ГДЗ Грамматика английского языка, ключи к упражнениям. Ю. Б. Голицынский 5 класс

Упражнение 181
1. Do you keep, I don't think, it is, I usually have, I eat. 2. He is learning, he wants. 3. The teacher knows, the girl doesn't often argue. 4. I think, she often worries. 5. Barbara's boss sees, she is always late. 6. I am calling, I want, it is. 7. Do you hear, how is your job going, I am enjoying, I have, is (the only problem), the food is, I eat, I am getting. 8. Ruth is learning, she likes, she wants. 9. Do you understand, what language he is speaking. 10. Is your English getting, I think. 11. We know, he never takes. 12. They think, he learns, he knows, he speaks. 13. He is just working. 14.1 don't like, I am enjoying, I am. 15. Do you have, Rick is, I don't see, he is visiting. 16. We don't have, I anl coming. 17. She is trying. I think, she always has. 18. She tries. 19. My little brother doesn't play, that is why he is practising. 20. My grandmother is, she is baking, she bakes. 21. Tom is, he is, he is yawning. 22. I am, that is why I am crying.

Упражнение 182

1.1 shall go. 2. He will give. 3. The nurse will lead. 4. I'll take off and put on. 5. Dr. Setton will come in, shake, and say. 6. I'll stand. 7. He'll take. 8. He'll take. 9. He'll take. 10. He'll examine. 11. He'll listen. 12. He'll take and do. 13. I'll go and wait. 14. Dr. Set-ton will call and say.

Упражнение 183
1. I shall play. 2. I shall not play. 3. Will you play. 4. He plays. 5. He does not play. 6. Does he play. 7. They are playing. 8. They are not playing. 9. Are they playing. 10. Nick is going. 11. Nick goes. 12. Nick will go. 13. I miss. 14. Do you ever buy. 15. Do you think, it is. 16. What present will your mother receive. 17. A. The weather is. B. It'll be. A. It's getting, I think, it'll be. B. You are, it is getting, my feet are freezing, you know. A. You never know, they say, fog will cover, it will clear and become. B. Are you kidding, I'm freezing, where is the bus, we are waiting, we always wait, we'll wait.

Упражнение 184

1. Will you come. 2. Will you read. 3. Do you read. 4. Are you reading. 5.1 shall not see. 6. What will you do. 7. What will your friend do. 8. Where will you go. 9. Where do you go. 10. Where are you going. 11. Mary is dancing. 12. She dances. 13. Will she dance. 14. He will go. 15. We go. 16. Kate is going. 17. Will you help. 18. I am not playing. 19. My brother plays. 20. They will not take. 21. Do you like. 22. Will you eat. 23. Nick reads. 24. Mother works. 25. He is not sleeping 26. Will your brother go. 27. We shall not go. 28. I am not learning. 29. She lives. 30. My father shoots. 31. He is carrying.

Упражнение 185

1. My sister does not like. 2. When do you go. 3. What is he reading. 4. What does he read. 5. What will he read. 6. Will you give. 7. Where will she be. 8. Where will she go. 9. Will she go. 10. They will stay. 11. What are you doing, I see, you are not reading. 12. When will you finish, it is, it is. 13. How do you usually spend. 14. What will you do. 15. They are not drinking, I think, they are watching. 16. What does your father drink. 17. When do you get, I get. 18. My brother usually does not get, he gets, he will get. 19. Why will she come. 20. We shall go. 21. Our friends always go. 22. The kitten is playing. 23. Are your parents watching. 24. My sister is not resting, she is helping, she helps.

Упражнение 186

1. You cross. 2. You cross. 3. You translate. 4. She is. 5. You do not hurry. 6. It rains. 7. My friend comes. 8. He comes. 9. You leave. 10. You give. 11. You miss. 12. You come. 13. You do not give.
14. Mother comes. 15. You don't finish. 16. His TV set breaks.

Упражнение 187

1. I stay, I shall call, we shall have. 2. He will go, he is. 3. I return, I shall ring. 4. You will pass, you arrive. 5. I shall stay, she comes, we shall go, she brings, 6. I finish, I shall enter. 7. Не returns, he will call. 8.1 see, I shall tell. 9. We shall gather, my brother comes. 10. I shall sing, you tell. 11. You will join, we gather. 12. What will you do, you come. 13. They cross, they will see. 14. She gets, she will go. 15. What shall we do, it rains. 16. What will she do, she sees. 17. The bus is, you will be, you get.
18. It is, our car will not start.

