ГДЗ к учебнику Happy English. ru 7 класс Кауфман К.И., Кауфман М.Ю.

Lesson 1

6. Fill in the gaps. Use have or has.
Translate into Russian
5. I have listened to the teacher. Я слушал учителя.
2. We have played tennis. Мы играли в теннис.
3. Kate has broken the cup. Кейт разбила чашку.
4. My Friends have called me. Мои друзья позвонили мне.
5. She has written this letter. Она написала это письмо.
6. You have lost the key. Ты потерял ключ.

7. Перепишите предложения, сделав их отрицательными.
     Peggy hasn’t made a tasty cake.
     Mother hasn’t bought a lot of sweets.
     I haven't found an interesting book.
     Kate hasn't heard the news.

     They haven't come to the past.
     She hasn't finished the exercise.

Homework. Рабочая тетрадь № 2
A. Copy the table and fill it in.

B. Put the verbs in the Present Perfect
Translate into Russian
1. Mary has opened the window. Мэри открыла окно.
2. The teacher has given us a lot of Homework. Учитель дал нам много домашней работы.
3. I have phoned my Granny. Я позвонил своей бабушке.
4. You have read this book. Ты прочитал эту книгу.
5. We have made a very nice picture. Мы сделали очень красивую картинку.

C. Перепишите полученные предложения, записав глаголы have, has в сокращенной форме.
     Mary's opened the window.
     The teacher's given us a lot of Homework.
     I've read this book.

     You've read this book.
     We've made a very nice picture.

Рабочая тетрадь № 2
1. Распределите глаголы в зависимости от чтения окончания — еd.
2. Найдите I и III формы глаголов и выпишите получившиеся пары.
fall — fallen      buy — bought
go — gone       drink — drunk
build — built     speak — spoken
take — taken   see — seen
do — done       forget — forgotten
be — been      put — put
cut — cut

3. Complete the sentences with the Present Perfect form of the verbs in brackets.
      He has not called his friend.
      Misha has written a letter to his sister.
      The children have cleaned the forest.
      She has not walked the dog.
      They have bought a new computer.
      I have left the book at home.

4. Here is Mrs Morrison's plan for the day. Write: What has she done ? What hasn't she done ?
She has made a cake.
She has bought a present.
She has written a letter.
She has decorated the house.
She hasn't walked the dog.
She hasn't turned off TV set.

Lesson 2

1. Read, look at the picture and fill in the gaps. Use the verbs open, turn on, break.
Misha: Look! Somebody has just left the room.
Rob: Somebody has broken the window.
Misha: Yes! And somebody has opened all our bags.

Rob: Somebody has turned on the computer.
Misha: And what about your books?

Rob: I haven't checked them yet.
Misha: Who could it be?
Rob: I don't know.
Misha: Let's clean the room!
Rob: Thank God the other boys haven't come yet.

Homework. Рабочая тетрадь № 2
A. Look at the pictures and write.
1. Alexey has just eaten his launch.  Ivan hasn’t eaten his launch yet.
2. Natasha has just washed her hair.  Olga hasn't washed her hair yet.
3. Boris has done his Homework.  Marina hasn't done her Homework yet.
4. Helen has done the shopping.  John hasn't done the shopping yet.
5. Mark has seen a new film.  Tom hasn’t seen a new film yet.
6. Fred has read the book.  Kate hasn't read the book yet.

Рабочая тетрадь № 2
1. Rewrite the sentences. Use the words yet, already, just.
      I've written already a letter to my friend.
      The children haven't learned the song yet.
      She's just called her friend.
      They haven't bought a new computer yet.
      She's just called me.
2. Translate from Russian into English.
     They have already translated this text.
     He has not done his Homework yet.
     I have just called Masha.
     Mum has already cooked dinner.

3. Complete the sentences.
     I can't phone my friend, because I have lost his phone number.
     He can't play, because he has not cleaned his room.
     She is hungry, because her Mum has not cooked dinner.
     He is happy, because his friend has sent an e-mail.

Lesson 3, 4

1. Образуйте общие вопросы к этим предложениям.
     Has Peter opened the window?
     Have we read a very good book.
     Has Mary lost her dog?
     Have my Friends gone to school?
     Have they seen an interesting film?
     Has Misha been to London?
     Have you bought the book?
     Have we finished our work?

2. Образуйте специальные вопросы.
     What have we just done?
     Why haven't I done my Homework yet?
     How many apples has he eaten?

     What has anyone done?

Homework. Рабочая тетрадь № 2
В. Write a letter to Misha's mother and tell her about his marks.
    Misha has got a poor mark in Maths.
    Misha has got an excellent mark in English.
    Misha has got a a good mark in English Literature.

    Misha has got a poor mark in German.
    Misha has got a satisfactory mark in Physics.
    Misha has got a good mark in History.
    Misha has got a very good mark in Music.
    Misha has got a very good mark in Art.
    Misha has got a very good mark in PE.
    Misha has got a good mark in IT.

    Misha has got a satisfactory mark in Religious Education.
    Misha has got an excellent mark in DT.

2. Make sentences from these words.
Translate into Russian,
     1. He has never built a house. Они никогда не построил дом
     2. They have never seen London. Они никогда не видели Лондон.
     3. Have you ever read this book? Вы когда-нибудь читали эту книгу?
     4. I have never met him. Я никогда его не встречал.

