Решебник. New Millennium English 6 класс (Student's book, Workbook) Деревянко Н.Н. и др.

Unit 11
Lesson 1

№1a 1

№1b A - 2  В - 1  С - 2

№2  You mustn’t climb and cut down trees.
        You mustn’t take eggs from birds’ nests.
        You mustn’t take wild animals home.
        You must put out the fire carefully.
        You mustn’t pick wild flowers.
        You must walk on a path.
        You mustn’t put out the fire carefully.

№ 3a This text is about how to behave.

№3b  The Sign number 3 doesn’t match with the text.

№ 3c The Country Code means country rules.

№ 3d
We mustn’t make a lot of noise.
We mustn’t take wild animals home.
We must take our litter home.
We must clean the picnic place when we go home.
We must keep all water clean.
We must keep our dogs under control.

When in the forest please remember:
You must keep the forest clean.
You mustn’t leave litter in the forest.
You must take the rubbish with you.
You mustn’t climb trees and take wild animals and eggs home.
You must put out the fire carefully.

You mustn’t cut down trees.

Lesson 2

№1a This text is an invitation...

№ 2a (возможные варианты)
If I visit Prickly Farm, I’m going to eat at «The Hoggy Cafe».
If I visit Prickly Farm, I’m going to ride a donkey.

If I visit Prickly Farm, I’m going to help to milk a cow.

Children mustn’t take eggs. Запрещается\Дети не должны забирать птичьи яйца.
Children mustn’t ride across the field. Запрещается\Дети не должны кататься по полю.
Children mustn’t frighten farm animals. Запрещается\Дети не должны пугать животных.
Children mustn’t climb trees. Запрещается\Дети не должны влезать на деревья.
Children mustn’t put out a fire. Запрещается\Дети не должны разжигать костёр.
Children mustn’t play football on the field. Запрещается\Дети не должны играть в футбол на поле.

Lesson 3

№ 1с с b a b b с

№ 2а (возможные варианты)
1. What do sifakas eat?
2. Where do sifakas live?
3. Were dodos dangerous?
4. How big were dodos?
5. Could dodos fly?

№ 2c
1. People thought that sifakas were ghosts because they made noises like speaking and moved on two legs in small jumps.
2. Dodos made nests on the ground because they were gigantic, and they also couldn’t fly.

№ 3 (возможные варианты)
1. Where can you see sifakas?
      a) Madagascar
      b) Russia
      c) Great Britain
2. What do they eat?
      a) fish
      b) meat
      c) leaves and fruit
3. How high can they jump?
      a) 50 metres
      b) 10 metres
      c) 30 metres
4. What do they make?
      a) Noises
      b) Houses
      c) Homework
5. What did people think about them?
      a) Animals
      b) People
      c) Ghosts

Lesson 4

№1a (b)

№1b F 1,2      T 3-5

№ 2a  The information in the leaflets is about different activities in the Wildlife Park Dartmoor and the Omsk Zoo.

№ 2b  The best place for a family day out is the Wildlife Park because people can watch a lot of different exotic animals, learn something new about them, and even touch them. They also can take their dogs with them.

№ 2c I’d like to visit Wildlife Park. If I have only three hours, I can go to watch big cat feeding and then bear feeding. And then I can go to Jaguar Restaurant.

№ 3
Let dreams come true!
You must see it!
10 a. m. Opening.
10. 30 a. m. Lions feeding time.
11 a. m. Bear feeding time. Bears show.
11. 30 a. m. meeting Australian animals.
2 p. m. Elephants feeding time.
4. 30 p. m. Monkeys feeding time + Chimpanzees show.
6 p. m. Horse rides.
Picnic place.
Play grounds.
You can buy souvenirs or make a photo and help wild life.
Open 365 days a year.

Lesson 5

№ 1a
a) There are 6 animals.
b) 17
c) GL 53 6 DA
d) 01 4 536 54854

№1b  The boy is happy.

