Решебник. New Millennium English 7 класс (Student's book, Workbook) Деревянко Н.Н. и др.

Lesson 5 How long?

Ex. 1
...for (в течение некоторого времени) ... since (с некоторого момента времени)...

Ex. 2
1. since (с 1985 г)   2. since (с тех пор)   3. since (с 14-ти лет)   4. for (в течение многих лет)   5. since (с детства)

Ex. 3 (возможные варианты)
I have been learning English for 5 years.
I have been playing football since I was ten.
I have been listening to radio for 7 years.

Ex. 4a (возможные варианты)
Pupil A: Have you ever played the guitar? - Pupil B: Yes, I have/No, I haven’t.
Pupil A: How long have you been playing the guitar? - Pupil B: For 3 years.
Pupil A: Have you ever acted in a school play? - Pupil B: Yes, I have/No, I haven’t.
Pupil A: How long have you been acting in a school play? - Pupil B: For 3 years.
Pupil A: Have you ever gone skiing? - Pupil B: Yes, I have/No, I haven’t.
Pupil A: How long have you been going skiing? - Pupil B: For 3 years.
Pupil A: Have you ever written a poem? - Pupil B: Yes, I have/No, I haven’t.
Pupil A: How long have you been writing a poem? - Pupil B: For 3 years.
Pupil A: Have you ever collected posters or CDs? - Pupil B: Yes, I have/ No, I haven’t.
Pupil A: How long have you been collecting posters or CDs? - Pupil B: For 3 years.

Lesson 6 Top hits

Ex. 1 (возможные варианты)
1. voice   2. lyrics   3. music   4. singer’s appearance   5. music video   6. special musical effects

Ex. 2
1. The chart is from Internet.
2. The chart is about Top 100. From this chart we can know who won at Top 100.
3. It is old information.
4. «Cry me a river» was the most popular song that week.
5. Justin Timberlake sang it.
6. «I’m with you» Avril Lavigne was the most popular song two weeks before.

Ex. 3a
     Justin Timberlake’s song is about love, ex-girlfriend. This song represents Justin at his best. The song has good, original and very well written lyrics, catchy tune and well-made video.

Ex. 3b

Music Lyrics Voice Singer’s appearance Music video
Review#5 Review #19 Review # 5 Review # 19 Review # 11
Review # 22 Review #37
Review #28 Review #19
Review # 19 Review # 37  

Ex. 3 c
It’s popular because of the tune.
... the voice.
... the singer’s appearance.
... the music video.

Ex. 3d
    The lyrics are original. The tune is catchy. The singer has such a great voice. He has so much talent and it was good for him to go solo. The song has a great well-made music video.

Ex. 4
     The most popular song that week is «Bad Romance» written by Lady Gaga. It’s a very interesting song. The lyrics are well-written, well-made video with special musical effects. The singer’s appearance is nice too.

Ex. 5

LW Weeks High Points
2 8 ***Number one***
Lady Gaga, Bad Romance (#1 for week)
1 96.7
1 12 Avril Lavigne, Smile (#1 for 2 weeks) 2 94.3
3 7 OneRepublic, Good Life 1 89.3

Lesson 7 Progress page

Ex. 1
1. performer  2. musician  3. guitarist   4. visitor  5. compositor

Ex. 2
A4  В2 C6 D3  E,G5

Ex. 3
Present Perfect - 1
Present Perf. Cont 2, 3, 5
Present Simple - 4

Ex. 4 (возможные варианты)
    My favorite singer is Justin Timberlake. I like his songs and the way he sings. He is very talented young man. He loves his job. All his songs are popular, because they have a well-written lyrics and catchy tune. Also I think JT is very handsome man.

Unit 4 Stars and Stripes

Lesson 1 From CA to the NY Island

Ex. 2
1. The USA is situated in North America.
2. 290 million people live in the USA.
3. The capital of the USA is Washington, DC.
4. There is no official language in the USA. There are hundreds of world languages, but most common language is English.
5. The largest state is Alaska.
6. There are 50 states in The USA.
7. Hollywood is in California.
8. Alaska is the closest state to Russia.

Ex. 3b
Первый текст - открытка 2, второй - 3, третий - 1, четвертый - 4.

Ex. 4а
I think Jennifer is writing from Chicago, because she is going on a «gangster tour’.

Ex. 4b
1. I saw people.
2. They shoot a film.
3. Word «как» in the Russian sentence has no equivalent in the English sentence.
4. In the Russian sentence verb is in the past.

Ex. 4c
Чикаго выглядит особенно красиво вечером (at night) Koraa можно увидеть, как миллионы огней сияют вокруг.
Прогуляйтесь по этому восхитительному парку и увидите, как машина проезжает через арку в огромном дереве.

Ex. 5а
I saw dolphins eat fish.
I saw dolphins feed their babies.
I saw dolphins teach their babies to fish.
I saw dolphins sing and smile to me.
I saw dolphins rest and play.

