Готовые домашние работы к учебнику Happy English .ru. 6 класс. Кауфман К.И., Кауфман М.Ю.

223- smallГотовые домашние работы.  Happy English. ru. 6 класс. К учебнику Кауфман К.И., Кауфман М.Ю. - Обнинск: Титул, 2008 г.

Lesson 1 Do you remember us?

1. Look at the words. Find the classroom expcessions and read then aloud.
1. guess the meaming of the word
2. write a letter
3. ask your question
4. read the text
5. fill in the gaps
6. listen to the teacher
7. match the words

2. Match the expressions from Ex. 1 and the pictures
1-1, 2-2, 3-3, 4-4, 5-5, 6-6, 1-1.

Guess the meaning of the underlined words
      1. a fact — факт
      2. a report — доклад
      3. chance — шанс
Б. Найдите и выпишите
• глаголы в повелительном наклонении listen fly  back  come
• утвердительные предложения в Present Simple
     I am in..., in hospital.
     It is very strange.
     Sure, you are in Russia.
     You are my brother, I always give you the best jobs.
     You always have problems and you never work well!
     Now His is your last chance.
• вопросительные предложения в Present Simple
    How are you?
    Where are you, Cute?
    Do you know, Boss?
    Do you remember?
    Where are they?
    And what happens?
    Why am I in Russia?
• утвердительные предложения в Present Progressive
    You are watching ... Inin and Robin ...
• вопросительные предложения в Present Progressive
    And who is speaking?
    What am I doing here?
    What is happening?
• утвердительные и вопросительные предложения с модальными глаголами
     I must go and say hello to him.
     But why must I fly to England?
• прилагательные в превосходной степени the best
С. Do Ex. CW in the workbook. Рабочая тетрадь № 1
         CW. Fill in the gaps.
Boss: Hi, Cute! How are you?
Cute: I am not very well. And who is speaking? Boss: It's your Boss, Cute!
Cute: Oh, hi Boss.
Boss: Where are you, Cute?
Cute: I am in Russia, in hospital. It is very strange. What am I doing here? Do you know, Boss?
Boss: Sure you are in Russia. You are in Lukinsk. You are watching Misha Inin and Robin Mac Wizard. Do you remember?
Cute: Oh, yes! Two nice boys from Lipovaya Street! I must go and say «hello» to them.
Boss: Are you ok, Cute? Misha and Robin are not in Lukinsk now.
Cute: And where are they?

Рабочая тетрадь № 1
2. Ask questions to the underlined words.
    1. Where is the gnome?
    2. What can my cat do?
    3. Who eat fish and chips?
    4. Where does he live?
    5. Where dose his friend come from?
    6. Whose birthday is in June?
    7. How are they going to London?

  Lessons 2, 3

2. Look at the words. Find six typical classroom expressions and read them aloud.
     1. look at me
     2. repeat after
     3. answer the teacher's question
     4. use the dictionary
     5. do your homework
     6. find the mistake
3. Match the expressions from Ex. 2 and the pictures
     1-1, 2-2, 3-3, 4-4, 5-5, 6-6.
6. Fill in the gaps and translate the sentences into Russian.
     1. Boys are doing their homework, aren't they?
     2. Alice is a nice girl, isn't she?
     3. Den can't speak English, can he?
     4. I am a doctor, am I not?
     5. Children mustn't open this door, must they?
     6. They aren't watching TV, are they?
7. Задайте дополнительные вопросы.
     1. Jane and Kate are going to visit the Tower of London, aren't they?
     2. We are not going to eat it, aren't we?
     3. Jack is writing a letter, isn't he?
     4.I mustn't help you with your test, must I?
     5. Cats can't fly, can they?
8. Translate the questions into English and answer them.
     1. You are from Russia, aren't you?
     2. The pupils of your school must do homework, mustn't they?
     3. Your birthday is in May, isn't it?
     4. London is the capital of England, isn't it?
     5. Today the weather is bad, isn't it?
9. Задайте разделительные вопросы.
     1. A You can't fly to London, can you?
     2. A Your favorite subject isn't Mathematics, is it?
     3. A. You aren't reading a book now, are you?
     4. A. This autumn isn't cold, is it?
     5. A. You mustn't do homework every day, must you?

