ГДЗ Грамматика. Ключи к упражнениям. Ю. Б. Голицынский 6 класс

Упражнение 151
1. Last Sunday we got up at sunrise and by seven o'clock we were ready to go. At ten minutes past seven we started. We went to the bus stop. There were few people at the stop: on Sunday people don't like to get up at sunrise. The bus came up to the stop in ten minutes. We went to the railway station. In half an hour we were at the railway station. On the platform we met our friends. In an hour we were already in the country. We went to the forest. It was hot, but when we went into the forest, it became cool. We spent the whole day in the country and returned to town at sunset. 2. He will come in an hour. 3. Wait a little, please, I shall return in a few minutes. 4. We shall finish school in a few years. 5. In two or three years everything will change. 6. I haven't been to Estonia since 1997. Next summer I shall go there. I shall spend the whole summer there and return to St. Petersburg by the first of September.

Упражнение 152

1. to, of. 2. of. 3. of. 4. to. 5. to. 6. to, of, of, to, of, to. 7. of, to. 8. to, of. 9. of. 10. to, of. 11. of. 12. of, to. 13. of. 14. to. 15. of. 16. of.

Упражнение 153

1. by. 2. with. 3. by. 4. with. 5. by. 6. with. 7. by. 8. with. 9. by. 10. by. 11. with. 12. with. 13. by. 14. with. 15. by.

Упражнение 154

1. to, to, at, V. 2. about, at, to, A 3. V, at, for. 4. of, V, to, for, 5. of, 8. of. 7. A 8. at. 9. to. 10. for, in 11. to, of. 12. of. 13. to. for, to, to, of, in, to, V 14. V, of, at, by. 15. about. 16. of, V, of. 17. at, V, to, on, at, of, to.

Упражнение 155

1. Walk along this corridor, turn the corner at the end of the corridor and go into the first room. 2. In five minutes everybody was sitting at the table and listening to their grandmother. 3. He looked at the boats sailing down the river. 4. Last year we travelled about Europe. 5 He was walkig along the street and looking at the faces of the passersby. 6. The dog ran up to the river, jumped into the water, swam across the river and ran into the forest. 7. He crossed the street and entered the cafe. 8. She was walking about the room. 9. They sailed across the southern seas. 10. Walk along this path across the field and through the wood, and in two or three hours you will come up to a river. 11. They were walking about the town from sunrise till sunset, talked to many people, looked at fine palaces and monuments. In the evening they returned to the hotel tired but pleased. 12. Tom Sawyer jumped over the fence and ran along the street. In a few seconds he turned the corner and disappeared.

Упражнение 156

1. is, is. 2. is, is. 3. is, is. 4. are, am. 5. am. 6. is, is. 7. is, is. 8. are, are, are. 9. is, is. 10. are, am. 11. is, is, is. 12. is, is. 13. is, is. 14. is. 15. is, is. 16. is. 17. is. 18. is. 19. is. 20. is, are, is, is, is, is, is, is.

Упражнение 157

1. What's your name? — My name is Ann. 2. What's your address? — My address is 45 Oxford Street.
3. Where are you from? — I'm from London. 4. Who is he (in this photograph?) — He is my father. 5.
What is his name? — His name is John. 6. Where is he? — He is in London. 7. I am Lena and this is Nick. He is my brother. He is ten (years old) and I am twelve (years old). We are from St. Petersburg.
8.1 am a pupil. I am at school. 9. My brother is a painter. He is not an engineer. 10. My sister is at work. She is a doctor. 11. He is a student. 12. Are you a student? — No, I am a doctor. 13. My sister is at home. 14. We are not at school. We are at home. 15. My brother is a pupil. He is at school. 16. Is your mother at home? — No, she is at work. 17. Is your cousin at home? — No, he is at school. He is a pupil. 18. Is your sister a teacher? — No, she is a student. 19. Is your father at work? — No, he is at home. 20. Is your sister a typist? — Yes, she is. — Is she at home? — No, she is at work. 21. My grandfather is a scientist. 22. My mother is not a teacher. She is a doctor.

