ГДЗ к учебнику Happy English. ru 7 класс Кауфман К.И., Кауфман М.Ю.

7481 ГДЗ  к учебнику Happy English. ru  7 класс Кауфман К.И., Кауфман М.Ю. 
  Обнинск: Титул, 2008

Lesson 1, 2

5. Use the, a, (no article).
1. He is my friend.
2. She will be a vet.
3. Simon is happy.
4. It was the interesting film.
5. Cute is a bad agent.
6. It was their house.

8. Complete the sentences.
1. She speaks French.
2. He is from Japan.
3. They speak Spanish.
4. We live in Turkey.
5. In Italy they speak Italian.

Homework. Рабочая тетрадь № 1.
Complete the sentences.
    Our boss works day and night because he is a workaholic.
     If you cross the road and don't look, your life will be in danger.
     «I need to speak to your director.» — That's me. I am the director of this school.
C. Use the, a, (no article).
1. Olga lives in Russia, It is a very big country.
2. He can't speak German. If he goes to Germany, he'll need a translator.
3. Did Robin come from Edinburgh or from London?
4. Do you speak Japanese? Is it difficult?
5. We want to go to Turkey next year. — Go in September. It is the best time in Turkey.
6. He lives in France, doesn't he? — Yes, this man is a doctor from Paris.

Рабочая тетрадь № 1
1. Answer the questions about the characters.
Who speaks Japanese? — Boss does.
Boss speaks Japanese.
Who is learning Russian? — Agent Cute is.
Agent Cute is learning Russian.
Who is going to read history books? Rob is.
Rob is going to read history books.
Who likes to help people? — Boss does.
Boss likes to help people.
Who got lost in Russia? — Rob got lost in Russia.
Who found Rob? — Misha Inin did. Misha Inin found Rob.
Who likes reading books? — Rob, Rosy and Mark are.
Rob, Rosy and Mark like reading books.
Who is a workaholic? — Boss is. Boss is a workaholic.
Who went to the Edinburgh of the past? — Robin did.
Robin went to the Edinburgh of the past.
Who had a pen friend in Russia? — Rob had.
Rob had a pen friend in Russia.
Who goes to an ordinary school? — Misha Inin does. Misha Inin goes to an ordinary school.

2. Подчеркни названия стран, не совпадающие с названием языков.

В. Look at the menu of the Food of the World restaurant.
Match the food and the country.
Sushi is Japanese. You can have the best sushi in Japan.
Pizza is Italian. You can have the best pizza in Italy.
Borsch is Russian. You can have the best borsch in Russia.
Roquefort is French. You can have the best Roquefort in France.
Fish and chips are English. You can have the best fish and chips in England.
Chicken with rice is Chinese. You can have the best chicken with rice in China.
Kebab is Turkish. You can have the best kebab in Turkey.
Frankfurters are German. You can have the best frankfurters in Germany.
Paella is Spanish, You can have the best paella in Spain.

Lesson 3

Рабочая тетрадь № 1
1. Answer the questions.
Agent Cute finds people.
He comes from England.
He does his work for his brother.
He is a really nice guy.
Last year he found an English boy in Russia. His favourite pastime is watching TV.
He is going on holiday next month.
The boss is the head of the agency.
The boss always gives the best cases to Agent Cute because he is his brother.
The boss is very clever.
This summer the boss is going to take his first holiday.
His favourite pastime is learning languages. He is English.
He speaks eight languages.

3. Напишите слова, которые получаются из этих букв.
tip           fly
win        sand
ham      myth
green     tape

Lesson 4

7. Match the sentences and their translations.
1. - d      2. - a       3. - с      4. - b

A. Translate the words in brackets and fill in the gaps.
    Agent Cute had to deliver a document to Rob MacWizard's family.
    The document was top secret.
    Robin dropped the document when he went back to his time.
    The document is a key to the treasure.
    I have a cheese sandwich and you have a ham sandwich. Let's swap.
B. Put the verbs in brackets in the right form.
     Last year Agent Cute had a very interesting case.
     An English boy Rob went to his pen friend Misha in Russia.
     His parents came to the detective agency for help.
     Agent Cute worked on the case.
     He went to Russia and found Misha and his family.
     They had a visitor from England — Robin.
     Agent Cute watched the boys in Russia and,
     when they went to England, he watched them in England.
      Robin is from 1599.
      He came from the past because he wanted to take the Stone of Destiny from Westminster Abbey back to Scotland.
      The two boys used a time tunnel and swapped places in time
      and Agent Cute helped them swap back!
      He found a note. It is the key to a family treasure.

