ГДЗ Грамматика. Ключи к упражнениям. Ю. Б. Голицынский 9 класс

Упражнение 241
1. Her son has finished. 2. My brother was training. 3. My sister has bought. 4. I have not danced. 5. Nick came, his friends were playing. 6. When did your sister go. 7. My friend has just recovered. 8. I have never been. 9. We were talking. 10. I spoke. 11. Kate has washed. 12. Has your mother returned.
13. She was doing. 14. The cat drank, I had given. 15. Have you ever been. 16. He has not read. 17. They had reached. 18. I have not yet received. 19. She had forgotten. 20. We have already studied. 21. He spent. 22. I have bought. 23. He had learnt, he went. 24. She had spent, she went.

Упражнение 242

1. My friend likes, he eats, I met, he was eating, he told, he had bought, he is eating. 2. I always come.
3. I came. 4. Nick will not go, he went, he has already been, he is crying. 5. What is your brother doing. 6. My father works, it is, he isn't working, he is reading. 7. I haven't seen, have you been, I've had, you know. 8. What was he doing, he wasn't doing, he was just looking. 9. We are having, I am.
10. Something awful has happened, her little daughter has swallowed.

Упражнение 243

1. We have brought. 2. Jane is swimming. 3. What were you doing. 4. Have you ever seen. 5. I went. 6. We go. 7. Nick had done. 8. Will you help. 9. Nick came, his mother had returned, was cooking. 10.1 was going, I suddenly remembered, I had forgotten. 11. Grandfather told, he had worked. 12. Mr. and Mrs. Smith arrived, they discovered, someone had broken, their video recorder and television had disappeared, they don't know, they have done. 13. The man got, the conductor was collecting.

Упражнение 244

1. He is working, he will finish, you come, he will be. 2. Has Pete gone, I think, he usually plays, he is not. 3. He was reading. 4. Will you go, I am, I am doing, I have not yet written, you wait, I shall go, I want, I did not go. 5. The children had done, mother came, she came, they were playing. 6. I lost, I was playing. 7. You come. 8. Where do you usually take.

Упражнение 245

1. Mike eats, he is eating, I saw, he was eating, he said, he had eaten, he will fall, he eats. 2. They were walking, talking, Nick stopped, said, I have lost, you do not find, we shall have. 3.1 came, I learnt, my train had already left. 4. What was he doing, you saw. 5. I shall give, I finish. 6. The ship was crossing, a great storm broke.

Упражнение 246

1. The rain has stopped, the sun is shining. 2. You help, I shall do. 3.1 always get, I shall get. 4. What are you reading, I am reading, I am, Tom will soon come, I want, he comes. 5. You see, I want. 6. I came, my brother was sleeping. 7. When will you come, I shall come, I am not. 8. I don't like. 9. He came. 10. I shall ring, I come. 11. I shall show, you like. 12. He had come. 13. Pete will certainly help, you ask. 14. This little boy has never seen. 15. You arrive.

Упражнение 247

1.1 put, where are they, I have eaten, will you bring, you do not make, granny is sleeping. 2. Have you ever been. 3. What was Nick doing, you rang, he was playing, he told, he had already written. 4. Why
is she sleeping, it is, she never sleeps. 5 . Will you go, I have already been, I was, I go, I did not go, I had (have) not read, I am reading, I shall go, I finish. 6. I receive.

Упражнение 248

1. Autumn has come, it is, it is getting, the days are getting, it often rains, it will be. 2. I had done, I quickly ran, my friends were waiting. 3. We had. 4. What have you learnt, I am, I have not prepared, I was, did not know, I shall prepare, you don't prepare, you will get. 5. What were you doing. 6. Mike always does, he will begin, his father has promised. 7. Mary came, her brother was reading, she had brought.

Упражнение 249

1. Where are you going, I am just taking. 2. Our students have done, they are, they know, they hope, they will make. 3. The expedition has covered, they are still. 4. Will you go. 5. Nick said, he had read.
6. My father combined. 7. A great number of students were studying, I entered. 8. The storm was raging, the sailors were trying. 9. He had changed. 10. I entered, the students were listening.