Упражнение 188

1. The weather is, we shall probably go. 2. He still has, doesn't feel, he will not go. 3. You decide, you will eat. 4. I drink, I shall get. 5. They go, they will visit. 6. She doesn't work, her boss will fire, hire. 7. Shall I see, you start. 8. What will he do, he comes. 9. Where will they go, the weather is. 10. He will ring, he returns. 11. It rains, we shall stay. 12. She will walk, it is not. 13. He will come, he leaves. 14. You leave. 15. We are tired, we shall stop, have. 16. You miss. 17. She will make, she flies. 18. He starts, he will spend.

Упражнение 189

1. You spill, you don't do, you will have, you break, you will have. 2. I shall not speak, he apologizes. 3. Peter will introduce, we meet. 4. We shall go, he comes. 5. Mother comes, she comes. 6. Will you go, I shan't, I shall stay, help, I shall come, I finish. 7. You come. 8.1 shall speak, I see. 9. You ask, I shall be, I am, I shall make, I make, the other students will laugh, the other students laugh, I shall be, I am, I shall cry.

Упражнение 190

1. It is raining. 2. It will rain, you will get, you do not put. 3. Birds come, sing. 4. Somebody is singing.
5. It usually does not snow. 6. What's the weather like, is it snowing, it isn't. 7. Shall we go, we shall, it snows, there is. 8. What will you do, we shall go, the weather does not change, will you come, I do not have. 9. It is, it often rains, a cold wind often blows. 10. The weather is fine, it is, the sun is shining, a soft wind is blowing, small white clouds are sailing. 11. We have, they will inform. 12. We play, it will produce. 13. We put, they will stop. 14. We employ, they will help.

Упражнение 191

1. He will do his English exercises if he doesn't have anything to do. 2. If I don't help him, he will not write his paper tomorrow. 3. He will not go to the library tonight. 4. If he does not go to the library, he will beat home. 5. We shall be at home tomorrow. 6. If we are at home tomorrow, we shall see this programme on TV. 7. She will not be at home tomorrow. 8. If she is not at home tomorrow, leave a message for her. 9. Tomorrow the weather will be fine. 10. If the weather is fine tomorrow, we shall go to the country. 11. When she comes to school, she takes off her coat. 12. When she comes to school, she will take of f her coat. 13. As soon as he remembers this funny scene, he begins laughing. 14. As soon as he remembers this funny scene, he will begin laughing. 15. I shall come home at six o'clock.16. When I come home, I shall ring you up. 17. She will ring us up in the evening. 18. If she rings you up, ask her to bring me the book. 19.1 shall see Tom tomorrow. 20. As soon as I see Tom, I shall tell him about it. 21. I shall go to Paris next week. 22. Before I go to Paris, I shall ring you up.

Упражнение 192

1. What did your neighbours do. 2. Mr. Smith fixed. 3. His wife watered. 4. Their children cleaned, they played. 5. Their boys listened, watched. 6. The little girl cried, smiled. 7. Her brothers shouted. 8. Mrs. Smith worked. 9. She baked. 10. She cooked. 11. She washed, looked. 12. The children brushed, yawned, went. 13. Their mother changed, brushed, talked. 14. Her husband smoked, talked. 15. They waited, the bus arrived. 16. They visited. 17. They danced. 18. Mr. and Mrs. Smith rested, they really had.

Упражнение 193

On Monday we had five lessons. The first lesson was Russian. At this lesson we wrote a dictation and did some exercises. Nick went to the blackboard. He answered well and got a "five". Pete did not get a "five" because he did not know his lesson. After the second lesson I went to the canteen. I ate a sandwich and drank a cup of tea. I did not drink milk. After school I did not go home at once. I went to the library and took a book. Then I went home.

Упражнение 194

On Tuesday I got up at half past six. I went to the bathroom and washed my hands and face and cleaned my teeth. Then I dressed, went to the kitchen and cooked breakfast for my family. At half past seven my son got up and had breakfast. I had breakfast with my son. My son ate a sandwich and drank a cup of tea. I didn't drink tea. I drank coffee. After breakfast my son left home for school. I didn't leave home with my son. On Tuesday I didn't work in the morning. I worked in the afternoon. In the evening I was at home. My husband and my son were at home, too. We rested in the evening. My son watched TV, my husband read newspapers and I did some work about the house. At about eleven o'clock we went to bed.

Упражнение 195
Boris woke up when it was already quite light. He looked at his watch. It was a quarter to seven.

