ГДЗ по английскому языку за 5 класс Верещагина И.Н., Афанасьева О.В.

Lesson 11

The children were playing with the ball when the spaceship landed.
The children were swimming when the spaceship landed.
The workers were building the house when the spaceship landed.
The woman was locking the door when the spaceship landed.
The man was buying fruit when the spaceship landed.
The dog was sleeping when the spaceship landed.
The orange tastes fresh.
The flowers smell pleasant.
The birds sound wonderful.
The blossoms smell sweet.
The river sounds nice.
The birds' songs sound wonderful.
The boys feel well.
The man feel bad.
The apple tastes fresh.
The music sounds wonderful.
It is possible for him to read.
It is impossible for him to dance.
It is possible for him to sing.
It is possible for him to play chess.
It is possible for him to play the piano.
It is impossible for him to play football.
It is impossible for him to swim.
It is possible for him to listen to the radio

In summer I went to the village. Air is always very fresh there and it is easy to breathe. Fresh air does a lot of good. There were a lot of flowers in blossom which smelled pleasant. They were purple, red, yellow and white. The village is situated near the river. The river is very deep. The climate is very mild there.
People can take care of animals and birds when they are in danger.
The water in Lake Baikal is sometimes so dangerous that people can't even swim in it. The water is dangerous because there are a lot of plants and factories near the lake that do a lot of harm to the water and the air.
Moscow was founded in 1147.
America was discovered in 1492.
Tables are usually made of wood.
Coffee is grown in Brazil.
Porridge is usually cooked for breakfast in our family.
breathe, protect, save, kill, to do a lot of harm, factory, climate, in blossom, temperature, car, smell
                                           Андроклес и лев

Андроклес был рабом. Он бежал через лес. Он хотел спрятаться среди деревьев. Он хотел убежать далеко от деревни, где он жил и был рабом. Он считал, что его жизнь была трудна, на самом деле она была невыносима. Андроклес хотел спасти свою жизнь в лесу. Вдруг он увидел большого льва. Никого рядом с ним не было. Анд-роклес испугался, но понял, что лев не сможет сделать ему никакого вреда. Лев тяжело дышал. Он хотел показать Андроклесу, что что-то случилось с его лапой. Лев не мог говорить на языке людей, но он хотел сказать: «Спаси меня! Защити меня! Помоги мне!» Андроклес посмотрел на лапу тигра и увидел большую колючку. Она была глубоко в лапе. Андроклес вытащил её. Лев стал счастлив. Они стали друзьями, и лев приносил ему каждый день еду.
        Но в один день войска Императора поймали Андроклеса и его друга, льва.
Они доставили их в Рим и разлучили их. Они не давали никакой еды льву. Лев стал очень голодным, и в клетку к нему бросили на съедение Андроклеса. Но лев был его настоящим другом. Он не убил Андроклеса. Он был рад видеть своего друга.
         Император не мог понять этого. Андроклеса доставили к нему, и он рассказал Императору свою историю. Император приказал дать льву поесть и отпустил их обоих.
The hungry lion didn't eat Androcles because he was his real friend.
Androcles looked at the lion's paw and discovered a large thorn in it. He took it away.
They became friends and the lion brought him food every day.
He became very hungry and then they gave Androcles to eat.
What did Androcles do in the forest?
Whom did he see there?
What did the lion want to say?
What happened one day?
Why did the Emperor let the friends go away?
Androcles was a slave. He ran into the forest to save his life there. Suddenly he saw a big lion. But the lion couldn't do him any harm. The lion wanted something to say. Androcles saw a big thorn in the lion's paw and he took it out. They became friends and the lion brought him food every day. But one day the Emperor's people caught both Andro-cles and his friend the lion. They didn't give any food to the lion and then he became very hungry. They gave Androcles to eat. But the lion was his real friend — he didn't eat Androcles. The Emperor couldn't understand it. Then Androcles told him the story and the emperor gave food to the lion and let them both go away.
1. Why did Androcles want to run far from the village?
2. Why was his life hard?
3. What did he see in the forest?
4. Why did Androcles understand that the lion couldn't do him any harm?
5. What did the lion tried to say?
6. Why was the lion happy?
7. Who caught both Androcles and his friend?
8. Where did they bring the friend?
9. What did they do with them?
10. Why was the lion happy to see Androcles?

