ГДЗ к учебнику Happy English. ru 7 класс Кауфман К.И., Кауфман М.Ю.

Lesson 1, 2

     1. Use the verbs in brackets in the Present Perfect or the Past Simple.
      I have already read this book.
     2 My father read this book last year.
     3. I have never been to London.
     4. My Friends were in London last year.
     5.1 have seen this dress in the shop next to my house.
     6. Every body has seen this dress. I want to buy a new one.
     5. Find in the text and copy into your exercise books.
     1. — sentences in the Past Simple
     I didn't know about it.
     When was I late, sir?
     I did skiing when I was seven and I did skating when I was four. But I gave up years ago.
     2. — sentences in the Present Perfect
     You have already lost us twenty points.
     Why have I lost all these points, sir?
     You have already been late three times.
     And you've had three detentions.
     Have you ever done any sports?
     I’ve done skiing and skating,

7. Fill in the gaps with the words from the text.
        There are four teams in St.David's School: the Tigers, the Bears, the Sharks and the Foxes. The teams comlete. Every new pupil goes into one of the teams. If a pupil does something good, he earns his team points. If a pupil does something bad, he loses his team points. Pupils can also earn points if they do sports.

Homework. Рабочая тетрадь № 2
A. Translate from Russian into English.
They built a house last year.
He has already seen his friend today.
This year I have already got six good marks.
Father has just brought fruit.
Last year I red two English books.

Рабочая тетрадь № 2
1. Use the Present Perfect or Past Simple.
      Where did you find the key?
      He was in Africa last year.
      Ha has already seen this film.
      I did not see him this week.
     They have never met this man.

2. Write the sentences in the Present Perfect.
      I've just bought this book.
     They've never seen the stone of Destiny.
     Their team has played a football match.
     She's never spoken to an Englishman.

3. Translate into English?
    Have you ever seen a tiger? — Yes, I have.
    When did you see it? — I saw it in the Zoo.
    When did you see it? — I saw it this summer.

Lesson 3

1. Образуйте наречие образа действия от прилагательных.
bad — badly
good — well
stupid — stupidly
angry - angrily
slow — slowly
clear — clearly

quick — quickly
loud - loudly
easy — easily
usual — usually

Guess the meaning of the underlined word
enthusiasm — энтузиазм

4. Complete the sentences with information from the text.
     If you can sing beautifully — join the choir.
     If you want to live dangerously — join the snowboarding club.

     If you can learn quickly — join the Tiger football club.
     If you can shout loudly — join the cheerleaders club.

Homework. Рабочая тетрадь № 2
Make adverbs from the adjectives,
kind — kindly
shy — shyly
angry — angrily
wonderful — wonderfully
mad - madly
cheap — cheaply
clear — clearly
slow — slowly
soft — softly
real — really

Рабочая тетрадь № 2
1. Underline the correct word.
1. quickly     2. easy     3. good      4. beautifully      5. cheap      6. happily

Lesson 4

2. Answer true or false. If false, give the right answer.
1. There are ten players in a football team.  False    There are eleven players in a football team.
2. No player can touch the ball with his hands.  False   The goalkeeper can touch the ball with his hands.
3. The most important thing in football is to score a goal.  True
4. Football was invented in America. False  Football was invented in England.
5. Russian’s most famous football goalkeeper is Lev Yashin. True
6. Italy has never been the world champion in football. False Italy has been the world champion in football.
7. There is a game called rugby football. True
8. There is a game called American football. True

Guess the meaning of the underlined words,
final — финал
champions — чемпионы

6. Read and answer the questions.
      The best forward is not in the team because he has joined the choir.
      The game is important because it's final.
      No, they didn't. The game ended in a draw.
      Last year the Tigers won two games.