Упражнение 158

1. My name is Kate. 2. I am fourteen (years old). 3. I'm Russian. I'm from St. Petersburg. 4. I'm a pupil. 5. My favourite sport is tennis. 6. I'm interested in music. 7. My favourite subject is English. 8. My father is a (computer) programmer. He isn't interested in politics. 9. My mother is a dentist. She is interested in art. 10. We are always busy, but we are very happy to be together. 11. Whose pen is this? — It is my pen. 12. Whose book is this? — It is your book. 13. Whose table is this? — It is my brother's table. 14. Whose bag is this? — It is my mother's bag. 15. Whose pencil is this? — It is my sister's pencil. 16. Is this your exercise book? — Yes, it is. 17. Is this your brother's exercise book? — No, it is my exercise book. 18. Where is your table? — It is in the middle of the room. 19. Where is your pen? — It is in my pocket. 20. Where is your exercise book? — It is on the table. 21. Where is your mother? — She is at work. 22. Where is your brother? — He is at school. 23. Where is your sister? — She is at home. 24. Whose pencil is this? — It is my pencil. — And where is my pencil? — It is on the table. 25. Whose watch is this? — It is my watch. — And where is my watch? — It is on the table.

Упражнение 159

1. Where are you? — I am in the kitchen. 2. Where is Fred? — He is in the garage. 3. Where are Lisa and John? — They are at college. 4. Are you busy? — No, I am not. Mike is busy. He is the busiest person I've ever met. 5. It is ten o'clock. She is late again. 6. How are you? — I am not very well today. — I am sorry to hear that. 7. We are interested in classical music. 8. Vera is afraid of snakes. 9. My grandmother isn't nervous and she is rarely upset. She is the kindest person I've ever seen. My grandmother is really wonderful. 10. I'm sorry. They are not at the office at the moment. 11. Where are the keys? — In your jacket. 12. What is the time, please? — Two o'clock. 13. It is the biggest meal I've ever had. 14. Which sport do you think is the most dangerous? 15. Chess and aerobics are not as exciting s-, skydiving and figure skating. 16. Debt is the worst kind of poverty. 17. The game is not worth the candle. 18. Do you have any idea where he is? 19. Used ears are cheaper but less reliable than new cars. 20. What is the weather forecast for tomorrow? 21. Art is long, life is short. 22. You are the best friend I've ever had. 23. I don't remember what his telephone number is. 24. Two heads are better than one. 25. You are right. That's a lot of money! Coffee is very expensive this week.

Упражнение 160

My aunt was very depressed last Sunday. The weather was terrible. It was cold and rainy. Her husband was not at home. He was at hospital because he was sick. Her children were not at school. They were not in the yard, they were in the living room. The TV was broken. The children were not only upset, they were very angry. The neighbours were not happy because her children were too noisy. The house was not clean. The sink was broken. There were dirty dishes on the kitchen table and in the sink. There was nothing in the fridge. There were no vegetables for dinner, there was no juice for her children. There was not even bread in the house! She was tired and hungry, She was just exhausted.

Упражнение 161
1. The weather was fine. It was warm and sunny. My children were at school and my husband was at work. I was in the garden. There were many beautiful flowers there. It was in May. I was happy. 2. I am a pupil. 3. He is a pilot. 4. She is a doctor. 5. We are schoolchildren. 6. You are workers. 7. You are a worker. 8. They are pupils. 9. I am at home. 10. He is at school. 11. Is she at the cinema? 12. We are in the park. 13. Are they at the theatre? 14. Is she young? 15. He is old. 16. She is not old. 17. They are strong. 18. She is ill. 19. Are you ill? 20. Is he ill? 21.1 am not ill. 22. I was ill yesterday. 23. She was not ill. 24. We were at the cinema.

Упражнение 162

1. The students are. 2. They were, there was. 3. They will be, they are. 4. My father is. 5. He was. 6. I shall be. 7. My sister will not be. 8. She will be. 9. Will you be. 10. Was your father. 11. My sister was.
12. She is not. 13. We were. 14. Where is your mother, she is. 15. Where were you, I was. 16. My family will be. 17. Is your little sister, she is. 18. Will you be, I shall. 19. My granny was, she was. 20. My friend is. 21. He will be. 22. Where are your books, they are.

