Решебник. New Millennium English 6 класс (Student's book, Workbook) Деревянко Н.Н. и др.

Unit 5
Lesson 1

№ 2b
      decorate - украшать
      tradition - традиция
      carol - гимн
      celebrate - праздновать
      go bang - выстрелить

№ 2c (возможные варианты)
    I’d like to celebrate Christmas in Australia because they celebrate Christmas by going on a picnic or to the beach.

№ 2d
     1. The texts from 1 to 5 are about Christmas celebration in Britain.
     2. The first and fourth texts are about celebrations, which are the same in Russia and in Britain.
     3. The Christmas celebrations in New Zealand and Australia are different. In New Zealand and Australia people go to the beach or on a picnic, and in Scotland people sing carols and have New Year’s Eve which is called Hogmanay.

№3 a, b (возможные варианты ответов)
1. Who do you invite to celebrate New Year? - We invite all friends and relatives.
2. How do you decorate your New Year tree? - We decorate it with lights, tinsel, and stars.
3. Where do you put presents? - We put presents under Christmas Tree.
4. When do you get presents? - We get presents at 12 o’clock.
5. What do you go on New Year’s Day? - We make a snowman.
6. Where do you go on New Year’s Day? - We go to park.

1. Father Christmas - Дед Мороз
2. lights - гирлянда
3. Christmas tree - рождественская ёлка
4. tinsel - мишура
5. presents - подарки
6. decorations - украшения
7. Christmas stocking - рождественский носок
8. fire place - камин
9. cracker - хлопушка
10. crown - корона

Lesson 2

Т 1,2,6
F 3, 4, 5

№ 2 (возможные варианты ответов)
1. Yes, 1 do. I like Christmas and New Year because these festivals are kind and funny. I get and give presents.
2. I celebrate New Year at home with my family and Christmas with my friends.
3. I went to my granny’s last time.
4. No, they don’t In my home town people don’t swim in winter.
5. I’d like to swim at Christmastime in the Serpentine.

№3    g, c, e, a, d, f, b

№4    to celebrate - celebration     to translate - translation     to correct - correction     to dictate - dictation     to act - action to illuminate - illumination      to decorate - decoration

№ 6 (возможные варианты)
         Dear Emma,
      Thanks for your letter. It was lovely to hear from you. You asked me to tell you about some New Year traditions.
      New Year is the most favorite festival in Russia. We decorate our house with a Christmas tree shining with lights, tinsel and toys. All children believe Grandfather Frost and Snegurochka come and put presents under the Christmas tree. ,
       Every New Year holiday we go to my grandmother’s.
      I look forward to hearing from you.
      Best wishes,

Lesson 3

№1a  В, C, A

    a - And this present is ours, your dad’s and mine, for you, Roger, and this is one is ours for you, Kate.
    b - Here you are, this is yours from me. Oh, sorry, here’s yours,
    с - Here you are, Mum. Here you are, Dad

№2  mine - мой    yours - твой    hers - ее   his - его    ours - наш

№3   c, f, a, d, e, b

№ 5 (возможные варианты)
I’d like to get water-colours because I like painting.
My friend would like to get a new hockey-stick (клюшка) because he likes playing hockey.
My friend would like to get a new computer because he likes playing computer games.

Lesson 4

№2  Britain d, a, с
       Austr. d, a
       Canada & USA d, a, e, с
       Germ, e, b

№3  The most popular New Year Food in Russia is chicken, cake, pelmeni,  Russian salads, pie (пирог).

№ 5 (возможные варианты)
        My name is Masha.
     I want to say that in Russia there are no special New Year dishes. Families
prepare different dishes for New Year such as Russian salad, meat dishes,

Lesson 5

№1   1. Я обещаю, бабушка.    2. Извините, мы больше не будем.

№ 2а
1. - Decorate the tree, children.- OK, Mum. We will.    2. - Be a good boy!   - I promise, I will.   3. - Don’t eat ice cream.
-I promise. I won’t.   4. - Don’t talk in the lesson. - Sorry, miss. We won’t.

№3   1. We say «will» when we promise to do something.   2. We say «won’t» when we promise not to do something.

№ 4 (возможные варианты)
     Children promise to be good next year, do homework and not to be late for lessons, do some sport everyday.
     They promise to eat more fruit and vegetables, practice the piano, do the washing up after dinner, and feed and walk a dog.
     They promise not to eat a lot of chocolate and sweets, watch TV all day long, spend a long time on the phone.

№5   F 1,2,4
        T 3,5,6

№ 6 (возможные варианты)
      I will prepare for English test.
      I will help my parents around the house on Saturday.
      I won’t eat a lot of sweets on week-end.
      I won’t spend a long time playing computer games.

