Решебник. New Millennium English 6 класс (Student's book, Workbook) Деревянко Н.Н. и др.

Unit 9
Lesson 1

1 - do the hoovering   2 - feed my cat     3 - do the cooking    4 - do the washing up.   5 - take out the rubbish  6 - water the plants    7 - do the dusting    8 - make my bed    9 - do the shopping

№1b (возможные варианты)
    I make my bed. I feed my cat, water the plants and do the dusting.

№2b   13-18 Ты действительно помогаешь родителям. Они гордятся тобой.
    7-12 Ты помогаешь, но должен делать больше. Подумай о том, что ты можешь делать еще или спроси родителей: «Я могу помочь?»

     0- 6 Бедные родители! Они усердно трудятся, а ты играешь. Тебе нужна няня.

№За   Laura is quite a good candidate to win the competition «Parent’s Helping Hand».

№3b   1. A     6. A
           2. A     7. A
           3. A     8. A
           4.A      9. N
           5. S     score 15

№ 5 (возможные варианты)
      I help my parents a lot. I do the hoovering, take out the rubbish. Sometimes I help my mother to do the cooking and always do the shopping. I always make my bed and feed my hamster. But I think I should help more.

Lesson 2

№1a   This magazine is about dogs. There are a lot of pieces of advice about feeding, cleaning up and walking pets.

№1b   You must feed your dog. You mustn’t give it too much food.
           You must brush and bath your dog.
           You must clean up after it. You mustn’t leave your dog in a car in warm weather.

№ 2b   d - It was a little funny puppy. Max was very happy,
            b - played with it and clean up after it.
            a - walk it and play with it
            с - look after her son.

№3  You must feed it with grain.
        It must have its small pond where it can swim.
        The water in the pond must be clean.
        These instructions are for a duck.

№4  To keep a hamster you must:
1. Feed it two times a day.
2. You must give it water. Water must be fresh.
3. You must clean up after it.
4. You mustn’t give it sweets.
5. You mustn’t give it too much food.

Lesson 3

1. A Tamagotchi was a virtual pet.
2. It came from Japan.
3. It was like a real pet because it wanted to eat and to play. It went to bed, got ill, and even went to the toilet.
4. If you didn’t look after it, it died.

Health       You must give it an injection when it gets ill.
Light         You must turn off the light when it goes to bed.
Discipline  You must discipline it when it hungry but it doesn’t want to eat.
Toilet        You must clean up after it when it goes to the toilet.
Play          You must play with it when it is not happy.

№ 2b (возможные варианты)
1. The Tamagotchi was so popular all over the world because it was like a real pet. You could look after it.
2. Yes, I would. I would like to have a Tamagotchi.

№ 3a  The first Becky’s Tamagotchi died.

№ 3b   1. She went on holiday and one day left Tamagotchi in her hotel room. When Becky came back it was gone.
      2. They get angry because children spend too much time to look after their Tamagotchi.
      3. Becky loves her Tamagotchi because it needs her, and for her it’s real, not electronic.

№ 4a  1. Carrie chooses a virtual pet, because she can learn how look after it.
          2. Jenny chooses a real pet, because only a real pet gives you real love.
          3. Rob chooses a real pet, because it is more fun and he is good at looking after it.

№ 4b (возможные варианты)  I think a real pet is better than a virtual one, because I can look after it, play with it and it is so funny.

№5   Here are a few tips about how to keep your ... happy and healthy: you must feed it when it is hungry.
         You must play with it when it is not happy.
         You must turn off the light when it goes to bed.
         You must give it an injection when it gets ill.

Lesson 4

№1  There is a greeting card on the table.
        There are three boiled eggs on the table.
        There is some bread on the table.
        There are presents on the table.

№ 2a The children are ready for Mother’s day

№ 3a  2. They are going to buy Richie a present, to bath and brush it, to invite Lady and Toby, to do the shopping, to make a picnic basket, to make sandwiches, to wash the fruit, to make some salad and to buy two packets of dog food.
         3. Lady and Toby are Richie’s friends-dogs.
         4. The dogs are going to eat dog food.

№ 3b  A: Have you done the shopping?
               Have you made a picnic basket?
               Have you made sandwiches?
               Have you bought two packets of dog food?
B: I’ve bought a present.
    I’ve given Richie a bath and brushed him.
    I’ve invited Lady and Toby.
    I haven’t washed the fruit.
    I haven’t made any Russian salad.
B: Have you bought Richie a present?
    Have you bathed and brushed Richie?
    Have you invited Lady and Toby?
    Have you washed the fruit?
    Have you made some Russian salad?
A: I have bought Richie a present.
    I’ve given Richie a bath and brushed him.
    I haven’t made a picnic basket.
    I’ve made sandwiches.
    I’ve bought two packets of dog food.