Lesson 12

I used to swim last summer.
I used vegetables to cook dinner.
I used to ride a bicycle last summer.
I used paper to write a letter.
I used to sleep last summer.
I used books to prepare a talk on History of the USA.
I used to take pictures last summer.
I used paints to do a picture.
What were you doing at 12 o'clock yesterday? I was drinking coffee.
What were you doing at 3 o'clock yesterday? I was watching TV.
What were you doing at 6 o'clock yesterday? I was doing my homework.
England is separated from Scotland by mountains. It is washed by the North Sea. The main cities of England is situated in the centre of the country. London, its capital, was founded many centuries ago. It is a port now too. A lot of goods are brought to London form many countries. Many different things are sold in the shops and streets of London. London is visited by many tourists every year.
1. I turned off the radio because it sounded loud.
2. I have eaten the whole cake because it tasted good.
3. I didn't go to school yesterday because I felt bad.
4. I have put these lilies here because they smell pleasant.
5. I like honey because it tastes sweet.
6. I don't take aspirine because I feel well.
1. Christopher Coulomb discovered America.
2. My mother has turned off the washing machine.
3. His sister is Susan.
4. My father works at the factory.
5. These roses smell nice.
1. Who protects animals on our planet? — People do.
2. Which of you will go to London? — We will.
3. Which of them will continue the work? — Peter and Ann will.
4. Who buys newspapers in your family? — My father does.
5. Which of you grew primroses in the garden last summer? — My sisters did.
6. What rises in the East? — The Sun does.
1. People say that many animals are in danger.
2. Nick's granny asks him not to do any harm to chrysanthemums.
3. The teacher asks Betty not to speak so loudly.
4. My grandpa says he likes spring when all the fruit-trees are in blossom.
5. Bob's cousin shouts to him to come and to be quick.
6. My teacher asks to speak English in class.
a) Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
b) Winter consists of December, January, February. Summer consists of June, July, August.
c) My flat consists of three rooms.
1. Novosibirsk, Samara, Tolyati

2. People feel lonely when they are alone.
3. A usual sign of rain is wind.
4. Ivan was surprised when the fish began to speak because he never saw a fish like that.
5. People must be careful in the streets when there are a lot of cars.
a) Kingdom
b) State
                                             Земля и люди Великобритании
Соединённое королевство Великобритании и Северной Ирландии (СК) это официальное название страны, которая расположена на Британских островах. Таким образом, Великобританию часто наззывают, Британиуй или Объединённым королевством, или просто ВБ. Она состоит из четырёх стран: Англии, Шотландии, Уэльса и Северной Ирландии. Вы можете их видеть на карте. Их столицы Лондон, Эдинбург, Кардиф и Белфаст.
        Великобритания — островное государство. Два основных острова это Великобритания (где расположены Англия, Шотландия и Уэльс) и Ирландия. Здесь расположены Северная Ирландия и независимая Ирландская республика. Два острова разделены Ирландским морем.
        Великобритания отделена от континента проливом Ла-Манш. Когда-то Британские острова были частью Европы. Ближайшая точка к вропе — пролив Па-де-Кале.
       Великобритания омывается Атлантическим океаном на севере и Северным морем на западе.
       Каждый, кто родился в Британии — Британец. Люди из Англии англичане. Люди из Шотландии, Уэльса или Северной Ирландии не англичане. Они шотландцы, валлийцы и ирландцы. Люди из Шотландии и Уэльса не любят, когда их называют англичанами.
        В Британии живут более 56 миллионов человек. Многие из них живут в больших индустриальных городах, таких как Лондон. Манчестер и Ливерпуль, например, большие индустриальные города в центре Англии. Но иностранцы часто удивляются, что в Британии в основном открытая местность. Здесь много одиноких холмов, тихих рек, глубоких озёр и фермерских земель, особенно на юге страны.
        Все в Британии говорят на английском. Но в некоторых частях Шотландии и Уэльса говорят на других языках. Валлийцы особенно гордятся своим языком. Они любят говорить на валлийском, петь песни на валлийском, и когда путешествуешь, можно увидеть дорожные знаки на валлийском языке по всему Уэльсу.
        Все в королевстве говорят на английском, но говорят на нём по-разному. Шотландец должен прислушиваться, чтобы понять лондонца или валлийца.
        Как вы знаете, флаг королевства это Юнион Джек. Он состоит из трёх крестов: крест Святого Георга (святого покровителя Англии), крест Святого Эндрю (святого покровителя Шотландии) и крест Святого Патрика (покровителя Ирландии).
Great Britain, Britain, the United Kingdom, the UK are the possible names to call the country.
1. The UK is situated on the British Isles.
2. The UK is called «an island state» because it is situated on the British Isles.
3. Ireland is situated on the British Isles.
4. They speak English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish.
5. There live more than 56 million people.
6. It is the flag of the United Kingdom and it consists of three crosses.
England (London), Scotland (Edinburg), Wales (Cardiff), Northern Ireland (Belfast).
There live the English, the Welsh, the Scotts and the Irish and they speak English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish.
London, Manchester, Liverpool.
The Atlantic Ocean, the North Sea, the English Channel.
The English Channel, the Strait of Dover.
The land of Great Britain consists of lonely hills, quiet rivers, deep lakes and farmlands.
There are the Scotts, the English, the Welsh, the Irish.
Though they all speak English you can hear some other languages in the country.
They speak English but they speak it differently.
She is a British girl.
Country                           Capital                       People                   Language 
Scotland                          Edinburgh                   the Scotts              Scottish 
Wales                              Cardiff                       the Welsh               Welsh 
England                           London                       the English             English
Great Britain                    London                     the British              English
Northern Ireland              Belfast                        the Irish                 Irish
1. [ju:st]
2. [ju:zd]
3. [ju:st]
4. [ju:zd]
5. [ju:zd]