№ 7 (возможные варианты)
     I will do my homework.
     I won’t miss any lessons at school.
     I will do some sport every day
     I will read a lot.

Lesson 6

№ 2 (возможные варианты)
     1. Yes, some of the old Russian traditions happen now, for example, fortune telling.
     2. I’d like to wear costumes and masks.

№ 3a  D  C  F  E  G  B  A

№ 3b (возможные варианты)
     1. I’d like to eat pancakes.
     2. I’d like to tell fortunes.
     3. I’d like to wear costumes and masks.
     4. I’d like to sing «kolyadki».

Lesson 7

№ 1a  Paul - 3 (bike), 5 (tennis racket)
          Martha - 4 (camera), 1 (cassette), 7 (chocolate)

     Martha can take photos herself. Her favorite group is «The Universe». She has got a sweet tooth and likes chocolate.
     Paul can ride a bike. Tennis is his favorite game.

№2   1. It’s hers   2. It’s ours  3. They are theirs   4. It’s mine   5. They are his

№ 3 (возможные варианты)
     I won’t be late for school.
     I’ll do his homework.
     I’ll read a lot.
    I won’t spend so much time on the football field.

Lesson 8

    Christmas party
    The song «Jingle, bells!»
    Christmas poems
    Guessing game
    Christmas quiz
    Card «parade»
    Awards for the winners
    Cracker «salute»
    Playing Forfeits
    Tasting Christmas biscuits

1. British people celebrate Christmas on the 25,h of December.
2. Decoration of a Christmas tree, giving presents, singing carols.
3. The traditional food in Britain is turkey, Christmas pudding etc.
4. Father Christmas comes down through a chimney.
5. The presents are under the Christmas tree.
6. Russian people celebrate Christmas on the 7th of January.
7. People in Australia celebrate Christmas in summer.
8. Scotish people call New Year’s Eve «Hogmanay».
9. You can find a colourful paper party hat or crown, small presents and jokes inside Christmas crackers.
10. «Kolyadki» is an old Russian tradition, when children and adults went from house to house, sang «kolyadki» and wished good luck to every-

№ 4  1. tea   2. tree   3. toys   4. boys

Unit 6
Lesson 1

№ 3 (возможные варианты)
     I’d like to buy a shirt, trousers, a T-shirt and shorts.

nice, cool, beautiful,
warm, long, old, short
red, black, white

Wrangler, American, Italian, Reebok,

№ 5a (возможные варианты)
     1.1 think Sue is going to wear a red dress, and girl’s shoes.
     2. I think Mike is going to wear a white shirt with black trousers and white Reebok trainers. .

№ 6a    Sue’s.               Mike’s.
           Sue’s mum’s.     Mike’s.

№ 7 (возможные варианты)
      I can see a girl on the picture. She is wearing a white blouse and a black skirt and black girl’s shoes.

Lesson 2

№1   1 I don’t like to wear a uniform because it’s boring.   2 I like to wear a uniform because it’s comfortable.

№2a   Number 2, 1 is wearing everyday clothes.
          Number 6, 5,4, 3 is wearing a uniform.

№ 2b   Alan-2    Nigel - 6    Amanda - 5

№ 2с   jacket - пиджак       tie - галстук      socks - носки       skirt - юбка

№3а   Barbara - 4     Jack - 3     Liz - 1

№3b buttons - пуговицы    high heels - высокие каблуки    a cap - кепка    coat - пальто    boots - ботинки     hat - шляпа (шапка)    pockets - карманы

№ 4 (возможные варианты)
     a white blouse with big buttons.
     blue trousers with a lot of pockets (артикля нет - мн. число)
     a black T-shirt with a picture on it
     a green dress with stripes
     black shoes with high heels

№ 5 (возможные варианты)
      And here is our model. She is wearing a black long dress with white stripes and black shoes with high heels.

№ 6a. (возможные варианты) 
1. I’m wearing a warm winter coat, a hat and a scarf.     2. I wear shorts and a T-shirt at home.

№ 6b. (возможные варианты)
          This is a picture of a new uniform. Our model is wearing a blue T-short and black trousers, a black cap and white shoes with high heels. The new uniform is cosy (удобный) and beautiful.

Lesson 3

№1   Джим (1) высокий. Майк (2) так же высок, как и Джим, но он стройнее. Дейв (4) не такой высокий как Джим и Майк. Ник (3) ниже, чем Дейв и очень худой, но его собака толстая, как бегемот.

№ 2 (возможные варианты)
        Dima is as tall as I am.
        Masha is as good at English as I am.
        Misha isn’t as strong as I am.
        Natasha isn’t as good at Maths as 1 am.