Homework. Рабочая тетрадь № 1
D Do Ex. DW in the workbook.
DW. Translate there questions into Russian and answer them in English.
      1. Пушкин великий певец, не так ли?  No, he isn't.
      2. Они собираются сегодня играть в футбол, не так ли?  Yes, they are.
      3. Девочка читает книгу, не так ли? Yes, she is.
      4. Дети не должны открывать их книги, не так ли? No, they mustn't

Lesson 4.

2. Answer the questions.
    Yes, I am / No, I am not.
    Yes, she is / No she isn't.
     I am.
3. Finish the sentence.
     I am always happy to see you.
4. Translate the sentence.
     Статьи в этой газете всегда интереснее.
5. Read the text and answer the questions.
     1. Yes, he is
     2. Yes, he does.
     3. Yes, he does.
     4. No, he doesn't
     5. Yes, he does.
     6. Yes, he does.

Homework. Рабочая тетрадь № 1
BW. Fill in the gaps.
1. I am in Pobeda Street, am I?
2. The woman is in the wood, isn't she?
3. Masha can play tennis, can't she?
4. You must help him, mustn't you?

Lesson 5

1. Play a game. Read the facts and write the questions.
    1. The Queen lives in the Tower of London, doesn't she?
    2. It snows in Australia in June, doesn't it?
    3. People in England drive on the left side of the road, don't they?
    4. Father Christmas comes from Norway, does he?
    5. The English can't go from London to Paris by car, can they?
    6. James Bond comes from America, doesn't he?
    7. The Beatles sing in London every day, don't they?
    8. The sun goes round the Earth, doesn't it? 
    9. A computer can help you talk to and see your friends in America, can't it?
2. Ask and answer these questions with your friends. Remember: It's a quiz! Think!
    1. The Queen livrs in the Tower of London. No, she doesn't.
    2. It snows in Australia in June. No, it doesn't.
    3. People in England drive on the left side of the road. No, they don't.
    4. Father Christmas comes from Norway. Yes, he does.
    5. The English can't go from London to Paris by car. Yes, they can.
    6. James Bond comes from America. Yes, he does.
    7. The Beatles sing in London every day. No, they don't.
    8. The sun goes round the Earth. No, it doesn't.
    9. A computer can help you talk and see your friends in America. Yes, it can.
3. Read and translate.
      Информация о Робе Маквизарде. Роб Ма- квизард очень хороший мальчик. Имя его матери Элизабет Маквизард. Она работает в банке. Имя его отца Дуглас Маквизард. Он учитель. У Роба одна сестра, Джейн. Их адpec: 19 Crescent Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN2 3GH; UK.
4. Listen and correct. Cute's information about Robin in Ex. 3
      Rob is not a very nice boy.
      Lady Elizabeth doesn't work in a bank.
      Douglas Mac Wizard is the manager the bank
      Rob has a sister and a brother.

Homework. Рабочая тетрадь № 1
A. Write a new report about Rob. Use the information from the text.
     1. Rob has a sister and a brother.
     2. Rob isn't a very nice boy.Hhis neighbour doesn't like him.
     3. His brother and sister don't play with him.
     4. Rob's mother's name isn't Jane. Her name is Elizabeth. She doesn't work, she is very busy with her children and the house.
     5. Rob's father is the manager of the bank.

Lesson 1.

1. Поставьте местоимение в скобках в объектном падеже.
     1. Let us celebrate his birthday.
     2. Let us invite friends.
     3. Let her make a cake.
     4. Let them make a garland.
     5. Let us give her cards.
     6. Let him sing a song.
2. Translate inro English
     1. Let us decorate the flat.
     2. Let us celebrate the birthday.
     3. Let them sing a song.
     4. Let them bring the presents.
     5. Let him help his mother.
     6. Let us have a big cake.
5. Look at the pictures. What are the children doing?
     1. They are decorating the flat.
     2. They are phoning to their mates.
     3. They are giving the presents.
     4. They are singing a song.
     5. They are having a big cake.
     6. They are playing computer games.

