ГДЗ по английскому языку за 5 класс Верещагина И.Н., Афанасьева О.В.

ГДЗ - для 5 класса школ с углубленным изучением английского языка, лицеев, гимназий, колледжей.» Верещагина И.Н., Афанасьева О.В. — М.: Просвещение, 2010.

Lesson 1

— Hi! (Hello!)
— Nice to meet you.
— How old are you?
— I am fine.
— Where are you from?
— Where do you live?
— Pleased to meet you.
— How are you?
1. He is Mr. Adam Webster.
2. They are Tom and Ben Brown.
3. She is Ms Nell Poster.
4. She is Miss Betty Williams.
5. She is Mrs. Green.
Mr, Mrs, Miss, Ms, Mr 11.
dancer doctor
singer sailor
driver tailor
baker, grocer, greengrocer, typist, secretary, salesman, nurse, butcher 16.
1. a)
2. c)
— Hello, what's your name?
— Peter.
— Sorry?
— It's Peter.
— Can you spell it, please?
— P-e-t-e-r. What's your name?
policeman postman milkman fisherman
— It's Olga. Do you live here?
— Yes, I do. I live at number 10, Lesnaya Street, Flat 13. What's your address, Peter?
— I live at number 50, Shirokaya Street. My flat number is 45. Are you on the phone, Olga?
— Yes.
— What's your telephone number?
— That's 437 5829.
Дружная семья
У Каролин Портер большая семья, которая состоит из девяти человек. Самая старшая в семье бабушка. Вы не поверите, но ей почти 90. Она живёт в небольшом домике в деревне. Бабушка Каролин очень интересуется жизнью. Она увлекается садоводством. В её маленьком опрятном саду очень много красивых и необычных цветов. Когда бабушка была молодой, она была зеленщицей, и работала в маленьком магазине неподалёку.
Мама и папа Каролин архитекторы. Им около 50, но они выглядят намного моложе. Они увлекаются древними русскими церквями и часто ездят в Россию. Они посещают крупные и небольшие города. Они настоящие специалисты и много знают. Они часто рассказывают своей семье о своих путешествиях.
Маму Каролин зовут Дебби. Она высокая, стройная светловолосая женщина, очень умная и милая. Её мужа зовут Питер. Он ниже своей жены. Он худой и тёмноволосый. Он очень смелый. Они женаты 25 лет, и настоящие друзья.
У Дебби есть брат Виктор и сестра Нелли, которая работает медсестрой в больнице. Нелли не замужем, и у неё нет детей. Виктор продавец. Он женат, и у него двое детей Боб и Полли. Они учатся в начальной школе. Кузены Каролин очень способные, они не маленького роста, но и не высокие. Им по семь лет, они светловолосые, милые и вежливые. Их родители ими гордятся. Но иногда их дети ленятся.
Кузены любят играть в активные игры. Они никогда не устают и редко ведут себя тихо. У них очень богатое воображение. Они любят много читать и слушать сказки бабушки. Жена Виктора Мэри машинистка. Она работает в крупной фирме.
Все члены семьи очень дружны и гостеприимны. К ним часто приходят в гости друзья, и они устраивают чудесные вечеринки.
Caroline's mother is Debbie. Her father's name is Peter. Caroline also has a granny. Her mother has a sister, Nelly, and a brother, Victor, whose wife is Mary. Victor and Mary have two children, Bob and Polly.
When Granny was young she was a greengrocer. Her father and mother are architects.
Her aunt Nelly is a nurse. And her uncle Victor is a salesman. His wife Mary is a typist.
Caroline's mother is a tall woman, slim and fair-haired, very clever and nice.
Caroline's father is thin and dark-haired. He is very brave.
Caroline's cousins are very bright. They are not short but they are not tall, either. They are both seven, fair-haired, pretty and polite. Sometimes they are lazy. They like to play active games. They are never tired and are seldom quiet. They have got a reach imagination. They like to read a lot and to their Granny's fairy tales.
Nelly, Caroline's aunt, is a tall, slim, dark-haired young woman. She has long hair.
Her uncle is short fair-haired man with a round face. He has red lips and long arms.
The Brown family. The head of the family is father. He is a tall fair-haired man of 45. His name is John. He is a teacher. His wife is Jane. She is a short pretty dark-haired woman of forty. She works in a department store. She is a saleswoman. They have got a daughter, who is five. She is a good quiet girl with long hair. They are a very friendly family.
doctor, baker, butcher, grocer, greengrocer, nurse, typist, secretary
a) What is your name?
b) When were you born?
c) Where were you born?
d) How old are you?
e) Where do you live?
f) What are you?
g) How large is your family?
h) What is your address?
i) What is your telephone number?
Patrick Barlow 2, High Street, Manchester, Great Britain

1. This theatre has got many actors.
2. This town has no wide streets.
3. Do the museums have any wooden cups?
4. The woman has got a very weak voice
5. The old square has no tower.
6. This place will have no new settlements.
Nelly lives in flat 7 at number 8 Central Square, Moscow, Russia. Michael lives in flat 34 at number 34 Yablochnaya Street, Klin, Russia. Victor lives in flat 3 at number 21 Portovaya Street, Tver, Russia. Peter lives in flat 53 at number 3 Zelyony Park Street, Pskov, Russia.
I live in flat 50 at number 1 Tverskaya Street, Moscow, Russia.

