Решебник. New Millennium English 7 класс (Student's book, Workbook) Деревянко Н.Н. и др.

Unit 5 On screen 

Lesson 1 Film favourites

Ex. 1a
     Melanie is writing about her favourite films, such as The Gladiator, The Craft and The Secret Garden. Such she doesn’t like The Lord of the Rings. She thinks it was boring.
      Tom is writing about his favourite films The The Gladiator and The Lord of the Rings. He liked these films because of special effects. He was also extremely interested in The Craft.

Ex. 1b
T-1,2      F - 3

Ex. 1c
1. «Exciting» is about the film.  2. «Touching» is about the film.  3. «Bored» is about Melanie.

Ex. 2
1. He is boring.      2. He is bored.

Ex. 5 (возможные варианты)
    The Matrix is very interesting film. The special effects are exciting. I am really fascinated.
    Jane Air was very touching and interesting film. I wasn’t disappointed.
    The Sharks is thrilling film. When I was watching it, I wasn’t relaxed, because of special effects.

Ex. 6 (возможные варианты)
    Last time I saw «The other of Boleyn». This film is very touching and interesting. I’m interested in history of England, so I like this film very much. The acting is excellent. I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen. This film is worth seeing.
    Last time I saw «Налу Potter’. It was really exciting and interesting. The special effects were exciting. I have seen all films about Harry Potter.

Lesson 2 A film review

Ex. 1a
B. .. A... D

Ex. 1b
1. ковбойский фильм/вестерн  2. фильм ужасов  3. романтический фильм  4. исторический фильм  5. фантастика  6. триллер   7. документальный фильм  8. комедия

Ex. 2Ь
Т-1,4,6       F-2, 3,5

Ex. 2с
hammock -гамак   Adventures - приключения   Blowpipe - паяльная трубка

Ex. 3
1. Direct means to create film.  2. John Rusquin directed the comedy.   3. Комедия была снята Джоном Расквином.

Ex. 4а
1. Tim Allen is an actor who plays main part.   2. b 3.          It’s a rating of this film.

Ex. 4b (возможные варианты)
    I’d like to tell you about my favourite film, «You’ve got a mail». The main actress is Meg Rain and the main actor is Tom Hanks. They are both the best Hollywood actors. The type of this film is love story. The film has got slow action, unrealistic situations and happy ending. The plot of this film is about two people, businessman (Tom Hanks) and seller in the Book’s shop (Meg Rain), who began mailing. They don’t know each other. To the end of the film they will fall in love. I think this film is a film about truly love. I like it very much.

Lesson 3 Kid’s stuff 

Ex. 1b
A-4    B-6    C-3    D-1    E-5    F-2

Ex. 2
Verb Animate          Noun (person) animator

Ex. 2b (возможные варианты)
1. I want to be an animator.
2. I can animate an ordinary object.
3. Have you got an animation in your mobile phone?

Ex. 3
Present passive simple

Ex. 4a
a) I agree. There are many different cartoons.
b) I don’t think so. My parents like cartoons.
c) 1 agree. Some cartoons are really sad.
d) I agree. «Who Framed Roger Rabbit» is very exciting.
e) I think computer animation is very interesting.
f) I like cartoon music.

Ex. 4b
b ... с ... a ... e ... d

Ex. 5a
1. c, b    2. необходимо, нуждаются, требуют    3. b

Ex. 5b
a... a

Ex. 6
      Cartoons are just kid’s stuff.
     I disagree with this statement, because not only children like watching cartoons. A lot of adults like cartoons very much. I think they like watching them because they want to be children too. They want to relax, forget about their problems.

Lesson 4 Making a storyboard

Ex. 1

Lesson 6 Devil'S Cuffr

Ex. 1a

Ex. 1b (возможные ответы)
1. Ralf and Andy are main characters.
2. The action takes place on the mountains The Devil’s Cliff.
3. They are going to climb.
4. One of them is very worried, and the second boy is hungry.
5. No, they are not going to go home.

Ex. 1c
d... .f... h... g... a... b... c... e

Ex. 2
1. in the past
2. All verbs are in the past form.
3. Yes, there are quotation marks. Because there is directed speech.
4. No, there is not.
5. I can guess their intonation.

