ГДЗ к учебнику HAPPY ENGLISH .RU К.И. Кауфман, М.Ю. Кауф­ман. 5 класс 2009 год

UNIT 10.
Lesson 1.

4. Misha's friends are preparing for Halloween. Match the sentences and the pictures.
1) Two boys are looking at costumes and masks now. — e
2) A girl is reading a book now. a
3) A boy is buying crayons and paints now. — d
4) Robin is flying now. — b
5) Two girls are buying pumpkins now. — с

Homework. Рабочая тетрадь № 2
А. Раскройте скобки, поставив глаголы в Present Progressive.
1) I am writing a letter now.
2) We are having lunch now.
3) Helen is going home now.
4) The boys are playing football now.
5) They are reading a book now.
6) You are washing the floor now

Lesson 2

7. What is that? Guess (догадайтесь)!
1) It is big and orange. It has a candle inside. — pumpkin
2) It is very yummy. — sweet
3) It is long. It is black and orange. — garland
4) It is hot. It has a funny face. — candle
5) There is a witch, a gnome, a monster and a pumpkin on it. — stick
6) You can have it on your face. — mask

Homework. Рабочая тетрадь № 2
В. Напишите инструкцию по изготовлению украшений для Хэллоуина.
Draw a mask. Cut it out. Carve a face on a pumpkin. Glue funny faces to the candles. Fix a pumpkin on the sticks. Put a candle into the lantern. Remove the inside of the oranges. Put ice cream into the oranges.

Lesson 3.

Homework. Рабочая тетрадь № 2
А. Кьют послал боссу сообщение, но телеграфистка отправила его с многочисленными ошибками. Помогите боссу прочитать сообщение. Исправьте ошибки.
Dear Boss,
I am in Lukinsk. I am sitting in my hotel and writing this letter to you.
I am not watching the boys. It is 10 p.m. They are not playing. They are sleeping.
I am not sleeping. Today is a Halloween night. At home I always celebrate it.
I am homesick. Are you sleeping?Are you celebrating Halloween? Tell me!
Best regards

Lesson 4.

5. Найдите в тексте глаголы, которым запрещен вход в Present Progressive.
hear, know.

Homework. Рабочая тетрадь № 2
А. Маше позвонила бабушка из Ростова. Догадайтесь и запишите, о чем бабушка спрашивает Машу.
Granny: Hello, Masha! What are you doing?
Masha: I am talking to you.
Granny: What are mum and dad doing?
Masha: Mum and dad are sleeping.
Granny: Where is Pafnutiy?
Masha: Pafnutiy is out. Misha and Robin are walking it.
Granny: Who is Robin?
Masha: Robin is Misha's pen friend. Oh no, they are not walking the cat. They are having breakfast.
Granny: What are they eating?
Masha: Oranges, apples and sweets.
Granny: Where are they?
Masha: In the kitchen.
Granny: These are very strange things for breakfast!
Masha: They are from our Halloween party!

Lesson 5.

5. Найдте в упр. 2 и произнесите общие во¬просы.
Are you walking your funny cat?
Are you using the Internet?
Are you watching a film with friends?
Are you at school?

6. Найдите в упр. 2 и произнесите специальные вопросы.
Why are yo nnot sitting at home?
What are you doing?

7. Найдите в упр. 2 и произнесите предло¬жение в Present Simple. Переведите это предложение. Почему оно стоит в Present Simple, а не в Present Progressive?
I don't understand. — Я не понимаю, (глаголу understand вход в город Progressive запрещен).

Homework. Рабочая тетрадь № 2
11. Друг Миши сделал ошибки в разговоре с Робином. Correct the mistakes.
1) I never go for a walk.
2) She is playing now.
3) Tom is watching TV now.
4) She goes to school every day.
5) I like my dog.

Homework. Рабочая тетрадь № 2
A. Put questions to these answers. Start with these words.
1) We are learning English, (what) — What are we learning?
2) Friends are buying birthday presents, (who) — Who is buying birthday presents?
3) He is celebrating Halloween, (what) — What is he doing?
4) I am sitting at home, (where) — Where am I sitting?

B. Open the brackets in Present Simple or Present Progressive.
1) Look! Robin is flying.
2) What are you doing now?
3) When do you get up every morning?
4) Is he speaking French now?

C. Translate into English.
1) Я всегда покупаю тыкву 31 октября. — I always buy a pumpkin on 31, October.
2) Посмотрите. Она танцует. — Look. She is dancing.
3) Что вы сейчас делаете? — What are you doing now?
4) Я хожу в школу каждый день. — I go to school every day.
5) Я сейчас мою пол. — I am washing the floor now.