2) No, I don’t like long walks
3) Yes, I can take a dog for a walk in the big park near my house..
4) Yes, I have. I’ve got time to play with the dog.
5) Yes, I do. I want to train my dog.
6) No, I haven’t, but my younger brother has got a hedgehog.
7) Yes, I have. I’ve got a younger brother.
8) There are four people in my family.
9) My friend’s cat likes to sit at the open window, and they live on the 15th floor.

№ 2a (возможные варианты)
1.1 live in a two-room flat. There is a forest near my house.
2.1 like long walks.
3.1 can take a dog for a walk.
4.1 have got time to play with him.
5.1 want to train my dog.
6.1 haven’t got any other animals.
7.1 have got a younger sister.
8. There are four people in our family.
9. There are not any.

№ 2b   Барни четыре года. Он большой и черный как ночь с белым пятнышком на шее и умными зелеными глазами. Он обожает спать на креслах. Он любит игрушки, игры и прогулки. Он бы хотел жить в компании других животных.
        Тара - это красивая кошка трех лет. Она маленькая и пушистая, с шерсткой серого цвета и смешным носом.
        Она очень умная. Тара любит играть с игрушками и дружит с собаками. Она любит бананы.
        Хита - красивая собака пяти лет породы «боксер». Она темно-коричневая с темными полосками, как у тигра. Она идеальный друг.      Она любит носить сумки и камни, и бегать за мячом. Хитта не очень любит кошек.
        Агда - очень большая собака пяти лет с длинной красивой шерстью. Она не любит оставаться дома одна надолго. Она любит других животных. Агде нужны физические нагрузки, и ей нравятся долгие прогулки. Она любит смотреть телевизор с дивана.
       Тесс - собака четырех лет. Она не очень большая. Она коричневая с коротким черным хвостом и большими глазами. Она любит играть, любит детей и игрушки. Она не любит быть одна.
        I would be bappy if I was offered Agda as a pet.

№2c  I think it’s Agda. I like watching TV from the sofa, and I like long walks.

№3 c)

№4 I would like to give Rex a home.
     My parents and I live in a big Sat, and Rex can live there too, he is a big dog. Rex likes small children and I have a younger brother. Our house is near the park and I can walk Rex there. I play football and Rex can play with me. I will take care of him.
Yours sincerely,
Peter Ivanov. .

Lesson 6

№1a 2

№1b 1-22 April      2 - organizing ...

№2  1) Pupil B: Is Michael feeding the animals?
           Pupil A: No, he isn’t

2) Pupil B: Is Nick planting the trees?
    Pupil A: No, he isn’t.
3) Pupil B: Is Tom putting up signs?
    Pupil A: No, he isn’t
4) Pupil B: Is Kate watering the plants?
    Pupil A: Yes, she is

5) Pupil B: Is Laura taking photos?
    Pupil A: Yes, she is

№3 If we want to have a green schoolyard, we must plant trees.
       If we want to help the zoo keepers, we must go to the zoo.
       If we want to make an album about Earth Day, we should take photos.
       If we want to help homeless animals, we should give them a home and look after them.
       If we want to have flowers around, we should water them.
       If we want to have a tidy sports ground, we must clean it.

№4a  2. кормить птиц   3. «выгул собак запрещен»   4. отвести детей на ферму.   5. сделать скворечники.

№ 4b (возможные варианты)
Problem: There are a lot of homeless animals.
Advice: If there are a lot of homeless animals, you should give one a home and look after him.
Problem: There are almost no trees near the school.
Advice: If there are almost no trees, you should plant them near the school.
Problem: There are many hungry birds in our park.
Advice: If there are many hungry birds in our park, you should make bird tables and feed the birds.

№5  1. День Земли   2. клуб любителей природы   3. скворечник   4. кормушка   5.субботник

Lesson 7

№1a This programme is about Battersea Dog’s Home. It’s a place where people take care of abandoned dogs and cats.

№1b   T 2, 3, 5       F 4

№2   сельская местность ... охранять ... странные ... птенцы ...зоопарк

№3  1. сап   2. should   3. should   4. are going to '   5. should