid risk. because of the cruel climate and harsh history

Unit 2. Западная демократия. Демократична ли она?
3. Распределение власти между монархом и парламентом в различные времена было разным. Какие функции исполняли монарх и парламент в различные исторические периоды?
2. King John signed the Magna Carta. That means that he still determined politics but his power was not unlimited
3. Parliament was formed. that means that only rich people took part in the discussion of the political problems and making laws
4. King Henry VIII had great power: Parliament did what the King wanted. That means that Parliament had no power
5. Charles I lost the war and the House of Commons ruled the country. that means that Parliament made laws. King had no power at all.
6. The Monarch and The House of Lords could not tell the Commons how to rule. That means that the powers were shared but the House of Commons determined the policies.
7. The Queen and the Parliament act under the unwritten British constitution. That means that the power is divided between the Queen and the Parliament.
4. Законодательная и исполнительная ветви власти занимаются различными делами.

2) Что находится в ведении президента (президентской администрации) и Конгресса?
The President signs bills, appoints judges, vetoes laws. Congress votes on the bills, makes laws, introduces projects, passes the laws over President’s veto by 2 / 3 majority.
5. У каждого субъекта Российской Федерации свои институты
1) Какой институт представляет законодательную власть в
твоем регионе?
The Federal Assembly
2) Какой институт представляет исполнительную власть в
твоем регионе?
The Federal Government
3) Какой институт представляет судебную власть в твоем ре
The Supreme Court
6. Некоторые считают, что в политике многое зависит от
личности самого политика.
Какие характерные черты имеют, на твой взгляд, положительное и отрицательное влияние для политика? Выбери слова из рамки и запиши их в две колонки.
Positive traits

Negative traits
9. К сожалению, молодежь часто считает, что политика — для взрослых. Но тебе скоро будет 18 и тебе нужно будет сделать выбор. Охарактеризуй в пяти словах политика, которого ты бы хотел видеть в роли главы государства.
Strong-willed, consistent, gifted, hard-working, patriotic
Просмотрите урок заново и заполните таблицу о политических системах Объединенного Королевства, США и Российской Федерации.


Великобритания США Россия
Политическая система Constitutional Monarchy, parliamentary Democracy Presidential (Federa-tional) Republic Presidential (Federa-tional) Republic
Глава государства Queen President President
Законодательная власть Parliament Congress Federal Assembly
Исполнительная власть. The Government The Presidency Federal Government
Глава исполнительной власти Prime Minister President President

Великобритания США Россия
Гарантированные основные права Right to practice one’s own religion, to protection, to freedom of speech, to fair public trial, to peaceful assemblies. All citizens are equal in law, the right to privacy, to choose language, to take part in ruling the country, free medical service.

Unit 3. Что модно среди молодежи?
Сравни жизнь подростков в России и в других странах.
In Britain and The USA In Russia
Youth festivals Woodstock MK celebration
Youth subcultures Punks, skinheads, bikers, ravers, hippie, rockers, goth, mod Punks, skinheads, bikers, ravers, hippie, rockers
Violence Teens are considered violent Teens are considered violent
clubs A lot of A lot of