Ex. 3
      Прямую речь следует поставить в кавычки. Перед первой кавычкой в середине предложения ставится запятая. Перед второй кавычкой ставится точка (в конце предложения), запятая (в середине предложения), восклицательный или вопросительный знак.
1. Вся фраза.   2. I’m sick and tired.   3. Where are we going?   4. Help   5. I can’t believe my eyes

Ex. 4
     Прямую речь следует поставить в кавычки. Перед первой кавычкой в середине предложения ставится запятая. Перед второй кавычкой ставится точка (в конце предложения), запятая (в середине предложения), восклицательный или вопросительный знак.
1. What’s wrong?   2. Nothing   3. Come on, Andy   4. I can’t... .I’m going to fall.   5. Do it, son

Ex. 5 (возможные варианты)
   When the boys reached the top of Devil’s Cliff they were very tired, but happy. They decided to rest a little. Suddenly the boys heard something strange. It was very loud voice of man. As they were frightened, they hid behind a huge stone and began watching. In 5 minutes they saw a tall man with gun. He was in black long coat and black hat. He looked like The Death. One of the boys screamed and the man saw them. The boys jumped out the stone and run as fast as they could. All night they didn’t sleep at all. In the morning one old man, who lived in that town, told him, that it was their shepherd. He always wore such strange kind of clothes, because of the weather. Two boys laughed very long. They had a good trip.

Lesson 6 Writing a film script

Ex. 1a

Ex. 1b
T- -1,2       F-3,4,5

Ex. 2
1. b       2. a

Ex. 3
1. The description is given in the beginning.
2. There is two scenes.
3. Capital letters are used for giving places, times and names.
4. At the left side.
5. There aren’t any quotations marks.
6. Because so it is easy to find.
7. In the present
8. Because of the directions.

Ex. 5 (возможные варианты)
Scene 2
Midday. The sun is bright and hot. ANDY and RALF are standing near DEVIL’S

CLIFF. They are going to climb it.
RALF: At least we are here. I can’t believe. I am happy, are you?
ANDY: I told you two minutes ago. I’m thirsty and tired. I do not want to climb up.
RALF: You are annoying like a child! Don’t cry, please. I am tired too, but we can’t give up now.
ANDY: OK, but before climbing, I need to drink. Have we got any water? RALF: please take the bottle. How do you think can we do it?
ANDY: I hope, but who knows.
RALF: Let’s get some rest.
ANDY: It is your best idea for today.
(Boys are lying on the grass and have some rest).

Ex. 6 (возможные варианты)
Trip  Scene 1
Evening. Two boys are on the top of DEVIL’S CLIFF.

NICK: I am happy. And you?
BRIAN: I’m happy too. How about rest?
NICK: It would be great.
BRIAN: What is it?
NICK: What?
BRIAN: Listen. Somebody is coming here. Let’s hide behind this stone. Don’t move.
(A man appeared. One of the boys scream)
NICK: Run, Brian.

Scene 2
Morning. Two boys sit in a cafe and have breakfast.

BRIAN: I didn’t sleep all night.
NICK: Oh, I understand you.
(An old man comes to the boys)
AN OLD MAN: Morning. How are you?
BRIAN: Not very good. But you can help us. Yesterday we saw a man in black hat and with a gun. Who was he?
AN OLD MAN: Oh, I think it was our shepherd, John. He always wears very strange clothes, because of the weather. You must be were very frightened yesterday. He told us that he saw two boys on the top of DAVID’S CLIFF.
NICK: Yes, those two boys were we.
(Two boys, an old man laugh).

Lesson 7 Progress page

Ex. 1
c. .. a... d

Ex. 2
Present passive simple

Ex. 3
-ed 1,4          -ing 2, 3, 5

Ex. 4
a. .. b

Ex. 5
d. .. e... b... a... f

Unit 6 Me in the world

Lesson 1 What am I like?

Ex. 1
shy - скромный;  confident - уверенный; bubbly - подвижный; selfish - эгоистичный; secretive - скрытный; caring - заботливый; outgoing - общительный; chatty - болтливый; adventurous - любящий приключения; dreamy - мечтательный; fun-loving-любящий повеселиться; home-loving - домосед; hard-working - трудолюбивый; romantic - романтичный; artistic - артистичный; friendly - дружелюбный; sensitive -чувствительный; cheerful - жизнерадостный; kind - добрый.

Ex. 2a
Возьми листок бумаги и нарисуй лицо.
Посмотри на свой рисунок и ответь на следующие вопросы.
1. Оно печальное или счастливое?
2. Оно похоже на тебя или на кого-то кого ты знаешь?
3. Оно выглядит причудливым или необычным?
4. у него большой рот или маленький?
5. Рот открыт или закрыт?
6. глаза большие или маленькие?
7. У него много волос или нет?

Ex. 2Ь
If the eyes are small, you are shy, home-loving and dreamy.
If the face is happy, you happy, cheerful person
If the face is sad, you are sensitive and caring.
If your face is face of your friend, you are not very confident.
If the face is unusual face, you are secretive.
If the face has got curly hair, you are very confident.
If the face has got long curly hair, you are romantic and artistic.
If the face has got long straight hair, you are unselfish and kind.
If the face hasn’t got hair, you are shy and unsure of yourself.
If the face has got a little mouth, you are friendly and caring.
If the face has got a big and open mouth, you are chatty and bubbly.