Lesson 2

People usually cook food in the kitchen. People usually work or read in the study. People usually eat in the dining-room. People usually watch TV in the living room. People usually talk to heir guests in the sitting room. People usually put off their clothes in the hall. People usually sleep in the bedroom. People usually wash hands in the bathroom.
table, sofa, bed, chair, armchair, sofa, bench, desk, pictures, photographs, carpet, curtains, cupboard, fridge, bookcase, electric cooker, wash-bowl, wardrobe
There is a wardrobe, a carpet, a sofa, a standardlamp in the sitting room, on the walls there are pictures. There are a bed, a lamp, a wardrobe and curtains in the bedroom.
There is a cooker, a sink, a table in the kitchen.
Peter is reading a magazine and Ben and Tom are working in the study. Ann is singing upstairs. She sings very well.
Mary and Susan are counting at the moment. Nick counts badly. The door opens well. Peter is opening the door now. Look! The bus is leaving. It always leaves at 8.10.
Mary is singing a song (now). She always sings well.
Peter is leaving for Moscow (now).
Kate is locking the door with the key (now).
John is washing the floor (now). He washes the floor seldom.
Children are doing the lessons (now).
Boys are spending their holidays (now).
1. Why do many people learn foreign languages?
2. What are they counting?
3. When does the plane live for London?
5. How often do they write letters to their friends?
6. When does it become dark here?
7. Who is joining us?
8. What often happens?
The modern conveniences are hotels, TV, modern flats and castles; Indian settlements, Mr. Porter's Cottage are not.
1. How do you feel?
2. Do you know what he is reading?
3. I don't understand what she is saying.
4. He doesn't see what the problem is.
5. He is sleeping now. He likes to sleep after dinner.
6. She says she hears nothing.
7. Do you see the man who is standing near the window? He wants to speak to you.
1. Usually I fly to London.
2. She never turns on central heating in summer.
3. We are often late.
4. Mr Mole reads his newspaper every morning.
5. She is seldom angry.
6. My brother always helps his mother clean the carpet with the vacuum cleaner.
1. Nelly is a nurse. She works in hospital.
2. Is your brother working in the garden? — Yes. He is watering flowers.
3. Mr Green's secretary sends letters to London every week.
4. They do not often watch TV.
5. what is he reading? — He is reading a newspaper. He always reads it in the morning.
6. Mary is cleaning the carpet with the vacuum cleaner. She does it on Monday.
1. It is dark in the room. Turn the lights on.
2. It is cold in the room. The central heating isn't on.
3. It is very hot here, turn the electric fire off.
4. In summer the central heating is usually off in our houses.
5. My little brother can't turn on the light. He is very small.
6. Early in the morning, when it is not dark out we turn the light on.
7. Mike is doing his lessons. Turn the television off, please.
John: Hello, Mary! Nice to see you! How are you?
Mary: I'm all right and what about you?
John: I'm fine. You know we have bought a new flat.
Mary: Have you? Where is it?
John: It's flat 5, Number 50, Apple Street. The flat is modern and comfortable with all modern conveniences: gas, electricity, hot and cold running water.
Mary: I'm glad to hear that.
Каникулы Питера
Мистер и миссис Грей жили в большом городе. Мистер Грей работал в банке и проводил много времени на работе. Миссис Грей увлекалась музыкой и искусством. У Греев был сын по имени Питер. Питер хорошо успевал по всем предметам в школе, но он не любил мыться. Он ненавидел воду.
Мистер и Миссис Грей захотели провести каникулы в деревне. Они нашли небольшой милый домик недалеко от офиса Мистера Грея. Миссис и Питер поехали туда на выходные в начале июня. Позже Мистер Грей захотел присоединиться к ним. Питер с мамой уехали туда на две недели. Было уже поздно, когда они приехали в домик. Миссис Грей сказала Питеру:
— Мы пробудем здесь четырнадцать дней.
Мальчик вбежал в дом, зажёг свет и заглянул во все комнаты. Он увидел кухню с белым холодильником, двумя сервантами, плитой и раковиной. В доме было электричество и газ. Ещё он увидел пылесос в углу. Гостиная с длинным зеркалом и красивым камином была великолепна. В ней можно было играть в футбол.
Питер побежал назад к маме и закричал:
— Мама! Это здорово! Но я не видел ванную. Где она?
— Здесь тяжело достать воду, — сказала мама, — и здесь нет горячей и холодной воды.
— Это очень хорошо, мама, — сказал Питер. — Каникулы действительно будут замечательные!
Peter was sure that he was going to have a nice holiday because there was no hot and cold running water in the house and Peter didn't like to wash. He hated water.
17.They had electricity and gas in their summer cottage.
18.Peter was a very jolly boy. He was a clever pupil but he was very strange, too. He didn't like to wash.
19.Mr and Mrs Gray wanted to go to the country to spend the summer there. They had a son, Peter, who didn't like to wash. He hated water. When Mrs Gray and Peter arrived to the cottage it was late in the evening. They had electricity and gas in the house but there was no hot and cold water in the house. So Peter thought that they were going to have a nice holiday.
21.My grandparents live in the country. They have a big house with all modern conveniences: gas, electricity, hot and cold running water, telephone, central heating. There are two bedrooms, a kitchen, a dining room, a sitting room, a bathroom in the house.
22.My mother gets up at 7.30. And at 9.00 she is at her working place. Usually she has a lot of work to do. She talk to many people. And when she comes home in the evening she is very tired.