Упражнение 250

I looked, it was raining, you will get, you go, I won't, I shall take, we have, I wanted, I found, there was, they all were, I took, carried, I went, it was still raining, I went, sat, a young woman came, sat, I had finished, was, I absent-mindedly took, started, she stopped, I had taken, I returned, I went, took, got, I had met, was riding, she saw, she said, you have had, haven't you.

Упражнение 251

1. I shall do. 2. I shall be doing. 3. I shall have done. 4. I shall begin, I shall be doing, my father will come, I shall have done, we shall go. 5. My family will be having. 6. I shall be reading, I shall have done. 7. I shall be writing. 8. I shall not go, I shall be watching. 9. What will you do. 10. What will you be doing. 11. Will you play. 12. Will you have done. 13. When will you go. 14. How many pages will you have read.

Упражнение 252

1. a) My father works at an institute. b) My father has been working at the institute since 1995.2. a) My grandmother is cooking dinner. b) My grandmother has been cooking dinner since two o'clock.3. a)
My sister is sleeping. b) My sister has been sleeping since five o'clock.4. a) Mother is doing the flat. b) Mother has been doing the flat since morning.5. a) Grandfather is watching TV. b) Grandfather has been watching TV since six o'clock.6. a) My uncle writes poems. b) My uncle has been writing poems since childhood.7. a) She is reading. b) She has been reading since morning.8. a) They are playing volleyball. b) They have been playing volleyball since three o'clock.9. a) We study English. b) We have been studying English since 1998.

Упражнение 253

1. a) She is still studying Spanish. b) She has already been studying Spanish for two years.2. a) They are still living in the country. b) They have already been living in the country for four months.3. a) She is still speaking on the phone. b) She has already been speaking on the phone for twenty minutes.4. a) My brother is still solving this difficult problem, b) He has already been solving this problem for half an hour.5. a) She is still writing a letter to her grand-mother. b) She has already been writing this letter for an hour.6. a) They are still fishing. b) They have been fishing for five hours already.7. a) My grandparents are still playing lotto. b) They have been playing lotto for two hours already.8. a) They are still arguing. b) They have been arguing for two hours already.9. a) She is still sleeping, b) She has already been sleeping for two hours.10. a) He is. still doing his homework. b) He has been doing his homework for three hours already. 11. a) The boys are still playing football. b) They have already been playing football for forty minutes.12. a) The girls are still changing their clothes. b) They have already been changing their clothes for half an hour.13. a) The actors and actresses are still rehearsing this scene. b) They have been rehearsing this scene for three hours already. 14. a) The children are still running in the yard, b) They have been running in the yard for three hours already. 15. a) He is still writing his new book. b) He has already been writing his new book for two years. 16. a) He is still learning Hamlet's soliloquy by heart, b) He has been learning Hamlet's soliloquy for two days already.17. a) We are still repairing our flat. b) We have already been repairing our flat for half a month.

Упражнение 254

1. This man is, he writes, he has been writing, he has already written. 2. What have you been doing. 3. She always helps, she has been helping, they have already washed, dusted, they are cooking. 4. He is running, he has been running. 5. What are they doing, they are working, they have been working. 6. Where is he, he is, he is playing, they have been playing. 7.1 live, I have been living. 8. My father works, he has been working. 9. Have you found, I am still looking, I have already been looking, have not yet found. 10. You have been playing. 11. You have been sleeping. 12. I have been waiting, have not yet received. 13. She has already been doing, she has not yet done. 14.1 have been waiting. 15. What are you doing, I am reading, I have been reading, I have already read. 16. I have not heard 17. I have just received, I have not yet received. 18. The weather is, the sun has been shining 19. I wind 20. What are you doing, I have been waiting 21. Where are your gloves, I have put. 22.1 am staying, I've been staying, I am having, I am taking, I've already seen, I've just taken, which rises, provides. 23. I am going, I am, it is starving, Jane has already fed.