Упражнение 163

Ronald Frank is a managing director of the First Bank of Kingsville on Main Street. He is always on a business trip. Yesterday he was in Geneva. Tomorrow he will be in London. Last week he was in Chicago. Next week he will be in New Orleans. At the moment he is in Amsterdam. In two hours he will be in the Hague. Three days ago he was in Paris. At the end of his trip he is usually very tired but happy. He is with his family now. His sons are so much excited. They have got new toys from their father. Everybody in the family is very glad to see him at home again.

Упражнение 164

1. Yesterday they were in the library. 2. They are at school now. 3. Tomorrow they will be at the theatre. 4. At the moment he is not here. 5. On Sunday he will be at the concert. 6. Last Saturday he was at the stadium. 7. My brother is at school now. 8. My brother was at the cinema yesterday. 9. My brother will be at home tomorrow. 10. Will you be at home tomorrow? 11. Was she in the park yesterday? 12. Is he in the yard now? 13. Where is father? 14. Where were you yesterday? 15. Where will he be tomorrow? 16. My books were on the table. Where are they now? 17. My mother was not at work yesterday. She was at home. 18. My friend is not in the park. He is at school. 19. Tomorrow at three o'clock Nick and Mike will be in the yard. 20. We were not in the south last summer. We were in Moscow. 21. Tomorrow my grandfather will be in the village. 22. When will your sister be at home? 23. Will you be a pilot? — No, I shall be a sailor. 24. My sister was a student last year, and now she is a doctor. — Will you be a doctor, too? — No, I shall not be a doctor. I shall be an engineer. 25. They were not at the cinema. 26. They are not at school. 27. They are at home. 28. Were you in the park yesterday? 29. Was he at school yesterday? 30. He was a worker. 31. She was a teacher.

Упражнение 165

1. Timothy is feeding. 2. Mr. Jones is cleaning. 3. Nancy is painting. 4. Our neighbours are washing. 5. I am ivashing. 6. Who is fixing. 7. What is she doing, she is dancing. 8. The children are brushing. 9. What is he doing, he is fixing. 10. They are having. 11. The boys are running. 12.1 am doing. 13. John and his friends are going. 14. Ann is sitting, she is studying. 15. A young man is standing, he is smoking. 16. The old man is walking. 17. The dog is lying. 18. Are you having. 19. What language are you studying. 20. Who is lying. 21. What are they talking. 22. It is still raining. 23. I am opening. 24. John is playing.

Упражнение 166

It is not raining any more, it is clearing up and the sun is shining. The jazz band is playing in the park. A lot of people are listening to the music and they are really having a good time. But they are not
dancing yet. There is a coffee shop there. Only seven people are sitting there, and only five people are waiting in the queue. Some people are having sandwiches and drinking coffee, tea or fruit juices. Boys and girls over there are laughing and making a lot of noise. They are playing games and Tom is taking pictures. So what is going on?

Упражнение 167

1. I am sitting on a bench in the park and feeding birds. 2. Mother is sitting on the sofa in the drawing room and watching TV. 3. This is a photo of my friends. Tom is playing the guitar and Jane is singing.
4. And here they are dancing at my birthday party. 5. We are doing an exercise. 6. We are not bathing. 7. Are they playing in the yard? 8. Nina and Ann are washing the floor. 9. Nick is helping his mother.
10. Are you helping your father? 11. My sister is reading an interesting book. 12. They are going to school. 13. Are you going to school? 14. Is he working? 15. Is your grandmother going to the shop?
16. He is buying sweets. 17. What is your sister doing? 18. Where are the children playing? 19. Why are you laughing? 20. Where are they going? 21. What are these boys carrying? 22.1 am reading. 23. He is not writing. 24. We are not working. 25. Are you reading? 26. Is he sleeping? 27. Nick and Mike are playing football. 28. Kate is playing the piano. 29. She is not singing. 30. My sister is sleeping. 31. Is father drinking tea? 32. Are your parents drinking tea? 33.1 am not sleeping. 34. She is sitting at the table.

