Готовые домашние работы к учебнику Happy English .ru. 6 класс. Кауфман К.И., Кауфман М.Ю.

Lesson 1, 2

1. Оденьте эти глаголы в одежду Past-Simple

2. paint — painted, answer — answered, watch — watched, rest — rested, wish — wished, relax — relaxed, happen — happened, wash — washed, open — opened, phone — phoned, snow — snowed, rain — rained, fix — fixed, match — matched, invent — invented, recommend — recommended, cook — cooked.

5. Put the verbs in brackets in the Past Simple.
1. He invited me to his party last week.
2. The teacher asked him questions in the Lesson.
3. We decorated the Christmas tree last winter.
4. The teacher checked our tests three days ago.
5. We played football with our friends last Sunday.

6. Разденьте глаголы.
      invited — invite, studied — study, started — start, lived — live, remembered — remember, agreed — agree, dropped — drop, relaxed — relax, fried — try, stayed — stay, used — use, danced — dance, liked — like, cried — cry, invented — invent, wanted — want, decorated — decorate, loved — love, closed — close, happened — happen, helped — help, checked — check.

7, 8 Do Ex. 7W, 8W in the workbook. Рабочая тетрадь № 2

7W. Put the words in bracket in the Past Simple.
1. I helped my Mum yesterday.
2. I stayed with my friends last summer.
3. His father worked on a farm two years ago
4. He painted a very nice picture last month.
5. They closed their shop last week.

8W. Разденьте глаголы. Наденьте на них одежду Past Simple.
      watching — listened, lives — lived, phone — phoned, starts — started, walk — walked, hops — hopped

11. Do Ex. 11W in the workbook. Рабочая тетрадь № 2

11W. Write sentences about the past
1. Last Sunday he played football too.
2. Last week she called him too.
3. Last month it rained too.
4. Last Friday he stayed in his office too.
5. Yesterday she worried about her son too.

12 W. Change the sentences to the Past Simple.
1. We celebrated my birthday last week.
2. They danced yesterday.
3. She cooked tasty soup yesterday.
4. He washed the floor last week.
5. They lived in Kursk last year.
6. They played yesterday.

Homework Рабочая тетрадь № 2
А. Оденьте эти глаголы в одежду Past Simple и распределите их по колонкам в зависимости от того, как читается окончание — ed.

С. Fill the gaps with the verbs in the Past Simple.

      Dear, Boss,
     Yesterday was Sunday. I watched the MacWizard from 7 o'clock in the morning.
     At eight o'clock the door opened.
     It was Rosy. She walked the dogs and closed the door again.
     Betsey cooked breakfast and the boys helped her. The weather was very bad so Betsey watched TV.
   With the boys Rosy looked at the family portraits. An interesting thing happened. The boy in one portrait looks like Robin. I must talk to Robin. He knows everything.

Lesson 3

3. Match the words and the translations.
 1—d   2—c   3—b  4—a  5—h  6—e  7—f  8—g 

4. Translate the words in bracket into English.
1. Somebody watches the boys every day.
2. Somebody knows evrything about Robin.
3. Does anybody like tea with milk?
4. I want to eat something.
5. Nobody was at the party.
6. Nothing was on the table when we came.
7. Everybody likes ice cream
8. He doesn't want to do anything.

Homework. Рабочая тетрадь № 2
A. Translate from English into Russian.
1. Кто-то прогуливал собаку.
2. Всем понравился торт
3. Ты знаешь что-нибудь о НЛО?
4. Никто не пригласил его на вечеринку.
5. Что-то случилось.
6. Кто-нибудь, что-нибудь помнит?
7. Она хотела знать всё.
8. Они ничего не спросили.
9. Она не хочет ничего делать.

В. Fill in the gaps.
1. Look! Somebody is coming.
2. Nobody liked the new film. It was boring.
3. Do you hear anything?
4. I can eat anything in your fridge. I am very hungry.
5. This party will be very big. I invited everybody.
6. He doesn't like anything.
7. Something happened. The police are there.
8. What do you want to eat? — Nothing, I am not hungry.
9. Does anybody live in this house?