№ 3а (возможные варианты)
       I think it is number one.

№3b   The thief is number three.
           He was tall, and fat. He wore a long dark coat with a hat and a yellow scarf.

№ 3с (возможные варианты)
- When did it happen?
- It was yesterday evening. I was walking home from my office.
- What did you see?
- I saw a man, he had something big in his hands.
- What did he look like?
- I couldn’t see his face because he was wearing a hat. But he was tall.
- What was he wearing?
- He was wearing a long, dark coat and a yellow scarf.
- What did he do?
- When he saw me, he started to run.
- Was he fat or thin?
- He was very fat.

№ 4 (возможные варианты)
- When did it happen?
- It happened last Monday.
- What did you see?
- I saw my husband in a second-floor window.
- What did he look like?
- He looked strange.
- What was he wearing?
- He was wearing a dark coat, but no shirt or tie.
- What did he do?
- He cried and suddenly disappeared.

M 5 (возможные варианты)
     Three days ago at night I saw a man who jumped out of the window. It was dark but I saw that he was thin and tall. He was wearing blue jeans and a black  T-short and a blue cap. He had a big green bag.

Lesson 4

disagree - не согласен     dislike - не нравиться    dishonest - нечестный    unusual - необычный    uncomfortable - неудобный    unfair - несправедливый      unfriendly - враждебный

№ 3 (возможные варианты)
    I like people who are beautiful, cheerful, friendly, fair, honest, kind, clever, and warm.
    I don’t like people who are dishonest, stupid, unfair, angry, cold, ugly, unfriendly, and boring.

№ 4 (возможные варианты)
    A: I think this man is friendly, fair, kind, honest, and clever.
    В: I think this man is boring, dishonest, unfair, and angry.

№ 5 (возможные варианты)
     I think people who like white are honest, friendly and calm. They like when everything is clean and light. People trust you and you listen to them and help.

Lesson 5

№1    1. В (scar, red hair)    2. A (black hair)

№ 2 (возможные варианты)
      Pupil A: Hello, I’m detective Smith. I’m looking for a tall woman. She is very thin and he has short black hair and blue eyes.
      Pupil В: I think I know her. She lives at this corner.

№ 3 (возможные варианты)
        I think these are a teenager’s dress and hat. She is 13 years old. She is not tall but thin. She has a long black hair and brown eyes. She is beautiful and friendly. She likes flowers.

№ 4 (возможные варианты)
     This person is 12 years old. She is not tall, with oval face, brown eyes, and she has long, dark hair. She is wearing a red dress. She can play basketball very well. She likes reading and watching TV.

Lesson 6

№1a  Mr. Smith’s dog Jerry is a dog number 3.

№ 1b (возможные варианты)
    1. Boy’s dog (2) looks like a boy (a). They are both quite thin with long, red hair. They both look cheerful.
    2. Girl’s dog (1) looks very much like a girl (b). They are both quite small with curly hair. They both look funny.

№ 1c (возможные варианты)
     I think he looks like his dog. They are both small and thin, with sad brown eyes and gray hair.

№ 2 (возможные варианты) 
    We both like music. We can both play football. We both have dogs.
    We are both friendly.

№ 3 (возможные варианты)
        Misha looks like Vitya. They are both short, they both have green eyes and dark hair.

№4    Steve is number two. (tall and thin, fair hair, jeans, T-shirt)

№ 5a   Perhaps, it’s an encyclopedia.

№ 5b (возможные варианты)
      1. I think this information is true.
      2. All people are different. Most of them (большинство) have got hair on their heads but its colour is different.
      People like different kinds of food: fish, sweets, milk etc.
      People have different hobbies: watching TV, playing computer games, collecting different things. They are fond of sport games.

№ 5c (возможные варианты)
       Flippeans have got four legs. Flippeans and people both have got two arms. Flippeans have got three eyes. They are big and friendly. Flippeans have got seven fingers on their hands. Flippeans and people are both wearing clothes. Flippeans haven’t got nose.

№ 6 (пропущенные слова)
.. .planet N ...sweets
.. .taller than people... four ... two... 3 big ... 2 big ... no ... heads.
... do everything like people: write, read, talk to each other.
.... kind, friendly, active and strong. They are open and cheerful. ... parties, sports and have got different hobbies.

Lesson 7

№1  Girl’s mother is number 2. (tall and thin, short dark hair, brown eyes, blue dress)

№ 2   T 1, 2         F 3, 4, 5

№ 3a   His name is Dick.

№ 3b (пропущенные слова)
... short, fat
... big brown eyes, round face ... dark, curtly