Ex. 5a (возможные варианты)
   The test says that I am confident, selfish, romantic and fun-loving. I agree that I’m confident and fun-loving. I don’t agree that I am romantic and selfish. Sometimes I can be very selfish, but only sometimes.

Ex. 5b (возможные варианты)
    The test says that my sister is caring, dreamy, hard-working and outgoing. I don’t agree that my sister is outgoing. She prefers to stay at home at the weekend. She is home-loving. I agree that she is hard-working. She likes her job and she works a lot.

Lesson 2 Making friends

Ex. 1 (возможные ответы)
1. Yes, I have got many friends (I haven’t got many friends).
2. We met at school. My friend was a new pupil in our class.
3. Yes, I make friends easily. (No, I don’t make friends easily).
4. Sometimes I feel nervous when I talk to new people.

Ex. 2a

Ex. 2b (возможные ответы)
1. I think the best way to make new friends is talking. But you must be well-read and outgoing person.
2. I usually find some common hobbies.
3. Yes, I have joined some clubs this year.
4. I say «Hello» and ask any questions.
5. How do you do? The weather is fine today, is it?

Ex. 3a
b. .. a... c... d

Ex. 4a (возможные ответы)
1. Yes, I listen to you very attentive.
2. Yes, I have been there for ages
3. The teacher is really cool. He helps us every time.
4. Yes, it’s mine, but I can share it with you.
5. Please, sit down.

Ex. 5a
№ 3,4,5, 6.

Ex. 5 b
1. nine     2. every week     3. sharpener

Ex. 6 (возможные варианты)
     Be friendly to everyone - If you are friendly, people will make friends with you.
     Don’t afraid to ask questions - If you ask questions, people will see that you are interested in making friends with them and that you are sociable.

Lesson 3 How it all began

Ex. 1a
A-Ryan     В - Lisa
1. We met at school right before a lesson.
2. Lisa was sitting in class and waiting for the lesson. Ryan was a new pupil and he came in class. Everybody charted to each other, only Lisa didn’t chart.
3. Lisa was sitting along and Ryan asked her.
4. Ryan asked her. She replied that place was free.
5. Lisa’s pencil rolledTjff the desk and got broken. Ryan gave her sharpener.
6. It seemed us that we knew each other the whole life.

Ex. 1a
Lisa’s story
before a geometry lesson
Ryan asked Lisa if anybody was sitting there.

Ryan’s story
before an English lesson
Ryan asked Lisa about time.

Ex. 3
I was sitting in class and waiting for the lesson.
I was doodling on the textbook cover.
I was sitting alone.
They were chatting to each other.
She wasn’t talking to anyone.
В этих предложениях используется Past Continuous, так как указано, что это был процесс, который продолжался какой-то промежуток времени.

Ex. 5 (возможные варианты)
         I was a little boy when I met my friend. He was very shy, but I was very chatty and outgoing. So I went up to him and suggested to play with my cars. He agreed. When his mother came for him, he didn’t want to go out, because our play was so interesting. His mother had to wait us. Since that we are the best friend. We have known each other for 15 years.

Lesson 4 A True friend

Ex. 2a
1. I met Jane six years ago.    2. Yes we are still friends.

Ex. 2b (возможные варианты)
Pupil A: How long have you lived here?
Pupil В: I have lived here for two tears.
Pupil A: How long have you had bicycle?
Pupil В: I have had bicycle since I was ten.
Pupil A: How long have you had a computer?
Pupil В: I have had a computer for three years.
Pupil A: How long have you been ill?
Pupil В: I have been ill since Monday.

Ex. 3b
1. to trust secrets   2. to get on nerves   3. to rely on   4. to make up with   5. when you are down   6. to hang' out

Ex. Зс (возможные варианты)
A true friend is someone who loves you in spite of all.
A true friend is someone who always stays with you.
A true friend is someone who doesn’t tell you a lie.

Ex. 4a
    Nicole and Barbara are very different.

Ex. 4b
      They are true friends. They always do everything together go shopping, cooking, listening to music, going to school and have birthday at the same day. Barbara is true friends, because she can keep secrets, always hears Nicole and understand her.

Ex. 5 (возможные варианты)
      My best friend is Nicole. We have known each other for 12 years. At first we met on her birthday party. We were children and adored Barbie-dolls. I’m romantic and dreamy person, and Nicole is fun-loving, kind, cheerful and artistic. But everybody says opposite attract. She wants to be an actress. She likes to sing, dance and go to the theater or movie. When we meet we go to the movie and watch romantic films with famous actress. When we are together we always have a good time. Nicole is my best friend because she can keep secrets.