Lesson 4, 5

Homework. Рабочая тетрадь № 2
A. Translate these sentences into English and put them in the correct order.
1. Robin MacWizard lived in Edinburgh five hundred years ago.
2. His mother died when he was two years old, and he lived with his father and grandmother.
3. The life in Scotland was very difficult.
4. Robin loved his country very much.
5. He believed that the Stone could help his country.
6. The Stone was lost for Scotland because it was in London in Westminster Abbey.
7. Robin traveled in time to the London of the future.
8. The door to his time closed.
9. Robin couldn't return into his time.
10. Robin's father couldn't eat or sleep.
11. He waited for his son by the window.
12. Robin came back home without the Stone of Destiny and never answered his father's questions.

Lesson 6

2. Fill in the gaps.
      know — knew, read — read, tell — told, meet — met, think — thought, find — found, go — went, get — got, take — took, see — saw, Ну — Hew, have — had, make — mode, come — came, fall — fell, choose — chose

4. Find eight verbs in the letter line.
      fly read can think fall meet go come fell find see be decorate have

Homework. Рабочая тетрадь № 2
А. Выпишите из текста глаголы и распределите их в две колонки. Письменно переведите их на русский язык.

Lesson 7

Guess the meaning of the underlined words.
patriot — патриот
tunnel — туннель
finally — наконец

4. Find there sentences in the text.
1. My father was one of the Scottish patriots.
2. The way to London was long and dangerous.
3. The English knew about our organisation, and they could catch and kill any of our members.
4. When you travel in time you take somebody's place there, so somebody must take your place in your time.
5. This person must be your age and must be your relative.
6. MacWizard is an old Scottish name, so all MacWizards lived in Scotland.

6. Correct the mistakes.
1. The organisation couldn't go to London.
2. The great wizards know about time tunnels.
3. Robin found a relative in the future.
4. Robin went to the future.
5. Robin's father helped him.
6. Rob looked like Robin.

Homework. Рабочая тетрадь№ 2
В. Выпишите из текста «Robin goes to the future» глаголы и распределите их в две колонки. Письменно переведите их на русский язык.

С. Восстановите порядок букв в глаголах.
koto — took   asw — saw   okolde — looked   dnuof — found   elvid — lived   wnek — knew
daweth — wanted  shoce — chose  daem — made  adh — had  edar — read

Lesson 8

3. Choose the right answers.
1 a     2 — b      3  b      4  b     5 — a     6 — с      с

4. Замените неопределенные местоимения на существительные.
1. The tunnel will open two days after Halloween.
2. The Stone is the key to the time tunnel.
3. Silver birds were very scary.
4. I saw people with a poster.
5. Misha told me about my mistake.
6. We went to London to Westminster Abbey but the stone of Destiny wasn't there.


Homework, Рабочая тетрадь № 2
В. Восстановите порядок букв в глаголах.
declos -closed   tem — met   emca — came   lefi - fell   tog - got   nadofu — found
newt — went olucd — could wsa — was koto - took lefw — flew eonpend — opened

Lesson 9

          Test yourself.
      1. Put in the verbs in brackets in the Past Simple.
       Last summer Yane and Pete visited their Granny. She lived in a little house in Oxford. The weather was nice and children had a lot of fan. One day they saw a little dog in the street. They took the dog home and called it Nancy. Nancy was very kind an clever.
      They played together every day. When Pete's ball got lost and she found it and Pete was very happy. Autumn came and the children got back to London.
      They couldn't take Nancy with them to their little flat, so Nancy stayed with Granny. The
children often thought about Nancy and wanted to visit her. One morning Jane looked out of the window and saw Nancy. She found them and came with a present. In her mouth she had Pete's old trainer.

4. Распределите эти слова no колонкам в зависимости от произнесения окончания — ed.
5. Find eight verbs in the letter line.
went        met
thought    were
chose      took
was        got

6. Match the verbs.
1. — с       5. — d
2. — a       6.  g
3.  h       7.  b
4. — e       8.  f

7. Translate the verbs in brackets into English.
1. He saw Mary yesterday.
2. She read this book last year.
3. We met him last week.
4. Tom took my book last month.