Рабочая тетрадь № 1
2. Answer the questions.
In America they speak English, don't they? — Yes, they do.
In America they speak English.
In Russia they speak Russian, don't they? — Yes, they do.
In Russia they speak Russian.
In Italy they don't speak Spanish, do they? — No, they don't.
In Italy they don’t speak Spanish. They speak Italian.
In China they speak Japanese, don't they? — No, they don’t.
In China, they speak Chinese.
People from Berlin speak French, don't they?— No, they don't.
People from Berlin don’t speak French. They speak German.

Lesson 5

      Guess the meaning of the underlined words,
      clients — клиенты
     catastrophe — катастрофа

3. Read and put the verbs in brackets in the right form.
Cute: Hi, Boss! A horrible thing happened!I can't find the top secret document!
Boss: I don't believe it! I put it into your bag!... Did you show it to anybody?
Cute: No! Of course, I didn't.
Boss: Did you tell this lady about the trasure? Cute: Yes, I am afraid I did.
Boss: Did she tell you her name?
Cute: Yes. Her name is Minnie Mouse!
Boss: You are pulling my leg!
Cute: What's wrong with the name?
Boss: The lady gave you a false name! Minnie Mouse is Mickey Mouse's girlfriend and they are cartoon characters. You lost the top secret document and our clients are in danger. It is a catastrophe.
Cute: But, Boss, I'll find the lady.
Boss: No, Cute, you can't do that. You are fired!

5. Match the underlined sentences with the expressions from the box.
1.  с       4.  d
2. — b       5. — e
3. — f        6. — a

Homework. Рабочая тетрадь № 1
      A. Agent Cute is writing a letter to Misha, but his Russian is not very good because he is very nervous. Write a letter in English.
       Dear Misha,
      I'm afraid, a horrible thing happened! I went to Tunbridge Wells. I had a document for Rob. This document is top secret. Robin dropped it and I picked it up. This document is the key to a treasure. I met a very nice lady on the train. She had a heavy bag, and I asked her: «Do you need a hand?» She said: «Thank you».
      We were speaking, and she said to me: «You are strong, you are handsome, tell me about your business».
      I told her about myself, Rob and Robin, and she said: «You are pulling my leg». Then she stole this document.
      Rob is in danger. Boss is very angry. I am fired. Tell about all to Rob.
     Agent Cute.

Lesson 6

Test yourself.

Рабочая тетрадь № 1

2. Look at the map. Write the names of the countries and their languages.
Great Britain            France
English                   French

Spain                      Italy

Spanish                  Italian

Turkey                    China

Turkish                   Chinese



3. Match the questions and the answers.
1. Let me introduce my brother. His name is Jack Brown —
e) It's very nice to meet you.
2. How do you do? c) How do you do?
a) I’m afraid I have to go now. — It was very nice to meet you.
4. Where are you from? — I'm from Germany.
5. What do you do? — e) I'm a driver.

4. Use the expressions from Ex.3 and write a dialogue.
Let me introduce my brother. His name is Jack Brown.
     How do you do?
     How do you do?
     Where are you from?
     I'm from Germany.
     What do you do?
     I'm a driver.
     I'm afraid I have to go now.
     It was very nice to meet you.

6. Complete the sentences with the right form of the verbs.
     Robin MacWizard is from Edinburgh.
     Robin found the time tunnel.
     Rob wants to visit Misha.
     Misha lives in Lukinsk.
     Betsey has three children.
     The boss is going to take his first holiday.