Решебник. New Millennium English 7 класс (Student's book, Workbook) Деревянко Н.Н. и др.

Lesson 5 How to stop bullies

1. The girl is not happy.      2. I think she hasn’t got friends.

Ex. 2b
1. Because her classmates mocking her and picking on her. She is fed up being with fool.
2. She feels she wants her life to end. She is sad.
3. She wants to run away.
4. She didn’t tell her mum about her feeling.

Ex. 3b (возможные варианты)
1. She wrote this poem because she wanted to tell about her feeling, but she couldn’t do it. She was very upset.
2. Her parents can help her, but not always.
3. I would try to make friends with other pupils from different grades.

Ex. 4b

How to stop bullies?
Do Don’t
Try to ignore bullies
Try to make friends
Talk to bullies
Don’t fight

Ex. 4c
If someone bullied me, I would turn their comments into a joke.
If someone bullied me, I would be confident.
If someone bullied me, I would change schools.
If someone bullied me, I would begin wrestling.
If someone bullied me, I would make new friends.

Ex. 5
     You should be stronger and confident. If I were you I would try to talk with bullies. You shouldn’t forget that they are people too. If I were you I would tell about my feelings to my mother. She is your friend and loves you very much.

Ex. 6 (возможные варианты)
      Dear Sarah,
     I’m writing in reply to the letter from Donna in Yorkshire. She shouldn’t take offence. Maybe one of these boys fallen in love with you and he tries to attract your attention. If I were you I would turn their comments into a joke. If someone called me names I would let pass. She should be confident or ignore all jokes.

Lesson 6 Win-win

Ex. 1 (возможные ответы)
1. Sometimes I get what I want, but sometimes not.         2. Yes, I do.

Ex. 2a (возможные ответы)
A «win-win» is a type of solution where both people feel pleased, so they both win.

Ex. 2b
1. work out a problem, work out a solution, work out a compromise
2. find a solution, find a compromise
3. please both people
4. stop an argument
5. understand a problem, understand both people

Ex. 2c
1. The best way to find a compromise is ‘win-win’ solution.
2. When people cannot listen to each other only one of them get what he wants or neither person gets what he wants.
3. The mediator asks questions to understand the problem.

Ex. За
Tommy wants a good mark for his test because he wants to stay on basketball team.
Ronan wants to be a starter too.

Ex. 4
Ronan will be train Tommy and Tommy will help Ronan with lessons. It’s a good solution because they will both get what they want.

Ex. 5 (возможные ответы)
1. My problem is connected with my parents they don’t want to give me more pocket money.
2. I have to find a job to earn my own money and I have to try understanding my parents.
3. I think job is the best solution of my problem.
4. I need more money and if I understood my parents I wouldn’t get more money. Job will help me.

Lesson 7 Progress page

Ex. 1a

Ex. 1b
c. .. b... b... c... a... b

Ex. 4
T-1,3,4,5     F-2

Ex. 5 (возможные ответы)
      Dear «Shout»,
     You shouldn’t give up. Have you ever asked your friends why they don’t want you to go a drama club? I think they are just afraid to lose you. You should invite your friends to your performance, maybe they will like it. Natalie.

Unit 7 Past, present, future

Lesson 1 Things from the past

Ex. 1a
1. с    2. a

Ex. 1b (возможные варианты)
1. Copybook is made of paper.   2. A bag is made of plastic.   3. A table was made of metal.   4. Pencils are made of wood.   5. Coats are made of leather.  6. Goblets were made of glass.  7. Pillows were made of cloth.  8. Books are made of paper.  9. A spoon was made of metal.

Ex. 2a
1. Fireplace is used for cooking.  2. Stones were used for doing sums.   3. Sticks were used for playing.   4. Feathers were used for writing.  5. A wooden stick was used for drawing.  6. Horses were used for traveling   7. Bananas are used for eating.  8. Camera is used for taking pictures.

Ex. 2b
Pencils are made of wood.       Pencils are used for drawing and writing.

Ex. 3a
I think Number 1 was used for counting or reading.
I think Number 2 was used for sewing.
I think Number 3 was used for listening to music.
I think Number 4 was used for washing clothes.
I think Number 6 was used for hanging on the wall.

Ex. 4a
Speaker 1 - спальный мешок     Speaker 2 - увеличительное стекло      Speaker 3 - открывашка

Ex. 4b (возможные варианты)
It’s made of wood. It is used for playing with the ball.
It is made of plastic. It is used for listening music in your own way.
It’s made of paper. It is used for writing some notes.
It’s made of iron. It is used for cooking, especially frying.
It’s made of metal. It is used for eating.
It’s made of plastic. It is used for counting.

Ex. 5a (возможные варианты)
It’s made of iron. It is used for gluing.
It’s made of wood. It is used for keeping out clothes.
It’s made of plastic. It is used for playing games, writing, reading, counting and typing.

Lesson 2 Be a historian

Ex. 1a
1. The house is about 200 years old.
2. There wasn’t any gas in the house. The fireplace was used for cooking and warming the room.
3. There is only one room in the house.
4. These objects were used for washing up, sleeping, cooking, weaving and stopping the evil glass.
5. 1,5,4, 6.