Quick! Boris jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom. He had just time to take a cold shower and drink a glass of tea with bread and butter. He was in a hurry to catch the eight o'clock train. At the railway station he met three other boys from his group. They all had small backpacks and fishing rods. In less than an hour they got off the train at a small station near a wood. They walked very quickly and soon found themselves on the shore of a large lake. The boys spent the whole day there fishing, boating and swimming. They returned home late at night, tired but happy.

Упражнение 196

1. His sister studies. 2. She studied. 3. Did you come, I didn't, I came, I was, I had, I was, I drank, I rested. 4.1 go. 5.1 went, 6. My brother washes. 7. He washed. 8. I do not have. 9. We did not rest. 10. My brother did not drink. 11-. My mother always takes, she did not take, she walked. 12. Do you talk, I do, I did not talk, I was. 13. Does you sister go, she does. 14. Mary likes. 15. She wrote. 16. Did you tell. 17. Do you wear, I wore. 18. We like, we enjoyed.

Упражнение 197

1. Tom always eats. 2. He didn't eat, he got. 3. We like, we don't like. 4. He never shouted, he was. 5. My friend knows. 6. We rang. 7. He lives. 8. Did it take. 9. When were your lessons. 10.1 had. 11. Her friends were. 12. One of her brothers made. 13. Queen Eliza-" beth was, she became. 14. Do you always get, sometimes I get. 1§. Antonio Stradivari made. WU И№° painted. 17. She knows, she enjoyed. 18. Steven's friends came, gave, his parents cooked, his girlfriend promised, she wasn't, he tried, he was, she didn't wish.

Упражнение 198

1. I go. 2. I went. 3. I shall go. 4. I do not go. 5.1 didn't go. 6.1 shall not go. 7. Do you watch. 8. Did you watch. 9. Will you watch. 10. When do you leave. 11. When did you leave. 12. When will you leave. 13. My brother goes, he leaves, he works, is, he walks, he does not take, did not go, he got. 14. Did you have, I didn't. 15. What did you buy, I bought. 16. My father did not read, he was, he will read.

Упражнение 199

1. He turns. 2. He turned. 3. He will turn. 4. I always go. 5.1 was, I didn't go. 6.1 shall not go, it costs.
7. Did they enjoy. 8. Who will take. 9. How often do you go. 10. We didn't have, we still had. 11. She does. 12. He doesn't even know*. 13. They were, money was. 14. Do you think, you will be. 15. When will the cab-bage soup be. 16. The customs of ficers at JFK airport in New York arrested, he arrived. 17. I like, I often do, they want. 18. When is your birthday. 19. When did you get. 20. Who created Mickey Mouse.

Упражнение 200

1. Kate cooks. 2. Kate will cook. 3. Kate is cooking. 4. Kate cooked. 5. I do not eat. 6. I am not eating.
7. I shall not eat. 8. I did not eat. 9. He spent. 10. He did not spend. 11. Did he spend. 12. Where did he spend. 13. She helped. 14. She did not help. 15. Did she help. 16. How did she help. 17. Do you go. 18. Are you going. 19. Will you go. 20. Did you go. 21. What does your brother do. 22. What is your brother doing. 23. What will your brother do. 24. What did your brother do.

Упражнение 201

1. Nellie will leave. 2.1 am, my friends are waiting. 3. You were, did you like, I enjoyed. 4. Will you go. 5. I know, she has, she will live. 6. They didn't know. 7. She is worrying, the problems are not. 8. He was, had. 9. Am I going. 10. Various kinds of sports are. 11. Both children and grown-ups are. 12. What is the matter, she is, I do not know. 13. Where are you going, I am going, which will take. 14. Do
you know, a very interesting match took. 15. He went. 16.1 was, I enjoyed. 17. Our football team won.
18. Where is Boris, he is playing. 19. I am, I missed, I know, it is.

Упражнение 202

1. My friend goes. 2. He did not go. 3. Why did you go. 4. We shall grow. 5. What are you doing. 6.
He is sleeping. 7. Where did your father work. 8. Will you go. 9. He did not watch, 10. We wrote. 11. I bought. 12. My granny did not buy. 13. What will you buy. 14. Father is working. 15. We went. 16. Will your brother go. 17. Granny is not cooking. 18. We cooked. 19. My sister washes. 20. When do you go. 21. What will you prepare. 22. Will you invite. 23. How did you help. 24.1 shall send. 25.1 meet. 26. His grandfather is listening, that is, he always listenes.

