ГДЗ к учебнику Happy English. ru 7 класс Кауфман К.И., Кауфман М.Ю.

Lesson 1

4. Look at the pairs of the sentences. Write new sentences with the words in brackets.
      The Tigers had no hope because their brilliant defender, Sam Jackson, had broken his arm.
      Misha joined the team befor the match had started.
      Misha came to the Tigers because he had read their advert in the activities list.
      Misha didn't have any training but he had played very well.

Рабочая тетрадь № 2
1. Translate the sentences into Russian.
     He had turned off the TV before the film began. — Он выключил телевизор до того, как начался фильм.
     She had found his address before she got his letter. — Она нашла его адрес до того, как она получили его письмо.
     Peggy had seen the film before she read the book. — Пегги видела фильм до того, как она прочитала книгу.
     Не had scored the goal before he broke his leg. — он забил гол до того, как он сломал ногу.

2. Complete the sentences. Choose the right tense form.
    He had learnt English before he went to England.
    She went to Yaroslavl, because her friend had invited her.
    I didn't phone my friend because I had lost his phone number.
    They went to the airport, because they had received a telegram.
    Before he scored a goal he had dodged three players.

Соедините два предложения, изменив союз then на указанный в скобках.
     Не walked the dog. Then he played computer games, (before) — He had walked the dog before he played computer games.
     They had dinner. Then she came, (before) - They had dinner before she came.
     Jim phoned Mary. Then she bought him a present, (before) - Jim had phoned Mary before she bought him a present.
     Their team won ten games. Then they became champions, (before) — Their team had won ten games before they became champions.
     Stas sent SMS. Then his friend phoned him. (before) — Stas had sent SMS before his friend phoned him.
     She saw him on TV. Then she met him. (before) — She had seen him on TV before she met him before.

Lesson 2, 3

Guess the meaning of the underlined words.
     interviews — интервью
     reporter — репортер
     expedition — экспедиция
     pony — пони

7. Match the mottos and the translations.
1.  b    2.  с   3. — a

10. Answer the questions.
When did Scott leave England?
He left England on 15 June 1910.
2. Where did he go?
He went to the Antarctic.
3. How many men went with him?
Four men went with him.
4. When did he start the expedition?
Scott started the expedition on 1 November 1912.
5. How long did it take Scott to get the South Pole?
It took Scott half a year to get the South Pole.
6. Who was the first man at the South Pole? Ronald Amundsen was the first man at the
South Pole.
7. Whose flag did Scott see at the South Pole? He saw a Norwegian flag.
8. Did Scott come back?
No, he didn't.

Homework. Рабочая тетрадь № 2
A. Complete the sentences.
     Robert Falcon Scott was a sea-officer.
     Roald Amundsen was a famous traveller.
     Roald Amundsen went to Antarctic from Norway.

     Scott left England in 1910.
     Scott wanted to be the first man on the South Pole.

Рабочая тетрадь № 2
1. Put the verbs in brackets in the right tense form.
     Robert Scott had a dream, because he had been to the Antarctic before.
     Before he went to the South Pole, he had planned the route.
     Scott knew about Amundsen who also had gone to the Antarctic.
     Very quickly Scott understood that he had made a lot of mistakes.
     When Scott and his men got to the South Pole, they saw that they had lost the race.

2. Make questions. Start with the words in brackets.
      He had phoned his friend before he went to the theatre. (What?) — What had he done before he went to the theatre?
      He had a stomachache because he had eaten a lot of cakes. (Why?) — Why had he a stomachache?
      When she received a telegram her brother had already left. (Had?) - Had her brother already left when she received a telegram?
      I couldn’t send an e-mail because I had lost her address. (What?) — What couldn't I do because I had lost her address?

3. Translate the sentences. Use the verbs: arrive, leave, pay, eat, go, read, phone, forget.
     When he came, the guests had already eaten the cake.
     She couldn't pay because she had left money at home.
     Before she went to Moscow, she had read the book about it.
     He couldn't phone us because he had forgotten our phone number.

Lesson 4

Рабочая тетрадь № 2
2. Open the brackets and fill in the gaps with the right tenses.
     Mother Teresa was bom in 1910 in Macedonia.
     She was a Catholic nun.
     She has opened the charity missions.
     Many people wanted to help her
     and start the missions in many other parts of the world. These days the missions help the poor and the sick.
     Bill Gates is from Seattle. He has started Microsoft. It is the biggest and most successful computer company in the world. When he was thirteen, Bill Gates went to an expensive private school. After that Bill Gates went Harvard University, but he left. Before the University Bill Gates had started his company Microsoft. Today he is a multimillionaire.
      I learnt about him from the film "Braveheart". He lived in Scotland in the thirteenth century. When he was about twenty, English soldiers came to Scotland and a war started. The English killed Scottish women and children. They wanted all the Scottish land. William and his @CHP04 = Friends were soldiers. They did not give up. Wallace was very young when he died. The English executed him.

Lesson 5

1. Fill in the gaps.
        She was bom in 1910 in Macedonia. She was a Catholic nun and the founder of the early missions. These missions helped the poor and the sick.
       In 1979 she got the Nobel Peace Prize for her work. She had started her work in Calcutta, but later her followers opened other missions in many other parts of the world.
       Today there are about 500 centers in different countries. These centers give food to 500,000 families and help 90,000 sick people every year.

4. True or false. Correct mistakes.
1. Bill Gates was bom in the USA. True
2. Bill Gates went to Eton. False Bill Gates went to Harvard.
3. Harvard is the best university in England. False Harvard is the best university in the USA.
4. Bill Gates met his future business partner at university. True
5. Bill Gates didn't graduate from the university. True
6. Today Bill Gates is a very poor man. False Today Bill Gate is a very rich man.
7. Microsoft is a computer software company. True

5. Write questions for the answers.
Where did his parents send him to when he was thirteen?
Where did he met his future business partner, Paul Allen?
Where did he go to after school?
When did he leave Harward?
Why did he leave Harward?

Homework. Рабочая тетрадь № 2
5. Choose the right answer.
1. — с      2.  b      3. — a      4.  с       5.  a,b      6.  b, с       7. — с

9. Fill in the gaps. Put the events in the correct order.
      6 January, 1066 King Edward died. He left no children. Before he died he had given the English Throne to King Harold.
     25 September, 1066 the Viking Harald Hardrada and his Viking army attacked. King Harold Godwinson beat the Vikings.
     28 September, 1066 William left Normandy. Six hundred and ninety-six ships sailed to England.
     30 September, 1066 William and his army landed near Hastings.
     14 October, 1066 the Normans beat the English and William became the King of England.

Lesson 10

Рабочая тетрадь № 2
2. Rewrite the sentences with the right tense form.
      Scott’s expedition was not successful because Scott had made a lot of mistakes.
      Scott had come to the South before Amundsen came to the South Pole. (False)
      Bill Gates couldn't go to the University because he hadn't finished school. (False)
      Mother Teresa had become a Mum before she got the Nobel Prize.