Ex. 3a
This is a CD. It is used for playing music in recorder-player or in computer. It is made of plastic.
This is mobile phone. It is made of plastic. It is used for talking to other people.

Ex. 3b (возможные варианты)
It is a microwave oven. It is made of metal and plastic. It is used for cooking meal.
It is a sun glasses. It is made of glass and plastic. It is used for protecting eyes from the sun light.

Lesson 3 Table manners

Ex. 2a

Ex. 3a
     People used to eat with hands. People used to pick out of meat their fingers. People used to put their faces on food. People used to throw bones on the floor. Children used to stay behind their parents. People used to blow their noses. People used to spit on the table.

Ex. 4
Раньше люди ели руками. У них не было тарелок, и они использовали куски черствого хлеба.

Ex. 5 (возможные варианты)
     Don’t use a table-cloth as a napkin. Always eat with knife and folk. You should use plates and cups. You shouldn’t put your elbows on the table. Always say thank you. Don’t talk with mouth full.

Lesson 4 Tell me about the past

Ex. 1a
1. The photo was taken in 19th century.    2. She is about 10 years old.

Ex. 1c
T-2,3        F-1,4,5,6 

Ex. 2
1. She said (that) she heard it on the radio.
2. She said (that) she worked in a hospital in Boston.
3. She said (that) she didn’t know there was so much pain in the world.
4. She said (that) she met people from different parts of the country.
5. She said (that) she had friends who were in the services.
6. She said (that) she grew up quickly because of the war.
7. She said (that) she thought about the war every day.
8. She said (that) she was very serious about life.

Ex. 3
Many boys from my class left school and joined the army. I wanted to join the army, too. I even wrote to the President. But I didn’t get any answer.

Ex. 4 (возможные варианты)
What did you like to do in your free time, when you were young?
What kind of music did you like to listen to?
In what school did you go? Did you like school?
What clothes did you prefer to wear?
Did you have any pets?
Did you argue with your parents?

Ex. 5 (возможные варианты)
     My Granny said that she had a very happy childhood. She liked to go to school. She said she didn’t wear jeans and short skirts in school. Granny said she liked listening to Beatles. She was their fan. She said that she even went to their concert in Russia. She liked her school, especially her teacher. Granny said she was kind and understood her pupils. She said she was lucky to go to this school.

Lesson 5 What will the future bring?

Ex. 1

... with their hands People eat with knife and folk
People used to travel on horses. People will travel by space ships.
People have got different electronic books, DVDs and CDs. People won’t read, because they will have their pocket robots.

Ex. 2b
All transport will be underground. /All transport won’t be underground.
Families will spend more time together. /Families won’t spend more time together
New animals will appear. /New animals won’t appear
People will have food tablets. /People won’t have food tablets.
There will be new school subjects. There won’t be new school subjects.
Students will have longer holidays. / Students won’t have longer holidays.
People will wear jeans. / People won’t wear jeans
Everybody will be happy. /Everybody won’t be happy.
People will read books. /People won’t read books.

Ex. 4 (возможные варианты)
     There will be 100 pupils in class. There were only boys or only girls. Pupils will get only good marks. There won’t be bad marks. All our homework we will be doing in class. At home we will learn only foreign languages. The weather will be the same all the time. It will be hot days and cold nights. We will eat special food, which we won’t cook.

Lesson 6 School in the old days

Ex. 1
Teacher was angry, because of one of the pupils was late for school.

Ex. 1b
The boy’s name is Tom Sawyer.     The story was written by Mark Twain.

Ex. 1c
1. Tom knew that the teacher was angry with him, because he said his name in full.
2. Yes, Tom was often late, because Tom wanted to tell a lie as usually, but he told the truth.
3. Vacant place - свободное место
4. Boys and girls don’t sit together.
5. Tom didn’t lie to the teacher, because he was liked a girl in this classroom.

Ex. 3a
The author thinks that mixed schools are good.

Ex. 3b
1. 4    2. 3    3. 2      4. 1

Ex. Зс
1. а)     2. e), f), h)     3. d)     4. b), c), g)

Ex. 4
        Boys and girls didn’t use to sit together. But nowadays they sit together. However there are a lot of different schools in our city, where boys and girls sit together. I think it is bad because boys and girls need to learn to communicate. And if they sit separately, how can they manage to do it. Many people think that they have to sit separately because of discipline. But I believe it is better for boys and girls to sit together.

Lesson 7 Progress page

Ex. 1a
Sending to the future

Ex. 1b
мобильный телефон,  плакат,  журнал,  форма,  бейсбольная перчатка

Ex. 2 
It is made of cloth.                     It was used for wiping your hands.
It is made of plastic.                   It was used for taking pictures.
It is made of iron or aluminum.   It was used for eating.
It is made of paper.                   It was used for writing.
It is made of iron.                      It was used for opening doors.

Ex. За
1. поэтому   2. также   3. но   4. многие думают, что    5. Я не согласен

Ex. ЗЬ
         She said that when she was young, they didn’t have a lot of technology. There were no videophones, so they used the telephone for talking to other people. Also she used e-mail to write to some of my friends. She said her computer was very primitive - very big and heavy. But she was very proud of it. She said many people thought that life in the past was boring, but she didn’t agree. It was real fun! Probably because she was young.