Упражнение 168

1. My working day begins, I get, switch, do, it takes, we have, my father and I leave, he takes, my mother is, she leaves, we gather, we watch, talk. 2. My sister gets. 3. She is, she goes. 4. Jane is, she does. 5. She has. 6. She goes. 7. It takes. 8. She speaks.

Упражнение 169

1. Andrea Schatzmann lives, she gets, takes, she doesn't normally have, she catches, her first class starts, she always has, the cafeteria food is, it is, her afternoon classes are, she is, she usually has, she has, she goes, a few friends usually go, he picks, he drives, they often go, she sometimes goes, she invites, they listen, talk, Mr. and Mrs. Connor often take, she calls, they never talk, it is, she usually calls, it is. 2. What time does Andrea usually get up? 3. When does she catch the bus? 4. Does she take a shower in the morning? 5. Does she go home for lunch? 6. When does she go swimming? 7. How does she getvto the pool? 8. What does she do on Saturday evenings?

Упражнение 170

1. I work. 2. We work. 3. They do not work. 4. Do you work? — Yes, I do. 5. Does he work? — No, he doesn't. He studies. 6. My brother does not study. He works. 7. Do you wear glasses? 8. Do you help people? 9. Does he like to read fairy tales? 10. Does she like to play the violin? 11. My sister does not read books. 12. Our grandmother likes to sleep on the sofa. 13. Do you like to rest in the armchair? 14. We eat and drink in the kitchen. 15. My brother does not like to read newspapers. 16. We sleep in the bedroom. 17. My brother sleeps on the sofa in the living room. 18. My sister dresses before the mirror. 19. My uncle writes book:-. 20. We write exercises at school. 21. I spend my pocket money on ice cream. 22. He reads all the time and does not like to watch TV.

Упражнение 171

1. Where do you live? — I live in Moscow. 2, When do you have your holidays? — In January. 3. What do you like best at school? 4. My brother works at a hospital. He is a doctor. He gets up at twenty minutes past seven. He works in the morning and in the afternoon. In the evening he does not work. In the evening he rests. 5. Does your sister speak French? — No, she doesn't. She speaks German, and her husband speaks English. 6. When do you get up? — I get up at a quarter to seven. 7. When does your brother get up? — He gets up at twenty minutes to eight. — And does your sister also
get up at twenty minutes to eight? — No, she doesn't. My brother goes to school, and my sister does not go to school. She is not a pupil yet. She gets up at nine o'clock. 8. He doesn't wash his hands before meals. 9. This boy whistles in class. 10. He doesn't play any musical instrument. 11. But he plays football and likes to watch cartoons. 12. He likes his school holidays, especially the summer holidays.
13. The boy's birthday is on the thirty-first of December (in December on the thirty first). 14. That's why he gets a lot of presents.

Упражнение 172

My uncle is an engineer. He is very busy. His working day begins early in the morning. He gets up at seven o'clock. He washes, dresses and has breakfast. After breakfast he goes to work. He works at an institute. He likes his work. He is married. His wife is a doctor. She works at a hospital. In the evening she studies French. She attends French classes. My uncle does not speak French. He speaks Russian and German. He studies English. In the evening he attends English classes. My uncle's son is a pupil. He goes to school. At school he studies English.

Упражнение 173

1.1 am taking — I take. 2. He is helping — he helps. 3. They are going — they go. 4. She is playing — she plays. 5. I am reading — I read. 6. He is sleeping — he sleeps. 7. We are drinking — we drink. 8. They are going — they go. 9. I am not sleeping — I do not sleep. 10. She is not drinking — she does not drink. 11. We are not watching — we do not watch. 12. They are not eating — they do not eat. 13. My mother is not working — my mother does not work. 14. Are you working — do you work. 15. Is he playing -- does he play. 16. Are they eating — do they eat. 17. Is your sister resting — does your sister rest. 18. What are you doing — what do you do. 19. What are you reading — what do you read.
20. What are they eating — what do they eat. 21. What is your brother drinking — what does your brother drink. 22. Is everybody having — does everybody have. 23. Is she taking — how often does she take. 24. Where are they going — where do they go. 25. Are they speaking — what language do they usually speak.