Упражнение 255

1. We have known each other for four years. 2. I have always wanted to study English. 3. Where is Nina? — She has been at home for two hours. 4. Where are the children? — They are still playing in the yard. 5. My brother has been an engineer for three years. 6. My friend has known English since childhood. 7. I have already been watching you for half an hour. 8. Is your brother still ill? — No, he has already recovered. He has already been studying physics for three days. He wants to get an excellent mark at the examination. 9. I have wanted to read this book for a long time. 10. I have already been trying to find my old exercise book for twenty minutes. 11. They have already been living in New York for ten years. 12. My aunt is an actress. She has always liked the theatre. 13. Has your father returned from the North yet? — Yes, he has been at home for two weeks. 14. I have been thinking of it for three days already. 15. My sister drinks white coffee. And I have always preferred black coffee. 16. We are very glad to see you. We have been waiting for you (for) the whole month.17. Are you still reading this book? How long have you been reading it? 18. My sister has already been studying music for five years. 19. I have been looking for you the whole evening. Where have you been all the time? 20. They have already been writing the composition for two hours.

Упражнение 256

1.1 was afraid I should be late. 2. Did you think we should pick all the apples in three days? 3. He hoped you would often visit him. 4. They expected he would be at home in a few days. 5. Were you afraid we shouldn't be in time? 6. She promised that she would finish the work in a week. 7.1 thought Henry would help us.

Упражнение 257

I. We shall not be. 2. We should not be. 3. He will be. 4. He would be. 5. When will you be. 6.1 should be. 7. Bob will do, he will do. 8. He would see. 9. We shall have. 10. He would say, I shall be.
II. He would speak.
I. She imagined that he would solve the problem in no time. 2. I heard that the new film would be on in many cinemas. 3. We were told that the teacher would have corrected our papers by the beginning of the lesson. 4. She imagined that she would not like this TV programme. 5. He believed that the train would arrive on time. 6. She said that the children would be playing in the yard. 7. She was sure that all the newspapers would publish this information. 8.1 supposed that they would win the game. 9. He believed that I should go to the south. 10. She was sure that my sister would not forget to ring me up.
II. 1 supposed that I should have done my work by nine o'clock. 12. We were told that the tourists would not return by sunset. 13. The letter said that my friends would be waiting for me. 14. I supposed that my friend would have returned by that time. 15. He understood that they would be working the whole evening.

Упражнение 259

1. I know that he will come soon. 2. I knew that he would come soon. 3.1 think that she will be sleeping at this time. 4. I thought that she would be sleeping at that time. 5. She thinks that she will have done all the work by five o'clock. 6. She thought that she would have done all the work by five o'clock. 7. I was sure that by ten o'clock he would have learnt the poem. 8. I knew that by nine o'clock mother would have cooked supper and at nine o'clock the whole family would be sitting at the table. I was afraid that I should come too late. 9. She was afraid that her friend would not come. 10. They wrote that they would come soon. 11. I was sure that I should meet him at the station. 12. I think that father will soon write a letter to us. 13. Have you been told that in December we shall write a paper? 14. He understood that he would never forget her. 15. I believe that they will remember us. 16. He says he knows this man.

Упражнение 260

1. The storm had already stopped, the snow was still falling. 2. He had finished, I came, he was reading. 3. I have been waiting, I have not received. 4. Everybody was, my friend had not yet come. 5. We were drinking, the telephone rang. 6. Everybody was looking, he felt. 7. Light travels. 8. I came, he was reading, said, he would give, I have taken, I am reading, I shall have finished, I shall give, you come. 9. We have been waiting. 10. The students thanked, who had delivered. 11. We had covered, who had been looking.

Упражнение 261

1. He was, you were, he asked, he would come. 2. Have you read, I have not yet read it, I have heard, it is, I shall read, I get. 3. We came, the train had already arrived, the passengers were hurrying. 4. The concert was, we had expected. 5. He told, no one came, I could, he had reserved. 6. Lanny returned, he had been studying, his people had sent, he-had done, they had hoped, he would do, he would be.

Упражнение 262

1. It had been raining. 2. She has been teaching. 3. You come. 4. He began, he is still writing, he will have finished. 5. We have been helping, we have arranged. 6. What were you doing, I came. 7. I came, they told, he had left. 8. He found, he had made. 9. I left, the snow had already stopped, a strong wind was blowing. 10. Have you read, I have read, I think, it is. 11. What are the children doing, they are playing, I bought. 12. They have reached, are standing. 13. We had been walking.

Упражнение 263

1. The librarian gave, I had been waiting, I went, began. 2. He is, he is doing. 3. I was, something would happen. 4. My watch had stopped, I arrived, my train had left, I had, the next train would come.
5. He had been waiting, he saw. 6. He had read. 7. The sun rose, the night had been. 8. Where have you put. 9. I had not yet fallen, the telephone rang. 10. What were you doing. 11. The children were
playing, they have gone. 12. You arrive. 13. Do you always spend, I went, I did not find. 14. They told, they had seen. 15. I left, it was raining.

