ГДЗ к учебнику Happy English. ru 7 класс Кауфман К.И., Кауфман М.Ю.

Lesson 1

Guess the meaning of the underlined word. mosquitoes — москиты

4. Write the adjectives in the right order.
    My grandfather is a brave old man.
    Our office is in a nice new house.
    Ann's Friends live in a beautiful little village. Nobody wanted to eat that disgusting cold soup.

5. Choose the right answer andfill in the gaps.
The deepest lake in the world is lake Baikal. The warmest of the three is the Red Sea. The longest river in the world is Mississippi. The largest ocean in the world is the Pacific Ocean.
The highest mountains are the Himalayas.

Рабочая тетрадь № 1
Put the words in the right order.
A backpack was old and heavy.
The sleeping bag was new and soft.
We slept on a hard cold ground.
We saw a young hungry bear.

Lesson 2

5. Help Rob pack his backpack. Fill in the gaps with the words.
    1. It can be muddy in the forest, so they'll need wellingtons.
    2. They are going to walk for a long time, so they'll need trainers.
    3. They can get thirsty, so they'll need a water bottle.
    4. It is going to be dark in the forest, so they'll need a torch.
    5. They are going to make a campfire, so they'll need matches.
    6. It can be very cold at night, so they’ll need warm sweaters and warm jackets.
    7. Their socks can get wet, so they'll need an extra pairs of socks.
    8. They are going to see a lot of beautiful places, so they'll need camera.

Рабочая тетрадь № 1

3. Translate into English.
     Я не люблю спать в палатке.
     I don't like to sleep in a tent.
     У тебя есть спальный мешок?
     Do you have a sleeping bag?
     Он не мог найти спички и фонарь.
     Не couldn't find the matches and a torch.

Lesson 3

Homework. Рабочая тетрадь № 2
A. Put the adjectives in brackets in the right form.
      Ted is taller than Steve.
      My dad is older than my mum.
      They are the happiest family in our town.
      Mary's English is worse than her German.
      Nick is the best football player in our class.
      The hottest day last year was 12 July.

D. Write questions for your Friends.
a)  1. What is the most beautiful city?
     2. What is the most interesting museum?
     3. What is the most important holiday?
b)  1. Is a book more interesting than a film?
     2. Is Mathematics more difficult than History?
     3. Is a bicycle cheaper than a car?
     4. Is spring warmer than autumn?

Homework. Рабочая тетрадь № 1
В. Complete the table with the right form of the adjective.
Положительная степень:   Positive degree;  famous;  favourite;  good;  important   creepy;  horrible; easy; gloomy; interesting.

Сравнительная степень:  Comparative degree; more famous; more favourite; better; less important; creepier; more horrible; easier; gloomier; less interesting.

Превосходная степеньSuperlative degree ; the most famous; the most favourite;  the best; the least important;  the creepiest;  the most;  horrible; the easiest;  the gloomiest;  the least interesting.

Lesson 4

1. Rewrite these sentences.
    The matches are theirs.
    The camera is mine.

    The mosquito is yours.
    The tents are ours.

    The mattress is his.
   The camping stove is hers.

2. Rewrite these sentences.
    Peggy's backpack is lighter than mine.
    The weather today is worse than yesterday.
    This house is smaller than that one.

    This picture is cheaper than that one.
    The Black Sea is colder than the Red Sea.
    The cauldron is cleaner than that one.

3. Fill in the gaps with as ...as or not as ...as
    This exercise is not as difficult as that one.
    The film was not as good as the book.

    My friend’s cat is as funny as mine.
    Those shoes are as comfortable as those ones.
    His backpack is as heavy as yours.

4. Choose the right word.
    Is that your pen?
    That pen is mine.
    That ball isn't his.
    Is your dress as old as hers?
    Their flat is as small as ours.
    Our teacher was as good as theirs.

5. Find the mistakes.
    My bag is as clean as hers.
    This book is as interesting as that one.
    His brother is older than hers.
    Your mistakes are as bad as mine.

A. Choose the right word.
    That tent wasn’t his.
    He is her friend.
    That kettle is theirs.
    Look at him.
    This pen isn't mine.
B. Complete the sentences.
    1. The Thames is not as the Enisey.
    2. Her backpack is as light as mine.
    3. Their tent was not as heavy as ours.
    4. Shakespeare is as famous as Pushkin.
C. Translate from Russian into English.
    1. This penknife isn't mine. It's hers.
    2. Our tent isn't as new as yours.
    3. Their sleeping bags are not as warm as ours.
    4. His book is as interesting as hers.

Рабочая тетрадь № 1
3. Choose the right form.
     This is the darkest room in the house.
     He saw the most popular film of the year. He is taller than I am.
     That was the happiest day of his life.
     Peggy's sleepover was creepier than mine.
4. Answer the questions.
    Is History as interesting as Literature? Yes, it is. History is as interesting as Literature.
    March is as long as January, isn't it? Yes, it is. March is as long as January.
    Are the days in autumn as short as in winter? No, they aren’t. The days in autumn are longer than the days in winter.

4. Are you as tall as your friend? Yes, lam. Iam as tall as my friend.

Lesson 5, 6

1. Match the pictures and the idioms.
1.  d    2. — с   3.  b    4. — a 


3. Match the expressions and their translations.
1.  d     2. — с    3.  a   4. — b

    Guess the meaning of the underlined word.
     Plaster — пластырь

5. What do you do with these things?
    Match the nouns and the verbs.
1.  e     2. с    3.  f    4.  d     5. b     6.  a

A. Choose the right answer.
   1. — b    2. — a    3. — с    4. — a    5. — b
B. Translate into English.
     1. My backpack was not as heavy as his.
     2. His face was as red as mine.
     3. This sweater is not as warm as that one.
     4. My tent is bigger than yours.
     5. This place is as beautiful as that one.

Lesson 7

Рабочая тетрадь № 1
2. Find the mistakes and correct them.
      He is the strongest boy in our class.
      That cake is the worst.
      He was the most handsome man in the family.
      His flat is bigger than his friend's flat.

3. Write your own sentences.
      Maths is easier than History for me.
      History is not as easy as Maths for me.

     His backpack is lighter than mine.
     My backpack is not as light as his.
     Their camping stove is cheaper than ours.
     Our camping stove is not as cheap as theirs.
     My torch is better than yours.

     Your torch is not as good as mine