E. True or false? Обоснуйте свои ответы и подготовьтесь к обсуждению в классе.
1) Misha and Robin are preparing for Halloween. — true. They are drawing a cat and a witch and they are fixing a pumpkin on the sticks.
2) Misha's friends are not helping them. — false. They are making masks and costumes and glueing funny faces to the candles.
3) Agent Cute is celebrating Halloween with his boss. — false. He is sitting in a tree and watching the boys.
4) Boss is watching Misha and Robin's party. — false. Boss is in London.
5) Cute is watching the party from his car. — false. He is watching the party from a tree.
6) Robin can fly. — true
7) Cute is in hospital. — true

Lesson 6.

Test yourself.
3. Представьте, что мы наблюдаем за Томом. Сделайте подписи к картинкам.
Tom is getting up.
Тоm is eating beakfast.
Tom is walking the dog.
Tom is going to school.
Tom is reading and writing.
Tom is coming home.
Tom is doing homework.
Tom is watching TV.

4. Answer the questions.
1) Where are you sitting? — I am sitting at the lesson.
2) What are you doing? — I am writing a test.
3) Are you reading? — Yes, I am.
4) Do you live in Russia? — Yes, I do.
5) Who is writing a test? — I am.
6) Do you like English? — Yes, I do.
7) What do you do after school? — After school I do homework, go for a walk and watch TV.

5. Correct the mistakes.
1) We play football every day.
2) Robin is flying.
3) Who is cooking breakfast?
4) Is he speaking English now?
5) How does he celebrate his birthday every year?
6) Do you understand me?

Lesson 1.

5. Answer the questions.
1) When is the last day of time of no-time? — 2 November.
2) Is Robin going to fly to London? — Yes, he is.
3) Is Misha going to fly with Robin? — Yes, he is.
4) Why can’t they go by plane? — They don't have passports.

Homework. Рабочая тетрадь № 2
A. True, false or no information (T, F, N1):
1) London is the capital of England. — N1
2) Cambridge is the oldest University in England. - F
3) The air in Liverpool is bad. — T
4) The Beatles come from Liverpool. — T
5) There is a very big cathedral in Birmingham.- NI
6) Cumbria is a city. — F
7) Oxford is the best University in England. — T
8) York is a port. — F
9) York is not far from London. — NI
10) Cumbria is near Scotland. — T
11) Oxford is near London. — T

В. Напишите, что собираются сделать эти люди. Используйте глаголы.
1) She is going to phone granny.
2) She is going to sing.
3) He is going to fall.
4) He is going to swim.
5) He is going to play football.

Lesson 2.

4. Read and translate.
Никус: Что ты здесь делаешь, Робин? Робин: Ты меня знаешь?
Никус: Конечно, маленький МакВизард. Мы большие друзья в 1599 году. Я живу в твоем саду.
Робин: Никус! Это ты?
Никус: Да, но сейчас я очень старый. Я здесь самый старый ворон. Я могу тебе помочь?
Робин: Да, я должен попасть в Вестминстерское аббатство. Где оно находится?
Никус: Почему ты должен попасть туда? Ты можешь мне сказать?
Робин: Нет, не могу. Это секрет.
Никус: ОК, до свидания, Робин!

Homework. Рабочая тетрадь №2
A. True or false (T,F)?
1) In 2001 Beefeaters are guards.
2) In 2001 the Tower of London is a museum.
3) In 2001 tha ravens live in the Tower.
4) Nikus is Robin's friend.

Lesson 3.

Сколько королев упомянуто в этом тексте ?
Queen Mary Stuart, Elizabeth I — две королевы.

Lesson 4.

Final test.
Для того, чтобы найти Камень судьбы, вы должны ответить на все вопросы лабиринта.
На каждый вопрос можно отвечать только дин раз.
1) The biggest city in England is London.
2) The symbol of Scotland is the thistle.
3) The colours of Halloween are black and orange.
4) The name of the English queen today is Elizabeth II.
5) The capital of Scotland is Edinburgh.
6) Nessie lives in Loch Ness.
7) The daffodil is the symbol of Wales.
8) We celebrate Halloween on 31, October.
9) The Beatles come from Liverpool.
10) The oldest university town in England is Oxford.
11) We celebrate New Year in December.
12) What can you do with fish and chips? — eat
13) E-mail is an electronic letter.
14) At Scripture lessons they learn religion.
15) Robin's birthday is in October.
16) The Globe is a theatre.
17) It is a Scottish family name — MacGregor.
18) For Halloween lanterns we need pumpkins.
19) The Stone of Destiny is in Edinburgh Castle.