Ex. 5b
Я видела, как дельфины едят рыбу.
Я видела, как дельфины кормят своих детенышей.
Я видела, как дельфины учат своих детенышей ловить рыбу.
Я видела, как дельфины поют и улыбаются мне.
Я видела, как дельфины отдыхают и играют.

Ex. 6
     Hi, Jennie!
     Hope you are well. I’m in a dolphin -watching tour. I like it very much. I saw dolphins teach their babies to fish. It’s unbelievable. Dolphins are very clever. They can sing and even smile. They like to play with the ball.

Lesson 2 School diplomacy

Ex. 1
1. Yes, I would like to take part in a school exchange programme.
2. I think it’s a good idea, because pupils can learn a lot of about another country and improve their English.

Ex. 2
cut/miss a class - пропустить занятия
cheat in a test - мошенничать в тесте
be late for school - опаздывать в школу
bring a note from your parents - принести записку от родителей
talk in class - разговаривать на уроках
have an excuse for missing class - иметь уважительную причину на пропуск уроков
do well in the test - хорошо справляться с заданиями

Ex. За (возможные варианты)
1. How many lessons had you got every day?
2. When did you come to school?
3. When did you have your lunch?
4. What did you eat?
5. Did you like to study in American school?

Ex. 3b

Ex. 3c
T-1,2,4,7         F-3,5,6

Ex. 3d (возможные варианты)
     We can’t cut class, cheat in a test, talk during a test and miss PE. We can’t wear jeans and of cause pajamas, because we have uniform. We can’t eat in class only have some snacks on our breaks.

Ex. 4
In American school they can eat in class, but in our school we eat only in dining-room.
In American school pupils can not miss PE.
In American school they can wear pajamas and jeans to school; in our school we wear uniform.

Ex. 5 (возможные варианты)
    You can’t run on breaks. You can’t talk too loudly. You can’t listen to music on lessons. You can’t bring your pet in school.

Lesson 3 Busy teens

Ex. 2
All these people started working while they studied at school.

Ex. 3
Малькольм работает во дворе, чтобы накопить на телевизор.
Дэн продает попкорн, потому что хочет стать ветеринаром.
Мелисса присматривает за детьми, чтобы иметь карманные деньги.

Ex. 4а
Maggie Martin - student.
Steve Jones - manager.
Joan Davis - teacher.

Ex. 4c
1. Joan Davis doesn’t like the idea of after-school jobs, because students work hard and they often sleep during classes and don’t do anything at home.
2. Teens have a lot of energy, they learn quickly and they work hard.
3. Because they learn good habits, how to be on time, how to be responsible and they don’t ask their parents to buy everything they want.
4. They learn how to be on time and how to be responsible.

Ex. 5
I think teenagers can work in hospitals, in kindergartens, in school libraries.

Ex. 6 (возможные варианты)
     Should schoolchildren work or not? It’s a very difficult question. And in my opinion, they don’t need to work, because they have to study in school. And if they work they are tired and don’t want to do anything. Nowadays education is very important.

Lesson 4 The story of jeans

Ex. 1
A-4   B-1  C-5   D-3    E-2

Ex. 2a
1. Yes, we do.
2. Yes, he wanted.
3. He wanted to tell us that the first jeans were made by Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis in 1873.
4. We use the preposition «by».

Ex. 2b
made -1,4   given - 2   called - 3    dyed - 5

Ex. 3 (возможные ответы)
1. Levi Strauss was from Germany.
2. Because they were uncomfortable.
3. Rivets held the pockets and the jeans together and the pockets didn’t tear.
4. The Levi’s label advertised that Levi’s jeans were very strong.
5. The dark color was practical for work clothes.
6. The name «jeans» was given to them by teenagers.

Ex. 4b
1) - рис. 5      2) - рис.1, 2       3) - рис. 3      4) - рис. 4 

Ex. 4c
Flared jeans were introduced in the 1960s.
Baggy jeans were introduced in the 1990s.
Stone-washed jeans were introduced in the 1970s.
Worn looking jeans were introduced in the 1980s.

Ex. 5
1.1 like baggy jeans.
2.1 wear baggy jeans and stone-washed jeans
3. Because they are very comfortable. Whenever you go you can put on jeans.

Ex. 6
   Work clothes were made of tarpaulin in the 18th century. Later denim was used. It was dyed with indigo - dark blue color. Rivets appeared in 1873, and label «Levis» was made in 1886.

Lesson 5 Tornado

Ex. 1 (возможные ответы)
I wouldn’t like to go on the tour. (I would like to go on the tour).

Ex. 2
Q1-a     Q2-d      Q3-с      Q4-b       Q5-e

Ex. За
It can injure people and animals.   It can damage houses.    It can kill people and animals.    It can tear off roofs.   It can throw people.

Ex. 3b (возможные ответы)
     I think it was a «killer» tornado, because one man was killed and a lot of people were injured.

Ex. Зс (возможные ответы)
Four homes were destroyed. 19 people were injured. One man was killed.

Ex. 4b (возможные ответы)
1. The tri-State Tornado hit the USA in 1925.
2. The weather was fine, but to the end of the day it began raining and darker.
3. They all went to the cellar because of the tornado.
4. They couldn’t come out because of the tree.
5. The car didn’t have its top. The top was tom off.
6. The woman’s father built storm cellar.