№ 4a (Present Perfect)
1. ... has set...   2. ... has done ...   3. ... has cleaned ..    4. ... has ironed ...   5. ... has taken .

№4b  Eat-ate- eaten

Lesson 5

№2   He can’t go out because he has a new brother and he must help his mother.

№За    a.
     Никто снова не проверил мое домашнее задание. А я сделал математику и английский. Малыш плачет и плачет. Я думаю, он голодный, потому что я тоже голодный. Мама перестала готовить и холодильник пустой. У нее нет времени ходить по магазинам. А папа собирается покупать еду? Я должен ходить по магазинам.
      Я сходил в магазин и купил любимые чипсы. Малыш снова заплакал, и я дал ему чипсы. Ему понравилось, и он перестал плакать. Но мама сказала: «Ты не должен давать чипсы ребенку». Она это и мне говорит: «Ты не должен есть так много чипсов». Ничего удивительного, что малышу понравились чипсы. Он же мой брат.
      Что за день! Никто не проверил мое домашнее задание. А я его сделал. У нас малыш. Ни у кого нет на меня времени, даже у бабушки. Ребенок спит и спит. Когда не спит, то плачет. Мама занята целый день: гладит и стирает. А я сижу и смотрю телевизор. Я должен помогать, но как?
      Я поставил свои любимые диски для малыша. Он слушал и мы почти что танцевали. А еще я сделал пять бумажных игрушек для него и повесил их над его кроваткой. Он смотрит на них и улыбается. Он не плачет. Я знаю, чем помочь, чтобы он не плакал. У него есть я - его старший брат!
      Mark helps to look after his new brother.

№3b   с a  b d

№3c   Day 2 - Mark felt hungry: his mum stopped cooking and the fridge was empty. She had no time to go shopping.
          Day 3 - Mark felt good: his brother stopped crying when Mark gave him crisps. .
          Day 4 - Mark felt happy: he listened to his favorite CDs with his brother. He made five paper toys for his brother and he liked then. Mark understood how to help.

№4a   I’ve done...
          I’ve made ...
          I’ve done my homework.
          I’ve bought the crisps.

№4b   I make porridge.         I do the dusting.
          I make spaghetti.        I do the cooking.
                                           I feed my cat.

1. Can you make an omelette?
2. Can you do the dusting?
3. Can you do the cooking?
4. Can you make tea?
5. Can you make a paper plane?
6. Can you do the washing up?
1. Can you make a pizza?
2. Can you do the ironing?
3. Can you make soup?
4. Can you make a paper doll?
5. Can you do the hoovering?
6. Can you do the washing?

№ 5a (возможные варианты)
I can do the dusting.
I can do the hoovering.
I can do the washing up.
I can do the cooking.
I can make paper toys.
I can make tea and coffee.

№ 5b (возможные варианты)
      Yesterday was Sunday and almost all day I helped my mother. I did the shopping with my mother, did the washing up and took out the rubbish. When I was doing the shopping I met my friends. After the shopping I went out for a walk with them. We played in the park, ate ice cream, and I was happy.

Lesson 6

№ 1a
You must clean your teeth.
You mustn’t go to bed so late.
You must practice the piano.
You mustn’t eat so many sweets.
You mustn’t play so many computer games.
You mustn’t talk in the lesson.
You mustn’t chew gum when you talk.
You mustn’t come home so late.

№ 1b (возможные варианты)
You must do your homework.
You mustn’t be so rude.
You must help your parents.

№ 2a f с e g a d b

№ 3a  Adults should stop nagging. Children should have the right to have an opinion.

1. неопределенный артикль
2. право выбора
3. без

        ... relationships between adults and children.
        Sometimes we don’t understand each other. I think it happens because we don’t listen to each other.» Adults often criticize our behavior» - every child thinks so.
        But there are a lot of reasons for it. Our parents and teachers want to improve our life and make it happier. To my mind our parents and other adults should explain their point of view to children. Finally I’d like to say that we should love and respect each other. We need it to be happy.

№ 5 (возможные варианты)
1. Ты должен помогать взрослым. - You must help adults.
2. Ты должен ходить в школу. - You must go to school.
3. Ты не должен пропускать уроки. - You must not miss classes.
4. Ты должен есть много овощей и фруктов. - You must eat a lot of vegetables and fruit.
5. Ты не должен есть много шоколада. - You must not eat a lot of chocolate.
6. Ты не должен так много играть в компьютер. - You must not play computer games so much.

Lesson 7

№1  1, 2, 3, 5 (√)     4. NO

№2  1, 3, 5 - No, I haven’t       2,4 - Yes, I have

№3  We must do the washing up.
... water the plants.
... do the shopping.
... feed the dog.
... do the hoovering.

№4  a e b с d

№5 (возможные варианты)
You must feed your cat.
You must play with the cat.
You must take the cat to the vet.
You must clean up after the cat.