Homework. Рабочая тетрадь № 1
В. Use the expressions from the song and write three ideas for:
a) your friend's birthday party Let's bring him presents
b) this evening Let's watch TV
c) your school New Year party Let's decorate the school.

Lesson 2

    I don't agree with you — я с тобой не согласен
    That's not a very good idea — Это не очень хорошая идея.
1. Translate the sentences into English.
     1. Let them go home.
     2. Let's decorate this room.
     3. Let me do it.
     4. Let him watch this film.
     5. Let her phone John in the evening
2. Match the sentences from Ex. 1 and these replies.
     1-d, 2-a, 3-e, 4-b, 5-c.
      Guess the meaning of the underlined word, documents — документы
4. Finish these sentences and write the summary (краткое содержание) of the text.
     Misha and Robin are in Westminster Abbey
     The Stone of Destiny is in Scotland in Edinburgh Castle.

     Scotland is very far.
     The time of no-time is going to end today
     Misha and Robin want to go to Russia.
     Misha can't fly.

     Robin can't fly.
     Misha and Robin are in London.
     They are in Westminster Abbey.
     The Stone of Destiny isn't here.
     It is in Scotland.
     It's in Edinburgh Castle. Scotland is very far.
     Misha and Robin want to go back to Russia together
     They can't fly.

5. Help Misha and Robin with your advice.
     Let then go to the Russian Consulate.

6. Discuss your ideas with friends.
— Let them go to the Russian Consulate.
— I agree with you. That's a good idea. The Russian Consulate can help the boys go home.

Homework. Рабочая тетрадь № 1
A. Give ideas for these situations.
    1. This film is interesting. Let's watch it.
    2. This book is very interesting. Let's read it.
    3. Tthe teacher gives us a test. Let's do it.
    4. The weather is very nice today. Let's play tennis today.
    5. It's Kate's birthday today. Let's celebrate it.

Lesson 3.

4. What is a sleepover? It's a night excursion.

5. Найдите синоним слову creepy.   

6. Answer the questions
     1. It's a night excursion.
     2. Museums organise sleepovers.
     3. They organise sleepovers at Halloween time.
     4. Children come for sleepovers with parents.
     5. In the evening they play games and make costumes and masks.
     6. Witches, ghosts and monsters come at night
     7. They run after children and play with them and tell them scary stories.
     8. Yes, they do.

Homework. Рабочая тетрадь № 1
A. Put questions to the underlined words.
     1. When do museum organise sleepovers?
     2. What do we do in the evening?
     3. Who comes and play with us?
     4. What do they tell us?
     5. When do we go to sleep?
     6. What do we see next to us in the morning?
B. Fill in the gaps.
     night excursion
     to the museum in the evening
     witches, ghosts
     The best collection

Lesson 4.

    Guess the meaning of the underlined words.
professor — профессор
expert — эксперт
tour — экскурсия

2. Do you agree?
1. No  2. Yes  3.No  4. Yes   5.No   6.Yes   7.Yes   8.Yes 

4. What sleepover do you want to go to ?
    I want go to the natural History Museum.
    I want to know all about dinosaurs.

9. Choose the right answers.
1. — a, с       5. — a, b, с
2. — a, с       6. — a, b, с
3.  b             7. — a, b
4. — a, с       8. — a, b, с

Lesson 5

1. Guess the meanings.
    Ситуация, празднование, демонстрация, освобождение, поколение, консультация, декорация, корпорация, иллюминация, интуиция
4. Choose the right answer
1. — a          5. — a
2.  b         6. — с
3.  b         7.  a
4.  b

5 You are lost. Match the parts of the sentences and read them.
1. — с     2. d      3. — а     4.е    5. b

Lesson 6

2. Give ideas for these situations.
      1. This book about dinosaurs is very interesting. — Let's read it.
      2. It is raining. — Let's stay at home.
      3. A little girl is lost. — Let's help to find her.
      4. Tomorrow we must get up at 5 a.m. — Let's go to bed.
      5. Your Granny from Kiev wants to talk to you. — Let's phone her.
      6. There is an interesting sleepover at the British Museum. — Let's go there.