Ex. 5 (возможные варианты)
     It was on the 18th of March in 1925 in 4.30 p.m. The US was hit by tornado. It was called Tri-State Tornado. Six hundred and ninety-five people were killed and thousands were injured. All cars were picked up and thrown a long way away. Their tops were torn off. A lot of houses were destroyed and a lot of trees were pushed over. It was very strong tornado.

Lesson 6 Happy birthday, America!

Ex. 2a
A colony - колония
The British Empire - Британская Империя Congress - Конгресс
The continental Army - Материковая Армия
The Declaration of Independence - Декларация о Независимости
Protest against - протестовать против
Take command - отдавать приказы (командовать)

Ex. 2b

Ex. 2c
2.. . 1... 4...3...

Ex. 2d (возможные ответы)
1. The American colonies paid taxes to The British king, because they were part of the British Empire.
2. Because Great Brirain raised the tax.
3. Colonists threw a cargo of the East India Company tea into the sea in Boston. And it was called the Boston Tea Party.
4. George Washington took command of the Continental Army. The
5. Declaration of Independence was adopted by Congress.
6. The War of Independent was 9 years long.
7. 4th of July.

Ex. 3a
They celebrate it with flowers.
—//— Pet Parade.
—//— Barbecue.
—//— Free Airplane Show.
—//— Special United States Birthday Cake.
—//— Musical favorites and Patriotic songs.
—//— Nationwide Bell Ringing.
—//— Grand Parade.
—//— Crowning Miss Independence.
—//— Giant fireworks.
—//— Parachute jump.

Ex. 3b
1. The Grand Parade starts at 4 p.m.
2. The Fireworks are at 10 p.m.
3. The Bubble gum and Apple Eating Contest is in Municipal Airport.
4. Bells ring 13 times.
5. Mayors will crown Miss Independence.
6. You can do a Parachute jump at 8 p.m. in Creek Park.

Ex. 4
1. They are going to attend Barbecue, Grand Parade and Giant fireworks.
2. They are going to attend Barbecue, Pet Parade and Giant fireworks.

Ex. 5a (возможные ответы)
     First I’d like to see Bubble Gum and Apple Eating concert. Then I’m going to see musical favorites and Patriotic songs. After that I’d like to watch the crowning Miss Independence and in the evening I’d like to see Giant fireworks.

Ex. 5b (возможные варианты)
Pupil A: Would you like to go to the Pet Parade?
Pupil B: Yes, I’d love to/ No, I wouldn’t. The Giant fireworks would be more fun.
Pupil A: Would you like to go to the Giant fireworks?
Pupil B: Yes, I’d love to/ No, I wouldn’t. Free Airplane Show would be more fun.
Pupil A: Would you like to go to The Barbecue?
Pupil B: Yes, I’d love to/ No, I wouldn’t. Special United States Birthday Cake would be more fun.
Pupil A: Would you like to go to the crowning Miss Independence?
Pupil B: Yes, I’d love to/ No, I wouldn’t. Nationwide Bell Ringing would be more fun.

Ex. 6a

Festival Date Things to do Special food Origin
Independence Day The 4* of June Different parades, crowning Miss Independence, the Barbecue, Nationwide Bell Ringing and Giant fireworks. The Declaration of Independence was signed and a new country, The USA, was started.
Powwow Three-day weekend. The main season is summer. It focuses on dance, song and family celebration. Traditionally, it is a celebration where one tribe welcomes and honors others.
Thanksgiving Day On the 4* Thursday of November. Families get together for a large meal. They eat turkey, cranberry souse, pumpkin pie for desert. In 1620 the Pilgrims made a difficult trip across the ocean from England. A lot of people died of cold, hunger and disease.

Lesson 7 Progress page.

Ex. 1
1. two       2. все, кроме b)

Ex. 2 (возможные варианты)
You can’t wear jeans in school.   You can’t eat in class.   You can’t talk in class.   You can’t cheat in test.    You can’t be late for class.

Ex. 3 (возможные варианты)
... saw Jane cheat
... heard a car stop ...
... watched Mike ...

Ex. 4
1. ... was opened by Maurice in....
2. .. .was invented by Dr. John Pemberton in....
3. .. .was invented by Philo Farnsworth and Vladimir Zworykin in....
4. .. .was made by the Wright brothers in....
5. .. .was made by William Wrigley in

Ex. 5
1. hit    2. killed    3. injured     4. destroyed    5. pushed over     6. thrown     7. picked up

Ex. 6 (возможные ответы)
1. The first American flag was made by Betsy Ross.
2. Because there were thirteen American colonies.
3. The state was given to the US for the US Hundredth birthday.
4. It was put up in 1886.
5. Because the Declaration of Independence was signed.

Ex. 7 (возможные варианты)
     Baseball first appeared in 1850s, so all caps for baseball were made of straw. Modern caps first were made only in 1860s. The players of one Brooklyn’s team began wearing these caps. A visor appeared only in 1940s and they were made of latex.