Упражнение 203

1. Max isn't, he is washing, he washes. 2. He will not play. 3. We saw. 4. Does your mother cook. 5. We made. 6. I spent. 7. Where did you spend. 8. Where will he spend. 9. What is mother doing, she is cooking. 10.1 did not play. 11. We went. 12.1 met, IS. I wrote. 14. Will you write. 15. I am not writing. Ш. Mother cooked. 17. Nick will not go.

Упражнение 204

1.1 am writing. 2.1 was writing. 3. My little sister is sleeping. 4. My little sister was sleeping. 5. My friends are not doing, they are playing. 6. My friends were not doing, they were playing. 7. She was reading. 8. She is not reading. 9. She is going. 10. What are you'doing, I am drinking. 11. Were you drinking, I was not drinking, I was eating. 12. She was reading, she is reading. 13. My cat is playing.
14. The sun was shining, birds were singing. 15. Are you eating. 16. Were you eating. 17. What is your father doing. lSAWhat was your father doing. 19. Why is she crying. 20. Why was she crying.

Упражнение 205

1. I went. 2. I was going. 3. I was going. 4. I was doing. 5.1 was doing/. 6. I did. 7. I was doing. 8. I was doing. 9.1 did not play, I wrote. 10.1 was not playing, I was reading. 11. He was not sleeping, he was doing. 12. I was going, they were talking, laughing, I was laughing, I was still laughing, I told, my father and mother liked. 13.1 went, I found, I brought, I decided, I fed, took, I was taming.

Упражнение 206

1. I played. 2. I was playing. 3. He was playing. 4. We were playing. 5. My brother did not play, he played. 6. My sister was not playing, she was playing. 7. Mother was cooking. 8. She was cooking. 9. We washed. 10. We were washing. 11. Did you do. 12. Were you doing. 13. Why was she sleeping.
14. He was sitting. 15. What was Nick doing. 16. What were you doing. 17. I was not sleeping. 18. What did he do, he read. 19. What was he doing, he was reading. 20. Was she sleeping.

Упражнение 207

1.1 came, my little sister was sleeping. 2. Nick came home, his brother was playing. 3. Mother came, I was doing. 4. Father came, Pete was sleeping. 5. Mother came, the children were playing. 6. I got, my mother and father were drinking. 7.1 came, he was watching. 8. I saw, they were playing. 9. I opened, the cat was sitting. 10. Kate opened, the children were dancing. 11. Tom was crossing, he fell. 12. I was going, I met. .13. We were going, we met. 14. Grandmother was going, she saw. 15. Henry was walking, he found. 16. We were walking, we saw-. 17. I was washing, I found. 18. Granny was reading, she fell. 19. I was playing, I saw. 20. Nick was running, he fell.

Упражнение 208

1. The girl was cooking, the lights went out, she burnt (burned). 2. The boy hurt, he was skating. 3.
The woman entered, the children were feeding. 4. I was visiting, I bought. 5. It started, we were
bathing. 6.1 was having. 7. He came, I was doing. 8. What were you doing. 9. I was going. 10. You were sleeping, I went. 11. He was reading, I came, sat. 12.1 was walking, a tram passed. 13. She was looking, I saw. 14. We were answering, the headmistress entered. 15. They were drinking, I came. 16. He was walking, a boat passed. 17. The old man was thinking, he fell. 18. We listened. 19. I entered, the teacher was writing, the pupils were copying. 20. They were getting, it began.

Упражнение 209

1. I went. 2. I was going. 3. What were you doing, I was playing. 4. I came, the children were standing.
5. We were playing. 6.1 was preparing, I cut. 7.1 went. 8. Did you go, I went. 9. What did you do, I translated. 10.1 rang, he was sleeping. 11. Grandfather was watching, he fell. 12. My friend came, I was doing. 13.1 was going, I met. 14. Nick rang, I was helping. 15. The children were walking, they saw. 16. I came, my sister was washing. 17. Mike was playing, he found. 18. I was drawing, I broke.
19. I met, he was going. 20. I looked, the children were playing.

Упражнение 210

1. Father was watching. 2. I went. 3. I finished. 4. I was playing. 5. He began. 6. She was washing. 7.1 met. 8.1 came, Kate was playing. 9.1 met John, he was going. 10. I was going, I saw. 11. They played.
12. They were playing. 13.1 was cleaning. 14. We went. 15. The teacher opened, the pupils were sitting. 16. He got. 17. Father came. 18. I was reading. 19. She fell. 20. Mother was drinking.