Решебник. New Millennium English 6 класс (Student's book, Workbook) Деревянко Н.Н. и др.

Unit 7
Lesson 1

№ За (возможные варианты)
     Max is not afraid of any scary thins.
     Tom is not afraid of snakes and spiders.
     Jane is not afraid of ghosts.

     1. Tom is not afraid of snakes and spiders. Hi is interested in Biology and reads a lot of special about books about snakes.
     2. Jane is not afraid of ghosts and vampires. She thinks people can’t see them in a real life.

№ 4а (пропущенные слова)
     ... house... room.... table....box ...ghost

№ 5a (возможные варианты)
My mother is afraid of cockroaches. My father is not afraid of cockroaches.
My sister is afraid of injections. I’m not afraid of injections.
My friend is afraid of thunderstorms. I’m not afraid of thunderstorms.

№ 5b (возможные варианты)
      It was a black, black night. In the black, black forest there was a black, black castle. In the black, black castle there was a black, black room. In the black, black room there was a black, black wardrobe. In the black, black wardrobe there was a spooky ghost!

Lesson 2

       Tom was playing the guitar.
       Jane and Pete were playing volleyball.
       Pat was cooking dinner.
       Tony was reading a book.
       Alan was making a lire.

№ 2 (возможные варианты)
Children heard a strange scream from the forest.
I think it was just a bird.

№ 3a
    1. It was a warm summer evening.
    2. The scouts
    3. The scouts were near the forest.
    4. When they heard a strange scream, the children were having a rest. Alan was making a fire. Tom was p laying the guitar. Pat was making dinner. Tony was reading a book. Jane and Pete were playing volleyball.
    5. Suddenly the children heard a strange scream from the forest.

№ 5 a.
     It was a cold winter evening. It was getting dark. Masha and Petya were going home after school New Year’s party. Petya was telling Masha about his new pet, black cat, when suddenly they heard a strange scream ...

№ 5b (возможные варианты).
         It was a cold, windy autumn evening. It was getting dark. Masha and Anya were going through the dark forest. They were going home. They were talking about their new books when suddenly they heard a scream. They were afraid of ghosts. When they heard the scream again, the friends looked into the darkness and suddenly saw a bird. It was screaming. Anya and Masha were laughing when they came back home.

Lesson 3

№ 2a (пропущенные слова)
   ... hair... eyes... tongue... fangs... body... face... hair... claws...

№ 2b   A vampire, a witch

№3  The boys saw a Witch Owl.

№4   It was the owl with an ugly face of a witch, with big yellow eyes and sharp fangs.

1. long, white     8. long, red
2. big                9. big
3. angry           10. tall
4. big, yellow    11. black
5. long, hawk    12. strong, sharp
7. sharp, long

Lesson 4

       The owl dropped the boys into the nest. There were other children. They were crying but they couldn’t be free. It was too high. An owl wanted them to be its pets.

2 cry (Past Cont.)          6 fall (Past Simple)
3 answer (Past Simple)  7 run away (Past Simple)
4 want (Past Simple)     8 decide (Past Simple)
5 begin (Past Simple)

1 - The scouts...       4 - It turned round
2 - Alan and Pete...   5 - The Witch Owl wanted...
3-The boys...

№ 3b (возможные варианты)
    1. I think they were not happy to be pets, because they were afraid of an ugly owl.
    2. I think nobody can keep owl as a pet because it is a wild bird.
    3. I think we can’t keep as pets such big animals as hippos, crocodiles, tigers and so on.

      When Masha and Petya were walking at night near the old castle they saw candlelight in its windows. They decided to come closer to the castle and went in. When they came into the hall they took the candle. Then friends saw a lady upstairs. She had an angry face with big eyes. She was wearing green, long dress and a crown on her head. She was standing in front of the mirror. Suddenly Masha and Petya saw a witch in it. They screamed «Aaaargh!» and ran away. Finally they decided to keep away from this place.

Lesson 5

№ 2a May be it was wind.

№ 2b  where... so... when... and... but...because

№ 3 В

№ 4 (возможные варианты)
     I was scared when I was alone in the dark room. The weather was. very bad. It was raining and the wind was blowing. Windows were shaking all the night. I couldn’t sleep.

    Yesterday I was spending the night in my grandmother’s house. I was sleeping when suddenly something or somebody grabbed my hand. I felt cold so I screamed but nothing happened. ...

Lesson 6

№1a  Haley wants advice. She doesn’t want to travel by plane because she is afraid of heights.

1. Henry and Laura advise the girl to tell her parents about her fears.

    2. Laura thinks that flying is fun, because Haley can enjoy the view from her seat.
    3. Henry listens to the music on the plane.
    4. I like Henry’s advice because he advises to tell everything her parents.

№ 4b (возможные варианты)
     ... Petya,
     I think it was just one of my friends. They think such things are fun. You shouldn’t read horror books and comics and of course you should think of something funny, close your eyes and relax.

Lesson 7

№1   1 рис. 3   2 рис. 4   3 рис. 1    4 рис. 2

№2   ...тело... усы... клыки... язык... когти

№3   (Past Cont.) 1, 3       (Past Simple) 2, 4, 5

№4   1 где    2 поэтому    3 но    4 когда   5 потому что

№ 5 (возможные варианты)
You should sleep with a nightlight on.
You should think of something funny
You shouldn’t watch horror films.

Unit 8
Lesson 1

№ 1a  a. боль в горле          с. простуда
          b. головная боль        d. боль в желудке

№1b   Jake has got flu. He has got a temperature, a headache and stomachache.