Упражнение 174

I. He works. 2. Does he work. 3. He doesn't work. 4. They read. 5. Do they read. 6. They do not read.
7. The children are eating. 8. Are the children eating. 9. The children are not eating. 10. Do you play
II. When do you play. 12. What does Nick do. 13. Does he go. 14. We do not dance. 15. Kate is dancing. 16. Does Kate sing. 17. Where does he go. 18. He does not sleep. 19. My granny sleeps. 20. When do you sleep. 21. Nina is not sleeping. 22. Where does John live, he lives. 23. My friends from Switzerland speak. 24. Does Elvire speak. 25. She doesn't only speak (She doesn't speak only Italian).

Упражнение 175

1. Tom plays. 2. He doesn't play. 3. I am wearing. 4. I am not wearing. 5. My friend does not like. 6. I am not reading. 7. Is he sleeping. 8. We do not go. 9. My sister eats. 10. She is not eating. 11. They do.
12. They do not go. 13. My father does not work. 14. He works. 15. I read. 16. I do not read. 17. I am writing. 18. I am not writing. 19. They are playing. 20. They are not playing. 21. Are they playing. 22. He helps. 23. Does he help. 24. He does not help. 25. Do you go. 26. Is she working. 27. Is he delivering. 28. Do you go.

Упражнение 176

1. His father is not watching, he is sleeping, he is. 2. Pat is not cooking, she is talking, she cooks. 3. I am not drinking, I am writing. 4. I do not drink, I drink. 5. Is your friend doing. 6. Does your friend go. 7. The baby is sleeping. 8. The baby always sleeps. 9. My grandmother does not work. 10. My father is not sleeping, he is working. 11. I usually get. 12. What is your sister doing? She is washing. 13. When do you usually come, I come. 14. Where does your cousin work, he works. 15. Does your sister study,
she studies. 16. My cousin goes. 17. My mother is not playing, she plays. 18. When do you listen. 19. Who is making. 20. Are you reading 21. They are, they don't go. 22. What is she talking.

Упражнение 177

I. I am sitting. 2. I am not working. 3. Eric is talking, Kenny is not listening, he is thinking. 4. My friend not sleeping now. 7. The children play. 8. They do not go. 9. She reads. 10. She does not read.
II. She is not reading. 12. I am writing. 13. I am not drinking. 14. I go. 15. I do not go. 16. He is not reading. 17. He is playing. 18. Is he playing. 19. My mother works. 20. My aunt does not work. 21. Do you work. 22. Does your father work. 23. Are you playing. 24. The clouds are moving, the sun is appearing, it is getting. 25. His health is improving. 26. Who is playing. 27. Henry usually wears, he is wearing. 28. Who is listening.

Упражнение 178

1. I do not know. 2. Do they want. 3. She thinks, he drives. 4. He understands, he eats, he always forgets. 5. Who is that man, who is standing, don't you recognize, it is. 6. I have, I am having. 7. Does your family leave, we always go, we all like, mother stays, father returns. 8. Where are Tom and Nick, they are having. 9. What are you doing, we are listening. 10. Do you want, I do. 11. Michael knows, he wants, he has. 12. Are you reading, it is, there are, are you, I am, I do not know. 13. We are having. 14. Does Lena usually prepare, she doesn't, she works, what is she writing, she is writing.

Упражнение 179

There is, it is eating, it is giving, I think, monkeys like, I want, where do they live, the tiger wants, it is going, the lion is looking, do you think, it wants, when do the lions and tigers have, the keepers bring, they make, everybody knows, they are.

Упражнение 180

1. I often go. 2. We sometimes go. 3. Andrew gets, he lives, he is never. 4. It is, Victor is doing, his sister is reading, his mother and grandmother are talking. 5.1 am writing, who lives, I write. 6. It takes.
7. Where are you going, I am hurrying. 8. When do your lessons begin, they begin. 9. Where is your sister, she is doing. 10. It usually takes. 11. Where is Boris, I am looking, he is having. 12. I am looking, do you have, I don't want, it is, it is, it has.