Упражнение 264

1. You come, we shall still be packing. 2. When did you see. 3. I met, he was walking. 4. Have you ever acted, I have been doing. 5. The child is sleeping, he always wakes, somebody opens. 6. I have left, I shall take, Nick comes. 7. I had been reading, he came. 8. The play had not yet begun, the people were talking. 9. A little swallow was flying, his friends had flown, he had stayed. 10. What have you been doing. 11. I bought, I had lost. 12. We were walking, he had already told, that was, I had. 13. The moon had not risen, two stars were shining.

Упражнение 265

1. What are you reading, I am reading, how long have you been reading, I have been reading. 2. She had been living, her sister came. 3. Our teacher has come, he is speaking. 4. They were speaking, I looked. 5. What are you doing, I am preparing, how long have you been preparing, I have been working. 6. He had been teaching, the war broke. 7. She has been studing. 8. Have you ever been, I was. 9. What is your friend doing, she is having, she usually has. 10. I have bought, I shall show, you come. 11. Who will take, you go. 12. Where are you going, I am going. 13. I had been walking, I saw.14. He had read, he gave. 15. He left, he has been living. 16. We shall be discussing. 17. She is reading, I gave.

Упражнение 266

1. How long have you been waiting. 2. I met, I had not seen. 3. I shall not yet be sleeping. 4. You will be, you do not take. 5. The sun had set, it was beginning. 6. I came, my sister had already returned, was sitting. 7. He had smoked, had looked, he heard. 8. Andrew saw, he entered, she was sitting, she had greatly changed, looked. 9. She has just received. 10. He had just approached, she entered. 11. He has been writing, he says, he will soon finish, he is thinking. 12. The nurse has put (is putting). 13. He had been working. 14. Hardly had I gone, I remembered, I had forgotten.

Упражнение 267

1. The students had written(will have written). 2. They had been sailing, they came. 3.1 have not been.
4. The rain had stopped, we reached. 5. The message arrived, he had left. 6. It was, we began. 7. The reply from my grandmother came, my mother told, she would come. 8. Here you are, I have been waiting, aren't you. 9. Peter was reading, the door opened, the maid entered, the cook was following.
10. The mother had satisfied, the children were sleeping, she took, put, which were hanging. 11. You ring, I shall tell. 12. The lesson had not yet begun, the children were talking. 13. I have been living. 14. The students had passed (will have passed).

Упражнение 268

1. He is not, he has gone, he will come. 2. I had gone, fallen, my father returned. 3. I have drunk. 4. I came, he was living, I had first met, he told, he had been waiting. 5. The pupils had done, they learnt.6. They had stopped. 7. He found, his two friends had got, were waiting. 8. The sportsmen have been training, they are going, they are not. 9. Five minutes had not passed, we were waiting,.appeared. 10. Father will come, we shall have done,we shall be drinking, he comes. 11. Mrs. Smith came, she saw, her daughter had cooked, was waiting.

Упражнение 269

1. He had been listening. 2. He had translated. 3. Have you ever been, I was. 4. She had not seen. 5. What did you do. 6. How many pages have you translated. 7. The day was, it was raining, I reached, my raincoat was, I took, shook, hung, went, my children were playing, they saw, they jumped, ran. 8. I
have heard, I shall write, I hear. 9. Hardly had he opened, he found, he thought, he had lost. 10. The room is, which are coming, mother does not like. 11. He finished, he had begun.

Упражнение 270

1. The train stopped, I looked, did not see, I had sent, they would meet, I discovered, they had received. 2. Her sister had forgotten, Ann had left, we came. 3. It had stopped, the sun was shining. 4. The performance had already begun, they had, the first act was, Nina had never been, she liked. 5. I did not recognize, I had not seen, she had greatly changed. 6. The boy burst, he did not remember, he had tried 7. She is working, she has already gathered, she is writing. 8. We came, our train had already left, we had, another one came. 9. I had spent. 10. He had missed. 11. John Gray visited, has not been .12. We had spent, we had learnt, we had experienced, we had come.