№ 3 (возможные варианты)
     A: Let’s go to the cinema
     B: I’m sorry, I can’t. I don’t feel well.
     A: What’s the matter?
     B: I’ve got a headache.
     A: You should have a rest.

№ 4 (возможные варианты)
    10 May
    Dear Mrs. Brown,
    Mary can’t come to school because she has got a toothache.
    Yours sincerely,
    Mr. Manson.

Lesson 2

№ 1
      1 Mike has hurt his leg. He can’t walk.
      2 Jane has got toothache. She has broken her tooth.
      3 Max has caught a cold. He’s got a temperature and a headache.

№ 2a  Mike is ill because he’s eaten four ice creams.

№ 2b  1 ate (Past Simple)        3 broke his arm. (Past Simple)
          2 caught (Past Simple)   4 cut (Past Simple)

№ 3a    1 cut (Present Perfect)     2 hurt (Present Perfect)    3 broken (Present Perfect, break)

№ Зс (возможные варианты)
    P3: Hello! What’s matter with you?
    P4: I’ve cut my hand with a piece of glass. And what matter with you?
    P3: I’ve broken my arm.

№5 1. Джейн ела много сладостей.     3. Генри сломал руку.
       2. Макс простудился.                   4. Мэри порезалась.

Lesson 3

№ 2а

№ 2b (возможные варианты)
1) A: I’ve got a sore throat
    В: You should drink a lot oa tea with lemon end raspberry jam, eat onion and cranberries and stay in bed.
2) A: I’ve got flu.
    B: You should eat a lot of onion and garlic, drink a lot of tea, juice or water, stay in bed.
3) A: I have broken my leg.
    B: You should stay calm and a doctor will put a bandage on it.
4) A: I’ve got a burn
    В: You should put your hand under cold running water and call the doctor.


       If you have flu, you should keep warm and drink a lot of tea with honey and lemon. You should eat a lot of garlic and onion. They can help you to get the virus out of your body. You should stay in bed and should not out.

Lesson 4

You should walk your pet twice day.
... feed your pet three times a day.
... clean the cage once or twice a week.
... play with your pet many times a day.
... take your pet to the vet twice a year.

№За (возможные варианты)
    This radio programme is about pets. People call to the programme with their pets’ problems, and Ted the Vet gives advise what to do.

№3b  1. Iguana doesn’t eat well. It’s bored and unhappy.    2. A cat can’t walk and looks very unhappy.

№ 3c  If your pet doesn’t eat he should have fresh food and water.
.. .has broken leg you should take him to the vet and he should have an X-ray and injections.
... is bored you should play with him. .
... looks unhappy you should clean his cage.

№ 3d  Второе, третье и первое предложения из box.

№ 4 (возможные варианты)
A: Hello. I’ve got a problem with my dog.
The Vet: Hello. What’s matter?
A: I don’t know. He doesn’t eat and sleeps a lot.
The Vet: Let me see. Have you played with him?
A: Yes. We often play together.
The Vet: And have you walked him?
A: Of course. We walk three times a day.
The Vet: And have you fed him well?
A: I think yes. It eats vegetables and soups.
The Vet: But you should give him meat.

№ 5 (возможные варианты)
      to Jessica Newman:
      You should take your hamster to the vet now, it should have an X-ray. to Victor Grown:
      You should take your pit bull terrier to the vet, give him more love and care, walk him twice a day, play with your pet, and feed him with healthy food.

Lesson 5

healthy                 unhealthy
oranges                hot dog
eggs                    cola
tomatoes              chocolate
chicken                hamburgers
fish                      cake
honey                  popcorn
cheese                 crisps

№ 2а  This programme is about healthy and unhealthy food.

№2b/c  1 vegetables      5 meat
             2 fruit               6 eggs
             3 bread            7 sweets
             4 nuts             8 crisps

№2d 1,3, 4-F           2, 5 -T

1 My favorite food is not always healthy.
2 I was right.
3 He was right/ wasn’t right.

№ 4 (возможные варианты)
          Eat more fruit and vegetables. Don’t eat a lot of sweets and chocolate. Don’t play computer games too often, don’t watch TV for more than two hours a day. Go for a walk every day, do some sport and be cheerful.

Lesson 6

№1  I think it’s true that a joke a day keeps the doctor away.

№ 3a
1 - Доктор, думаю, никто не слышит, что я говорю, е - Что вы сказали?
2 - Доктор, я боюсь. Это моя первая операция, с - Я тоже боюсь, ведь это тоже моя первая операция.
3 - Доктор, я съел свой карандаш. Что мне делать? а - пишите ручкой
4 - Доктор, думаю, люди меня не видят, b - Кто это сказал?
5 - Доктор, я потерял память. - Когда это произошло, d - Что случилось?

№5   Last week I went to the doctor.
        I said, «I have got mosquito in my ear. I can’t sleep because he is flying in my ear.»
       The doctor said, «Sing him lullaby.»

Lesson 7

№1   1, 4 - T       2, 3,5 -F

№2    1 ... toothache.     2 ... a headache, (всегда с артиклем «а»)    3 ... flu.     4 ... cut his finger.     5 ... stomachache.

№4   2 -B       6-H
        3 -E        7-A
        4 -G       8-С
        5 -F

№5 (возможные варианты)
You shouldn’t eat chocolate. There is a lot of sugar and fat in it.
You shouldn’t eat crisps. It’s empty food.

You shouldn’t drink cola. There is too much sugar in it.
You should eat a lot of vegetables and fruit.
You shouldn’t eat a lot of ice-cream. There is a lot of sugar fat in it.