ГДЗ New Millennium English 5 класс Деревянко Н.Н. и др. (Student's book, Workbook)

Unit 8
Lesson 1

№ 1a
winter -зима;  spring - - весна;   summer — лето;    autumn — осень

№ 1c (возможные варианты)
What is the second month? — February.
What is the third month? — March.
What is the fourth month? — April.
What is the fifth month? — May.
What is the sixth month? — June.
What is the seventh month? — July.
What is the eighth month? — August.
What is the ninth month? — September.
What is the tenth month? — October.
What is the eleventh month? — November.
What is the twelfth month? — December.

№ 2a
b) The twenty-fifth of December.
c) The third of November.
d) The third of March.
e) The first of January.
f) The first of September.
g) The thirty-first of May.
h) The second of December.
i) The seventh of January. 

№ 2b
The twenty-fifth of December
The second of December
The nineteenth of January
The thirty-first of May
The third of March 

The eighteenth of July.

Lesson 2

nineteen fifty-seven
nineteen sixty-one
nineteen sixty-three
nineteen sixty-five
nineteen sixty-nine
nineteen seventy-five 

№ 2a
a— 3;  b —5;  с — 4; d—1;  e —2

№ 2c
a — Strelka; b — Yuri Gagarin;  с — Valentina Tereshkova; d — Neil Armstrong;  e — Alexei Leonov

№ 2d
2 —a; 3 —b;  4 — с; 5 —f;  6 —g;  7 —e

Who was the first woman in space? — Valentina Tereshkova.
Was she Russian? — Yes, she was.
When was the first flight in space manned? — In 1961.
Who was the first astronaut? — The first astronaut was Yuri Gagarin.
When was the first flight to the moon? — In 1969.
Whose flight was it? — It was Neil Armstrong's flight.

Lesson 3

№ 1a

№ 1b
a —7;  b —2;  с — 1;  d —5; e — 4; f—8;  g — 6;  h —9;  i —3;  j —10.

№ 1c

№ 2a
A He was farmer.
С He was a doctor.
D She was a policewoman.
E She was a student. 

№ 3a

№ 3b (возможные варианты)
a) Were they students?
b) Were they Olympic champions?
c) Was your grandmother a doctor?
d) Was she a good dancer?
e) Was your grandfather a doctor?

№ б (возможные варианты)
My grandfather was a scientist. He was a good sportsman. But he wasn't a cham¬pion. My grandmother was a bookkeeper.

Lesson 4

The second story belongs to the past. (Past Simple)

[t] — asked, stopped, cooked, watched, (после глухих согласных)
[d] — closed, played, travelled, coloured (после звонких согласных и гласных)
[id] — started, invited, (после d-или t)

Anya helped about the house yesterday.
Anya listened to music yesterday.
Anya worked in the garden yesterday.
Anya watched TV yesterday.

№ 4 (возможные варианты)
Did you visit the Moscow Kremlin when you were five?—Yes, I did. / No, I didn't.
Did you play the piano (the guitar) when you Were five? — Yes, I did./ No, I didn't.
Did you watch football matches when you were five? — Yes, I did./ No, I didn't.
Did you like dancing when you were five? — Yes, I did./ No, I didn't.
Did you like fairy tales when you were five? — Yes, I did./ No, I didn't.
Did you ask a lot of questions when you were five? — Yes, I did-/ No, I didn't.

№ 5 (возможные варианты)
When I was five, I asked a lot of questions. I liked dancing and fairy tales.

Lesson 5

№ 1 a
a — true     b — false       с — true

№ 1 с 
a) The birthday party was last week.
b) All her classmates were at the party.
c) Tom danced at the party.
d) No, he didn't.
e) Yes, they did.
f) No, they didn't.

Alice didn't play the guitar at the party.
John played the guitar at the party.
They didn't take photos at the party.
Alice watched a monkey at the party.
John didn't watch a monkey at the party.
They didn't watch TV at the party.
Alice played hide-and-seek at the party.
John didn't play hide-and-seek at the party.
Alice played chess at the party.
John didn't play chess at the party.
Alice decorated the cake at the party.
John didn't decorate the cake at the party.

Did Tom play the guitar? — No, he didn't.
Did Tom climb the tree? — Yes, he did. He climbed the tree.
Did Alice sing? — No, she didn't.
Did Alice play with a dog? — Yes, she did. She played with a dog.
Did Mary draw on the board? — No, she didn't.
Did Mary play the guitar? — Yes, she did. She played the guitar.
Did Jimmy play chess? — No, he didn't.
Did Jimmy play football? — Yes, he did. He played football.
Did Ann take photos? — No, she didn't.
Did Ann read a book? — Yes, she did. She read a book.
Did Andrew climb a tree? — No, he didn't.
Did Andrew play chess? — Yes, he did. He played chess.

Did you decorate your room last week?
Did you read a story last week?
Did you cook breakfast last week?

Lesson 6

be — was, were           see — saw
take — took                 win — won
have — had                make — made
tell — told                   buy — bought
fly — flew                   sit — sat
sing — sang

She took. She was. She had. She told. She went. She sang.She saw. She made. She won. She bought. She sat.


№ 4c
e, h, i, g.

№ 4d
a—7;  b —6;  с — 4;  d —2; e —3;  f—1;  g —5

a) When did you get it?
b) Did you buy it?
c) Did you win it?
d) Did you find it?
e) Did your friend give it to you?
f) Where did you get it?
g) What is it?
h) Where do you keep it?
i) Do you like it?

№ 6 (возможные варианты)
I have got a souvenir. I won it at the Championship when I was eight years old. It is a toy dog.

Lesson 7

№ 1
a — 5 May; b — 30 January; с — 2 February; d — 3 November; e — 10 July;  f — 8 March

№ 2
b) When did you buy a bicycle?
c) Did you dance at the party?
d) What game did you play with your dad?
e) Were you happy there?
f) Did you make this space ship?

№ 3
[t] —jumped, looked, watched, worked, (после глухих согласных)
[d] — climbed, lived, loved, opened, (после звонких согласных и гласных)
[id] — decorated, visited, started, (после d или t)

№ 4
1 was, 2 got, 3,6,10 went, 4 helped, 5 had, 7 liked, 8 played, 9 scored, 11 worked, 12 saw, 13 didn't take, 14 talked, 15 enjoyed.

c, d, e, b, a.