Готовые домашние работы к учебнику Happy English .ru. 6 класс. Кауфман К.И., Кауфман М.Ю.

 Lesson 1.

1. Translate into Russian.
1. Я должен был прийти домой в пять часов.
2. Моя мама должна была вымыть пол.

2. Раскройте скобки, поставив глаголы в нужном времени.
1.I had to get up at eight o'clock last Monday.
2. We didn't have to go to school last week,
3. Did you have to clean your room on Saturday?
4. I had to phone my friend yesterday.
5. My mother had to work last Sunday.

Homework. Рабочая тетрадь № 2
В. Translate into English.
1. Who had to phone you yesterday?
2. He had to get up at six o'clock on Sunday.
3. When did he have to write the letter?
4. She didn't have to help them.

Lesson 2.

Guess the meaning of the underlined word.
carnival — карнавал

4. Find the information in the text and answer the questions
1. He was really excited because he wanted to see Russia.
2. The «Russian» people scared him they had gloomy faces and their clothes were dirty.
3. He was shocked and wanted to call the police.
4. He was very unhappy.

5. Match two parts of the sentences- use because.
1. Rob had to eat some awful soup because he was hungry.
2. Rob had to answer a letter from Russia because his teacher brought the letters from Russia.
3. Rob had too stop because he was lost.
4. In the airport Rob had to wait because his pen friend was late.
5. Rob had to fly to Russia because his mother bought a ticket.
6. Rob had to become a servant because he was hungry.
7. Rob had to sleep on the floor because there was no bed for him.
8. Rob had to cook dinner because the soldier was very hungry.

Lesson 3

Guess the meaning of the underlined words.
temperature — температура
aspirin — аспирин
symptoms — симптомы
tablets — таблетки

3. Who said these words?
1. Rob
2. The soldier
3. The people from the house.
4. Rob
5. Rob

Homework Рабочая тетрадь № 2
A. Find the odd one out
1. cough
2. aspirin
3. sore throat

B. Read and answer the questions.
1. Tim had flu.
2. Laura had a headache.
3. Adam had a sore throat.
4. Dennis had a cold.

Lesson 4

Homework. Рабочая тетрадь № 2
A. Were you ill? Write a short story about it. Use the ideas from the table.
I was ill last month.
I had a sore throat.
I was ill because I ate a lot of ice cream.
I had to stay in bed, take tables and drink a lot of milk.
I couldn't go to school and see my friends.
I was better in five days.
I'll never eat a lot of ice cream again.

BW. Write the first form of these verbs
say       want      have
see        find       think
go        come
drop      bring

Lesson 5

1. Translate into Russian.
1. Если ты поможешь мне, я закончу эту работу через час.
2. Если Бен пригласит меня, я приду на вечеринку.
3. Если ты мне дашь денег, я куплю тебе билет.
4. Мы пойдем в зоопарк, если у моего отца будет время.
5. Мы не будем играть в футбол, если будет плохая погода.

2. Put the verbs in brackets in the Future Simple. Use will/will not.
If I have a headache, I will not listen to music.
If I get a cold, I will stay in bed.
If I have stomachache, I will take tablets.
If I get flu, I will not go to school.
If I have toothache, I will go to the dentist.
If I have stomachache, I will eat some soup.

Lesson 8

Test yourself.
3. Correct the mistakes.
1. If you give me this book, I will return it tomorrow.
2. I'll play tennis with you if the weather is fine.
3. Dad will watch this film with us if he comes home at six o'clock.
4. If Dennis does his homework now, we will play computer games in the evening.
5. We will fly to Moscow, if we are good at school.

 Lesson 1.

Guess the meaning of the underlined words.
pyramids — пирамиды
monument — монумент

3. Fill in the gaps with names and complete the sentences.
1. The name of the huge circle of stores is Stonehenge.
2. Robin calls these stones the Giants' Ring.
3. There was a magic place Camelot in the fifth century.
4. The name of the king's brother was Ambrosius.
5. The name of the wizard was Merlin.
6. The stones came to Salisbury Plain from Ireland.
7. The giants brought the stones to Ireland from Africa.