Guess the meaning of the underlined word.
The giraffe — жираф

7. Find the negative and positive sentences in the poem. Translate them into Russian.
      I have never fallen off a very high tree.  Я никогда не падал с очень высокого дерева.
      I have never found money.  Я никогда не находил деньги.
      And I have never been to Spain.  И я никогда не был в Испании.
      And I've never gone on a jumbo jet plane. И я никогда не летал на большом реактивном самолете.
      I have met Elton John. Я встретился с Элтоном Джоном.
      And I've tried English tea. И я попробовал английский чай.
      But I've seen a giraffe. Но я видел жирафа.

8. Answer: true, false or no information.
     Misha has never met a famous person. False
     Misha has fallen off a high tree and that’s the coolest thing he has ever done. False
     Misha; has swum in the sea. No information.
     Misha doesn't know how to dive. No information.
     Misha hasn't been to Spain. True
     Misha has never played football. No information
     A jumbo jet is a plane.

9. Fill in the table with the verbs from the song.

10. Match the questions and the answers from the poem.
      Have you met famous people? - I have met Elton John.
      Have you tried English tea? — I've tried English tea.
      Have ever fallen off a very high tree? — I have never fallen off a very high tree.
      Have you ever found money. — I have never found money.
      Have you traveled to Spain? — I haven't been to Spain.
      Have you ever gone on a jumbo jet plane? — I’ve never gone on a jumbo jet plane.

11. Write about Misha.
      Misha has met Elton John.
      Misha has tried English tea.
      Misha has never fallen off a very high tree.
      When Misha was eleven, he did a parachute jump, and that's the coolest thing he has ever done.
      Misha has never found money.
      Misha hasn't been to Spain.
      Misha has never gone on a jumbo jet plane.
      Misha has seen a giraffe, and that's the coolest thing he has ever seen.

Рабочая тетрадь № 2
1. Make questions with the underlined words.
      They haven't packed their backpacks yet, because they were very tired. — Why haven't they packed their backpacks yet?
      He has just met his friend — Who has just met his friend?
      The children have cleaned the forest. — What have the children done?
      The boys have already put up all the tents. — What have the boys already put up?
      They have built в. new house. — What have they done?
      Misha has applied for a visa. — Who has applied for a visa?
      The girls have picked up a lot of flowers. — What have the girls picked up?

2. Correct the mistakes.
     He has just written a letter.
     We have seen a very interesting film.
     He has read a lot of books.
     They have played many games already.
     They have been to England.

3. Write true or false sentences about things you’ve done.
     I have seen the London Eye.
     I have been in America.
     I have swum in the Pacific Ocean.
     I have travelled in time.
     I have spoken to the Queen.
     I have flown in the sky.
     I have lived in a castle. 

4. Match the questions and the answers.
     Is that your new dress? - b) No, I haven't found one yet.
     Have you read this book? — c) No, I've just bought it.
     What have you already done? — a) I've washed up the dishes.

Lesson 6

Рабочая тетрадь № 2
2. Make questions and answer them. Use never, already, yet.
Have you ever built a house? — No, I have never built a house.
Have you ever seen a tiger? — Yes, I have already seen a tiger.
Have you ever been to China? — I have never been to China.
Have you ever been to Turkey? — Yes, I have been to Turkey.
Have you bought pizza? — Yes, I have already bought pizza.
Have you ever caught a fish? — No, I have never caught a fish.
Have you ever driven a car? — Yes, I have already driven a car.
Have you ever eaten pizza? — Yes, I have already eaten pizza.
Have you ever found a treasure? — No, I have never found a treasure.
Have you ever gone to America? — No, I have never gone to America.
Have you ever read the book «Oliver Twist»? - Yes, I have already read the book «Oliver Twist».
Have you ever spoken Japanese? — No, I have never spoken Japanese.

3. Translate into English.
     Have you ever been to England?
     She has never used Internet.
     Have you ever jumped with a parachute?
     Their team has never lost.

Lesson 7, 8

1. How much do you remember?
1. — b    2. — a   3.  a     4. — с   5. — a

2. Match the parts of the sentences.
1. — d    2. — e     3. — с   4. — a   5.— b

10. Choose the answer andfind the second key to the future.

Homework. Рабочая тетрадь № 2
A. Do the crossword in the Workbook and check your answer.
      Artos fell asleep by the fire.
      Artos tribe are the people of the Ring.
      Some Celts went to the West because it was not far away.
      The person who gave Artos advice was a Christian priest.
      The name of the land of Piets and Scots today in Scotland.
      The table of King Arthur and his knight was round.
      The special meeting place was by the mountain.
B. Translate into English.
       In the fifth century AD the Angles and the Saxons came to the British Isles. Those were Germanic tribes. Celts were Christian but the Saxons were pagans. The Saxons attacked Celts and took their land. Some Celtic tribes went to the West. Now it's Wales. The other Celtic tribes went to the North. Now it’s Scotland.

Lesson 9

Рабочая тетрадь № 2
2. Put just, already, yet in the right place.
1. I haven’t done my Homework yet.
2. Misha hasn't found any new Friends yet.
3. Kate is not hungry. She has already eaten.
4. Why are you leaving? You have a lot of work.— I have already done everything.
5. Are you going to buy fruit? — No, Mum has already bought some.