Homework. Рабочая тетрадь № 2
A. Fill in the gaps and complete the dialogue.
1. — Have you seen the match between Spartak and Lockton?
2. — No, I haven't. Who has won?
3. — Spartak has beated Lockton.
4. — What was the score?
5. - 1-0
6. — How did the teams play?
7. — Spartak played very well, but Lockton played nervously.

B. Who are these people? Match the words and the players.
1. — coach     2. — goalkeeper    3. — defender     4 — forward   5 — referee

C. Who does these things?
Goalkeeper stays in the goal.
Forward attacks the goal and scores.
Defender protects the goal.

Coach trains the team.

Lesson 5

2. Translate into Russian.
     Какой красивый дом!
     Какая хорошая идея!
     Какие хорошие новости!
     Какие интересные книги!

6. Complete the sentences with words from the brackets.
     The Tigers were nervous.
     The Bears played brilliantly.
     The Bears didn't give up easily.
     Stabber made some fantastic saves.
     Misha quickly ran back towards his goal.

10. Translate the dialogue into English.
      Did you see the final?
      No, what's the score?
      One — nil.
      Who won?
      The Tigers.
      The Tigers. I can't believe it.
      Yes, their goalkeeper made several saves.
      And who scored?

      Misha Inin from Russia.
      But he was a defender.
      Yes, he was. But he is a natural forward.
      The Tigers beat the Bears. That’s fantastic!

Homework. Рабочая тетрадь № 2
A. Fill in the gaps and complete the sentences.
      It was a very interesting game.
      Everybody thought «It will be a draw», because five minutes before the end the score was nil — nil. The Bears played brilliantly, and the Tigers were nervous. The Bears couldn't score because the Tigers' goalkeeper was very good. Stabber made some fantastic saves.
      But the Tigers couldn’t score, because their forward wasn't with them.
     In the beginning Misha Inin was not very good, but in the end he ran towards the Bears' goal, dodged their defenders, kicked the ball and scored! In the next game Misha will be a defender.

B. Fill in the gaps with a, an, or (no article).
What an interesting trip!
What a beautiful city!
What a tasty food!
What a day!
What a move!
What a boring film!
What clever pupils!

Рабочая тетрадь № 2
     What a clever boy!
     What an interesting match!
     What tasty tea!
     What good Friends!
     What bad weather!

Lessons 6, 7

5. Match the sentences and the translations.
1. — с     2.  d     3. — a     4.— b

6. Заполните таблицу предложениями из упр. 5

7. Choose the right answer.
1. — a     2. — a     3. — b    4. — b    5. — b     6. — a

8. Make questions for these answers.
What was his name?
Where did he live?
What did he see one morning?
What did his father do?
Why was his mother angry?
What did Bjom's father give him?
Where did the Vikings go to?
Who killed Bjom's family?
Where did Bjom want to go to?

11. Answer the questions and find the third key to the treasure.
What made the Vikings the Kings of the sea? The ships.

Homework. Рабочая тетрадь № 2
        There are some mistakes in Gim's essay. Correct them.
       The Vikings came from Norway. It is a cold country. The land there was very bad, so the Vikings were very good farmers. Some Vikings were soldiers. They raided England, killed people and took their gold. The Vikings came to England by ships. Their ships were very good. King Alfred was very clever. He built ships and fought with the Vikings. Finally, he beat them and the Vikings became good neighbours.

Lesson 8

Рабочая тетрадь № 2
2. Fill in the gaps.
     What cold weather!
     What a difficult subject!
     What a funny face!
     What good Friends!

3. Put the verbs in the Present Perfect or Past Simple.
My friend has never been to Moscow.
Helen has just come from St Petersburg. How did she get there? — She went by plane.
Yesterday I watched a very good film. — «The Matrix». I have already seen it.
Have you ever been to London? — Yes, I was there last year in summer.

4. Translate into English.
Our team has won!
And when did they win?
What was the score?
One — nil.
And how they play?
One team played beautifully. They won easily. Our keeper made three saves!
Who scored?
John Baker.
It's a good news!