Lesson 2

Guess the meaning of the underlined words.
compass — компас
theories — теории
ballads — баллады

Homework. Рабочая тетрадь № 2
A. Read and translate.
Рози: Что ты думаешь, Марк? Ты читал легенду о Робине? Ты можешь ему помочь?
Марк: Я читал легенду. В ней говорится: «Робин никогда не рассказывал о его приключениях в будущем», Так что для нас информации нет.
Рози: Спасибо, Марк. Мы должны сейчас идти домой.
Марк: Сейчас поздно. Оставайся у нас на ночь. Дальше по дороге хороший отель. Завтра мы можем сделать много интересных вещей, и ты сможешь пойти домой вечером.
Рози: Это хорошая идея. Как называется отель?
Марк: Красный лев.

Homework. Рабочая тетрадь № 2.
В. Научитесь выразительно читать балладу о Стоунхендже и сделайте ее литературный перевод на русский язык.
     Баллада о Стоунхендже.
     Давным-давно, за три тысячи лет до того, как Иисус появился на свет, Англия была прекрасной, молодой и дикой страной.
     Там жили люди, росли леса и текли реки,
     И волшебные камни парили в воздухе.
     А люди, которые доставили их, были сильные и храбрые,
     И под этими камнями они нашли свои могилы.
     Откуда они пришли? Куда они ушли?
     Кто были эти люди? Мы об этом никогда не узнаем.
     Был это храм? Дом древнего божества?
     Был ли это компас для друзей со звезд?
     Они построили его 5 тысяч лет тому назад,
    Но почему они это сделали? М ы никогда это не узнаем.
    Но теперь эти времена прошли,
    И эти люди умерли.
    Но свет летнего восхода по-прежнему сияет на камне,
    И свет зимнего заката по-прежнему приходит с дождем,
    И Стоунхендж приветствует их на Солсбе- рийской равнине.

Lesson 3

Homework. Рабочая тетрадь № 2
В. Put the verbs in brackets in correct tense form.
Last might Robin couldn't sleep.
It was late.
Suddenly he heard something.
He went to the mirror and saw a face.
If was his father.
If you don't find the time tunnel before this time tomorrow, Rob MacWizard will die.
The tunnel is under a big tree at the beginning of the Earth, he said.
Robin's father couldn't help Robin because he didn't know the place, but it was near there.
Robin can't fly because the tunnel attracts him like a magnet.
Robin must meet the messenger who will show him the place.

Lesson 4, 5

Homework. Рабочая тетрадь № 2
A. Answer the questions.
1. The time tunnel is in Greenwich.
2. In Greenwich Sasha saw the Greenwich observatory which is the centre of time and space because the prime meridian of the Earth passes there.
3. At Madame Tussaud's Sasha saw many wax figures of the famous people and took a lot of pictures.
4. Sasha bought a lot of presents in the shops on Oxford Street.
5. There is a column with a figure of Admiral Nelson in Trafalgar Square because he had to fight the French at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805.
6. The Queen lives in Buckingham Palace near the House of Parliament.
7. Sasha couldn't go to the observation wheel because they couldn't buy tickets.
8. The guide told Sasha about the history of the Parliament and the Gunpowder plot.

Lesson 8

    Final test
3. Chose the right answer.
1 — a         6 — a
2  с         7  с
3  b         8  b
4  b         9  a
5 — a         10 — b

4. Where will you go it you want to do these things?
1. If I want to see ravens, I'll go to the tower of London.
2. If I want to see wax figures, I'll go Madame Tussaud's.
3. If I want to see dinosaurs, I'll go to the British Museum.
4. If I want to see the home of the Queen, I'll go to Buckingham Palace.
5. If I want to visit Sherlock Holmes's museum, I'll go to Baker Street.
6. If I want to see London best of all, I'll go to the London Eye.
7. If I want to see the Stone of Destiny, I'll go to Edinburgh.
8. If I want to see the Coronation Chair, I'll go to the Houses of Parliament.
9. If I Want to see Nelson's column, I'll go to Trafalgar Square.
10. If I want to find the beginning of the Earth, I'll go to Greenwich.